Friday 17 May 2013

Rhema in Due Season (RiDs) - Monday 11st February 2013

When Men say there is a casting down Job 22; 29

Motivation is literally the ambition, desire to do things; a very crucial element in setting and attaining goals. Do you know you can influence your own levels of motivation irrespective of what others feel, think or say about it?

This is exactly what the Super Eagles did. I'm certain that if a survey had been conducted about Nigerians' expectations of the team before and during the early stages of the recently concluded AFCON, majority; 70:30 would have written off the Team for obvious reasons. Alas, obvious reason does not necessary translate to actual result. When majority did not believe the boys can achieve anything, they struck together as a Team and kept their agenda to themselves. Today, history. As we celebrate with the Super Eagles, and the entire Nation, I prophesy that you are next in line for a big celebration.

Mondays is usually set aside for prayers. So shall we pray. I will be sharing 7 prayer Missiles for you to engage the Lord that answers prayers. In this season, He will manifest and fast track your attainment of your next levels in Jesus mighty Name, Amen. Kindly find time to pray these tonight.

Prayer Missiles:

1. Father Lord, you make all things beautiful in your time - take me into my season of beautiful results and achievements.

2. The Team kept their ambition within themselves. Father Lord, I hide myself and your divine agenda for my lifting in your mighty and everlasting rock. Keep me from failing and stumbling in Jesus Name.

3. Father Lord, you had the final say in the affairs of men. Irrespective of what others are saying, let you will be done concerning my life in Jesus Name.

4. Many things worked against the team but those things failed while the Team excelled. All agenda, visible or invisible, physical or spiritual on a mission to work against my promotion, frustrate them Now in Jesus Name.

5. Father Lord, disappoint all the negativity against me. Empower and catapult me to my next Level in Jesus Name. I decree and declare - I'm motivated by the Spirit of the Lord and I shall not fall nor fail.

6. Father, turn every disappointments of the past to stepping stones to fulfil your agenda for my life. Let all things work together for my good.

7. The rejected stones - home based became the toast of everyone - let my season of lifting begins in Jesus Name.

8. I decree and declare, a divine and positive turn around for me and my household in Jesus mighty Name - spiritually, physically, financially, health wise in Jesus mighty Name.

9. Lord, revive our Nation again - you have began a good work already, please hasten to finish it oh Lord.

10. I appreciate you Lord for answered prayers in Jesus Name.

Shalom and Blessings!!!

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