Saturday, 3 October 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at October Holy Ghost Service

October 2020 Holy Ghost Service 
Bible Text: Revelation 22:16
Theme: The Bright And Morning Star 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Sing: You are the mighty God
The Great I am
This Holy Ghost Service is meant for someone in particular. Revelation 3:20
There is someone who will leave this convention completely transformed.
It is important to know who you are but it is more important to know whose you are. 
It is most important for you that you use the information for your benefit. James 2:20
The prodigal son. Luke 15:11-24
I’m praying that you will arise today and do something about all that you have already learnt. Leave this convention different from how you came. I want you to go away from this convention and base your activities on what the Bible says. Jesus is the Bright and Morning Star. Revelation 2:26-28 Jesus is saying He is the Son of God, you are a son of God. John 1:11-12. Jesus is my eldest brother. Romans 8:29, Romans 8:15 My eldest brother is the Bright and morning Star. I also, am entitled to be a morning Star. Matthew 5:14-16.
James 1:17 God is my Father, the Father of lights. I’m not considering whatever I’ve achieved now. Romans 4:17, Isaiah 55:10-11
Psalm 33:8-9, 1 John 4:17 
Matthew 18:18
Whatever you forbid is forbidden. Whatever you allow is allowed.
1. Since my Father in heaven has never been sick and my eldest brother was never sick, the apostles were never sick.
Therefore from today, I’m disallowing sickness in my body. Exodus 15:26 Any sickness in my body is not from God. 1 Peter 2:24
By His stripes, I'm healed. I won’t stop at being well and whole. My light must shine before all men. From today, in the Name that is above every other name, I’ll lay hands on the sick.
Acts 3:1-8 Peter touched the lame and the lame began to walk. I’ll pray for a lame person and expect them to walk for His shadow healed the sick. Acts 5:14-16
2. My Dad was never bound by Satan. 
My elder brother wasn’t in bondage too
John 14:30, John 8:32-36
From this very moment, I’m serving quit notice to all demons showing any form of interest in my life. Ephesians 4:27 I’m going to proceed further to cast out demons. Mark 16:17
I’m not going to stop until my handkerchiefs begin to cast out demons like Paul. Acts 19:11-12 I’m leaving this convention determined to chase out demons from every member of my family and anyone oppressed by demons. 
3. My Daddy can never be broke. Genesis 17:1, Haggai 2:8, John 10:10.
I am letting the heavens and earth know that by the time I return for another convention, I’ll no longer be struggling. Psalms 35:7
God has pleasure in your prosperity. I will be diligent to do everything that is necessary to be done in order to prosper. 2 Kings 4:1-7
I’m not just going to be blessed, I’m going to be a blessing. I’m not going to stop until I begin to lend to nations. There is someone for who this convention was arranged, you will become so blessed, you will ask me “Daddy, how much is your budget for this year?”. Matthew 6:31-33
I refuse to die poor. I refuse to barely survive. 
4. Since my Dad is the Most High, I intend to reach the top. Psalm 91:1, Psalm 75:6-11
1 Samuel 2:8 Even those I’m looking up to now, they too will look up to me.
The plan for the Almighty God is not just for you to get to the top, but to stay there.
I intend to excel among my peers. When the best gather together, I want to be outstanding.
I intend to get so close to God that all those who are associated with me will also reach the top. Daniel 1,2
5. Psalm 91:1, Jeremiah 32:37, Luke 1:37 Since my Dad is the Most High, I intend to join the club of God. Mark 9:23
In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, I will begin to move mountains.
Have faith in God, tell that mountain things are different now. Not only will I begin to move my own mountains, I will move mountains for others. 1 Samuel 17:1-51
6. Because my Dad is bright. 1 Timothy 6:16
During this convention, I’m going to learn a lesson from brother Isaiah. Isaiah 6:1-5.
You should leave this convention on fire for God. Set me on fire God so that by the time I come for the next convention, people around me will know that there has been a revival.
It’s not who you are alone that matters, but whose you are.
Prayer Point:

Father, You are the Bright and Morning Star, I want to be a bright and morning Star for You. Let me shine for You in every facet of life.

Announcement 📢 The November Holy Ghost Service will be holding on 5th November.
Theme is Let There Be Light 9; Dream Again.

1. As I carried your parents, so will I carry you too.
2. I will reward your father’s faithfulness to me through you.

3. I assure you, you will not weep in your old age.
4. Your family is known for bankruptcy, that ends today.
5. Relax, your future is secured in me.
The next 12 years of your life will be full of miracles in ascending order of greatness and brightness.

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at October RCCG Youth Convention

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at October 2020 RCCG Youth Convention 
Topic: The Bright and Morning Star
Text: Revelation 22:16, 2:25-29, 3:21
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Song: Jesus is Alpha
Alpha and Omega...
The Bright and Morning Star is the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Stars are usually seen at night. There is a star that can shine so bright, it can be seen during the day.
When Saul of Tarsus was on his way to Damascus, he encountered a bright light during daytime. If you overcome, Jesus will let you join His club. The club of the Bright and Morning Star.
How do you overcome?
Overcome like Jesus overcame.
If you want to join the club of the Bright and Morning Star, study the life of Jesus.
Characteristics of Jesus Christ:

1. His lifestyle is a lifestyle of fasting.
Matthew 4:1-2
Exodus 24:18 Moses
1 Kings 19:4-8 Elijah
2 Corinthians 11:27 Paul
If you want to shine, get ready for a life of fasting.
2. Prayer. John 5:19, Mark 1:35, Matthew 14:23
Nobody can pray for you like yourself. Luke 11:1
Praying can be learnt.
John 15:5
3. He was full of the Word. Matthew 4:3-11, Matthew 21:15-16, Matthew 21:12-13.
You must be full of the word. Psalms 119:11
4. He was always full of gratitude. 
John 6:5-13, John 11:39-45, Matthew 11:25-26, 1 Corinthians 11:23-24
We just love to ask; we don’t like to thank God. 
Learn to be grateful!
The secret of victory is firstly thanksgiving.
5.He was a man under authority.
Luke 7:2-10, 2020 04 Luke 22:42
6. He was active and diligent. Mark 5:2-End
You should always be in action. John 10:16-18
7. He was pure. He lived a life of purity.
Don’t give excuses for sinning.
8. He was full of the Holy Spirit. He was full of fire. Acts 10:38

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at October Holy Communion Service

October 2020 Holy Ghost Communion Service 
Theme: The Bright and Morning Star
Text: Matthew 25:1-13
Ministering:Pastor E A Adeboye 
Song: I will sing unto the Lord
A joyful song
I will praise His Name
For the Lord is good...
There’s always the tendency or feeling among young people that they have eternity to decide for God. God deserves praise for His mercy.
We only know today. Only God knows tomorrow. Death is not a function of age.
Let us young ones stop taking the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ carelessly. For any lamp to run at all, there must be oil in the lamp. To keep burning, you must keep refilling.
Matthew 25:7-9
That you were full of the Holy Spirit yesterday is no excuse for not refilling today.
It is what is in you that will help you later.
You are young and strong. You have a long journey ahead of you. 
Keep your tank full and keep refilling.
John 6:53-56
If you eat and keep on drinking, you will be shining till the last day. Romans 8:11
As Jesus shines, so shall you shine.
We have come today to partake of his body, for life, health and strength. 
We have come to drink His blood for fire. That fire will jumpstart your lamp.
Thank God for how far He has brought you. 
Thank Him for a new beginning. Cry unto God for a new beginning.
When you eat the bread, pray:
“Lord, please make me whole, make me strong so I can serve you better.” When you take the wine, pray: “Lord, please refill my lamp and set me on fire for You. I want to shine forever. ”

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at September 2020 RCCG Online Sunday Service

September 2020 RCCG Online Special Sunday Service
Topic: The Wonders of Divine Promotion 
Bible Text: Psalm 75:5-7
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Song: You are worthy to be praised 
You are worthy to be praised 
My Redeemer, You are worthy to be praised 
1. The wonders of divine promotion include the fact that God can promote anyone.
1 Samuel 2:7-8 He can promote a beggar until he begins to dine with kings.
2. God promotes those who are most unlikely.
1 Corinthians 1:26-29, 1 Samuel 9:1-21
In the Name that is above every other name, that position you didn't think you could get, God will put there. If God promotes you, it is for His purpose. A tree does not produce fruit for itself. Moses was a fugitive, but God elevated him. Exodus 2, 7:1, Exodus 12:30-36. God promoted him so he could deliver a nation.
Exodus 14:21-28, 17:8-13
David was a nobody until God brought him forward. 1 Samuel 16:11-13
God promoted David so he could singlehandedly deliver Israel from terrorism.
1 Samuel 17:1-51
Ezekiel 32:30 Maybe God is waiting for you; hoping to use you for His purpose. 1 Samuel 22:1-2 
When God promotes a man, it is so that he can help others fulfill their destinies; to help them become what God wants them to become. 
Elisha was a farmer until God promoted him and he became one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament. 1 Kings 19:13-21, 2 Kings 2:9-15. God chose Elisha for promotion so that he could begin to destroy curses on nations.
2 Kings 2:19-22
Elisha spoke a word and the widow never had to lack again. 2 Kings 4:1-7
2 Kings 13:14-19. Even when Elisha was dying, he was still prophesying the future of the nation. 2 Kings 7:1-11 There was a time when things were so bad women were eating their children, until the man of God prophesied that food would be in surplus the next day.
As the Lord lives, the tide is going to turn for Nigeria.
Joseph was not the first born yet God caused his brothers to bow to him and he gained preeminence. Genesis 37:2-11, 39:1-6
Even among slaves, he became the head of slaves. Later on, he became the head of prisoners.
When God promotes, He takes the most unlikely fellow and puts him in charge.
God put Joseph in prison so he could interpret dreams. Joseph had proved that he could be trusted with promotion. Genesis 50:15-21
Wherever God promotes you, it is so that you can help those around you. Divine promotion is not a matter of titles. Acts 8:5-8 Philip was just a deacon yet the miracles he performed brought joy to a whole city.
Don't forget that your promoter is God and not man. Do not begin to dance to the tune of men.
Don't lower the standards because you want to be popular with men. Don't preach what they want to hear. Preach the truth. Don't forget that God is sovereign. He can bring up and He can bring low. 1 Samuel 2:7-8 
God can promote and He can also demote.
Never forget that God always has a substitute ready. If you become an obstruction to Him after He promotes you, He can take you out of the way and replace you. 1 Samuel 13:13-14
God promotes you so you can help others.
If you realize that God promotes those who are unqualified, you will stop struggling for position. Maybe God has been trying to promote you but you've been resisting Him. You need to surrender your life to Him and let Him begin to lift you up. Call on Jesus and tell Him you're humbling yourself before Him. Ask Him to save your soul and write your name in the Book of life.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at September 2020 RCCG Online Sunday Service

September 2020 RCCG Online Sunday Service 
Topic: The Wonders of the Standards of God
Text: Matthew 5:48
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Song: We give glory to the Lord, He reigns 
We give glory to the Lord, He reigns 
He reigns, He reigns
We give glory to the Lord, He reigns 
The Bible describes God as perfect. 
Perfect means excellent. Mark 7:37
Everything about God is perfect. 
He is perfection personified.
He has perfect standards and gives perfect gifts. James 1:5
God wants His children to be wiser than their teachers. Psalm 119:99
He gives strength continually. Isaiah 40:29,31
He gives perfect strength. Judges 14:5-6
He promotes; He not only wants you to be on top, but to be on top constantly. Deuteronomy 28:13, Genesis 39:1-6
Joseph was on top even while in prison.
Genesis 39:20-23, 44:1-44
I'm believing God for all of you who are truly God's children, in all areas of your life, you'll always be on top.
God blessed Abraham and took it further to make him a blessing such that the earth would be blessed through Him. Genesis 17
Deuteronomy 28:11-12, Genesis 26:12-14
God gives joy in its fullness. He gives joy such that you need special words to describe this kind of joy.
1 Peter 1:8
He gives unspeakable joy.
He gives life. John 1:1-4, 10:10
He not only gives life, He gives you abundantly.
When God gives life, He gives it to you more abundantly.
God not only gives victory, He wants you to be more than conquerors. 
1 Corinthians 15:57, Romans 8:37
Furthermore, He wants you to have victory without a fight. Deuteronomy 28:1-7
Why is God so perfect in what He gives and does for you?

1. In all things, He is more than enough. Genesis 17:1

2. He's not just high, He is the most High. Psalm 91:1, Ecclesiastes 5:8
He is so high, He decided who sits on the throne. 
3. God is not just mighty, He is the Almighty. 
Psalm 24:7-8, 91:1, Jeremiah 32:27

4. He is not just pure, He is unchangeably pure. James 1:17

God requires that we be perfect.
If you want all these perfect gifts from God, you must be perfect. Luke 12:47-48
Good things come at a cost. Perfect things cost perfectly. 
Your Father is perfect and He expects you to be perfect. For to whom much is given, much is expected. Like Father, like son. He expects His children to be like Him; to be holy because He is holy. 1 Peter 1:14-16
You are born of a perfect Father. 1 John 3:9
If anyone said it's impossible to be perfect, they're saying it is impossible to be more than conquerors. The Spirit of God will bear witness if you're truly a child of God. You're also a joint heir with Christ. Romans 8:16-17
The Holy Spirit is more than willing to give the grace to become perfect. But you can't access the help of the Holy Spirit if you're not born again.
If you want to give your life to Jesus, bow your head and ask Him to save your soul and dwell in you. Ask Him to plant His seed in you.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at September 2020 Sunday Service

RCCG Special Sunday Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Topic: The Wonders of His Breath
Text: Genesis 2:7
Song: We bless You o Lord of heaven and earth
We bless You o Lord of heaven and earth
Heaven and earth
Heaven and earth 
We love You o God of heaven and earth
We love You o God of heaven and earth
Heaven and earth
Heaven and earth 
Man can do without clothes for years;
And without food for weeks.
Man can't do without breath for long.
If you're still breathing, thank God for life.
God breathed on ordinary dust and it became a living soul; something of no worth became something of eternal worth.
Matthew 16:26 A single soul is worth more than all the wealth in the world. It doesn't matter how glorious a person feels he is, if he stops breathing, the end has come.
God made David an honourable man.
2 Samuel 22:33-36, Mark 10:46-52
Prayer Point 1: 
Father, I'm nothing now, but please breathe on me and turn me to something of eternal value.
Apart from making someone great, the breath of God can also revive. 1 Samuel 30:1-4
When God breathes on someone who is out of breath, the person becomes revived and strengthened to keep going. 1 Samuel 30:6-8
God breathed on David and he was encouraged to continue the journey.
1 Kings 19:1-8. Elijah was revived to continue the journey.
If you're tired and feel like giving up, what you need is the breath of God. Just ask God to breathe on you.
Prayer Point 2:
Father, breathe on me, revive me, encourage me. God of wonders, strengthen me so I can continue on this journey.
3. It is God's breath that sustains us.
1 Kings 17:17-18 When the breath of God returns to someone who is dead, resurrection happens. 1 Kings 17:19-24
When God breathes on the dead, death changes to sleep. And it takes only one word from Him to raise the person up. Mark 5:35-43
Is there anything in your life that is dead? If you cry unto God that He should breathe on you, everything that is dead will come back to life.
Prayer Point 3:
Father, please breathe on me again so everything good in my life that is dead, will resurrect.
4. It takes the breath of God to reverse the irreversible. Ezekiel 37:1-10
It takes the breath of God to shout. John 11:39-45 It takes the breath of God to convert the inconvertible Matthew 3:17, Luke 9:51-56
The breath of God changed John the son of thunder to John who wrote on love. 
1 John 1
Prayer Point 4:
Father, please breathe on me and breathe on my family.
5. The breath of God makes a way where there was none. Exodus 14:21-28, 15:18
When you ask God to breathe on you, it's not just to make a way for you where there was none, but to also put a seal on your victory.
Prayer Point 5:
Breathe on me oh God, make a way where there was no way and make my victory permanent. 
6. The breath of God gives strength; supernatural power. John 20:21-23, Acts 1:8, 2:1-4
When God breathes on you, suddenly the power to fulfil destiny is released.
Peter was told he'd be a fisher of men but until the Holy Spirit came on him, he didn't win a single soul. Luke 5:1-11, Acts 2:41
Prayer Point 6:
Father, please breathe on me. Empower me to fulfil my destiny.
For those of you who are yet to give your life to Jesus, let me remind you that you owe your breath to the Almighty God and He can choose to withdraw it at any time.
2 Corinthians 6:2
Today is the day of salvation; tomorrow might be too late.
Ask the Lord Jesus to save your soul and to wash you clean before it is too late.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at September 2020 Sunday Service

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at SEPTEMBER 2020 SUNDAY SERVICE (06-09-2020)
Topic: The Wonders Of His Worship
Text: JOHN 4:19-21
🎸You are worthy to be praised
You are worthy to be praised
My Redeemer
You are worthy to be praised

Father; You are worthy to be praised and glorified because there is no one like You. You are the Almighty, You are the Most High, all power belongs to You. You can do and undo. It is the one that You kill that will die, the one You chose to keep alive nobody can kill. We worship you, we thank You for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, we thank You especially for our past Convention, thank You for bringing us to September, Father, please, accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. Ancient of Days, as Your children are gathering all over the world to thank You today, please, accept our thanks, do something special and great. We have come to worship You, my Father and my God, please, be present in our midst and everything that will cause us to rejoice even for the rest of the year, My Father and my God, give to us today. As for Your children who have been faithful over the years in their offerings and in their tithes, this month in particular, surprise them all, bless them beyond their wildest imaginations, show them that You are the Almighty God, and that You are the All Sufficient God. Please Lord, before the end of the service today, let Your children have cause to shout Hallelujah, thank You Father, in Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.
Let someone shout Hallelujah.

Text - JOHN 4:19-24
19 The woman saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.
20 Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.
21 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.
22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.
23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.
24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Basically speaking, there are seven ways that a human being can relate to God verbally:
1. You Can Relate To God My Murmuring .
By complaining; by telling Him, why are You like this to me?
Exodus 16:9-20.
Murmuring is you complaining about God and forgetting what He had done for you in the past. When you murmur against Him, He hears and He could be pretty angry.

1 Corinthians 10:10 The Bible warns, don't you ever murmur against God because those who did it in the past were destroyed.
You murmur if you forget all that God has done for you. If you think He hasn't done enough, consider what He has done.

2.By Querying Him.
We query Him when we find yourself in a situation that appears as if He is not caring
Mark 4:35-41.
1 Peter 5:6-7 He cares for you.

3.By Asking Him Questions.
A question is what you ask when you need information and you want to know.
2 Kings 2:9-15.

4. You Can Call On Him.
That is what many of us called prayer.
Jeremiah 33:3.
Anytime you cry to God for help, He will help you.
He encourages calling particularly when you need help.
Matthew 14:23-33.

5. Through Thanksgiving .
Psalm 100:4. Enter his gate with thanksgiving in your heart.
What is thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is when you are relating to God considering what He has done for you; when you are showing Him appreciation for what He has done for you as an individual.
Luke 17:12-19.
Thanksgiving is very acceptable to God.
As a matter of fact, the Bible says, don't ever enter His gate without thanksgiving.
God appreciates thanksgiving.

6. Through Praise .
Praise is what you give to Him for His achievement generally; for what He has done, not necessarily for you but what He has done generally.
Psalm 100 :1 Enter His gate with thanksgiving and His court with praise.
Exodus 15:1.
God loves praise.
Psalm 50:23 Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me.

7. By Worship.
The highest of it all is worship.
John 4:23-24.
God seeks for worshippers.
What is worship?
Worship is telling Him who He is.
The question this morning is, do you know who you are worshipping?
When you worship God, He will draw near.
If He draws near you, your head will swell.
Genesis 17:1.
You cannot be in the presence of the All sufficient One and have queries.

Who Is He?
i.The Most High. Psalm 90:1.
The One who is higher than the highest. Ecclesiastes. 5:8.
The One who says heaven is my throne, the earth is my footstool.
If there is anything at all that this pandemic should teach everybody is that the highest wisdom of man is still foolishness with God.
The Most High who rules in the affairs of men. Daniel 4:25.
In my native tongue, we called Him the King Maker.
ii.The king of glory. Psalm 24:7.
Glory is the opposite of shame.
-He has the ability to remove shame. 2 Kings 5:1-14
-He can change shame to glory. John 2:1-11.
iii.The Lord of Hosts. Psalm 24:10
iv.Moses called Him the Man of war. Exodus 15:4
v.He is the original general. Numbers 16:23-34.
vi.He is the original admiral. Exodus 14:15-28.
He was the first One to manufacture a submarine.
vii.He is the original air marshal.
He is the first One to throw a bomb. Joshua 10:10-11.
He is the Lord of Hosts.
He sends demons on errands. 1 Samuel 16:14.
1 Kings 18:36-39.
viii. The consuming fire. Hebrews 12:29.
You can worship Him as long as you don't misbehave, if He loves you, He will tell you there are lines you don’t cross.
When Moses was singing in Exodus 15, he said, God is glorious in holiness and fearful in praises.
If He surrounds you, the enemy that tries to come near you will be consumed.
The fire can consume anything. 1 Kings 18:36-39.
ix.The Lion of the tribe of Judah. Revelation 5:5.
Daniel 6:1-28.

He Is I Am That I Am.
The greatest thing You need to know about Him in worshipping Him is that He gave His own name as the I AM that I AM when He was introducing Himself to Moses in Exodus 3:11-15.

Meaning of I Am That I Am .
1.It means, I'm not I was; I am not an ex-king.
2. I am not, I will be, whatever promises I'm making, it doesn't mean that when you vote me into power i will do it for you. I AM now.
What i am today is what i will be tomorrow because by tomorrow, tomorrow will become today.
3.I Am that I AM simply means whatever you call me is what i will be to you.
If you call me the Most High, I will be the Most High to you.
If you call me the Almighty, I will be the Almighty to you.
If you call me the Lord of Hosts, then you are handing over your battles to me.
If you call me the consuming fire, then you can go to bed at night knowing fully well that there is a wall of fire about you that no witch or wizard can fly through.

When you want to worship Him today, please, do it thoroughly.
As much of His name you can remember, call Him by that name and watch Him act for you. Thank Him for what He has done for you.
Praise Him for His achievements, but more than anything else, worship Him and call Him who He is.

Those of you who are yet to surrender your lives to Him, you can only call Him my Father after you have given your life to Him.
You can only call him my God when you have surrendered to Him.
You can only call Him my Lord when you make up your mind to do what He asks you to do for the rest of your life.
But if you call Him my Saviour today, He will save your soul.

Altar Call:
Lord Jesus, I have believed before that You are a good man, now i know that You are not an ordinary man, You are my Lord and Saviour.
I have heard about You that You are a good teacher, now i know that You are not just an ordinary teacher, You are the Word, the Truth and the Way. I come to You now, please, take over my life.

Shall we bow our heads in prayer?
Those of you who want to give your life to Jesus’ Christ, call Him my Saviour and He will save you.
Call Him my Lord and He will become your Lord.
Call Him my King and He will take over your life and begin to arrange things.
Call on Him: Please, save my soul, let Your blood wash away my sins, take over my life and i will serve You for the rest of my life.
Ancient of Days, the Unchangeable Changer, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the I AM that I AM; glory be to Your holy name. Thank You for Your word and thank You for those who have decided that from this moment they want You to be their Saviour, please, save their souls, forgive all their sins, write their names in the Book of life, receive them into the family of God and from now on, whenever they call You, please, answer them by fire.
As for Your children, as they begin to worship You today; worshipping You now not just in spirit but in truth, telling You who You are, my Father and my God, manifest Your glory. Let everyone go home today with a new mighty collection of miracles, signs and wonders in Jesus’ name, and please Lord, as they worship You, draw near them, in Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.
Praise ye the Lord.
Worship God Todays.
Make sure you spend quality time worshiping Him today and you can be sure you will not regret it.
God bless you all.

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at RCCG New Year Thanksgiving Service

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at 
September 2020 Special RCCG New Year Thanksgiving Service
Topic: Victory Over Lockdown
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 7:7-13
Song: Jesus is Alpha
Alpha and Omega
So I Praise Him for He is Alpha
Alpha and Omega 
The Lord who has kept you to see September will keep you to see the new year. 
When a child is grateful, he will receive more.
Thus far, God has helped us, if we show Him our gratitude, you can be sure He will see us through till the end.
Luke 17:12-16, 17-19
One of the lepers who Jesus healed, came back to say thank you.
For this, Jesus moved him from healed to wholeness.
This meant that the body parts that had been affected by leprosy would be restored to wholeness.
Mark 5:2-18
The mad man of Gadara after deliverance came back to say thank you. Luke 5:1-9
God gave a breakthrough to Peter. He fell at the feet of Jesus to show his gratitude.
Luke 5:1-9
God gave a breakthrough to Peter. He fell at the feet of Jesus to show his gratitude.
Luke 5:10-11 As a result, Jesus upgraded him to fulfill his destiny.
1 Samuel 2:1-10, 22-21
Hannah showed her gratitude for Samuel and God blessed her with 5 more children.
2 Samuel 6:14-22
David danced before God for promoting him from shepherd to king.
2 Samuel 7:8-16
As a result of his gratitude, God promised to establish his kingdom forever. 
I know how to show gratitude to God because I know where I'm coming from.
I didn't start wearing shoes until I was 18.
All of you who will praise God this morning, you will never go back. You will only go forward and higher.
Solomon showed his gratitude to God for lifting him even though his parents were adulterers, with 1000 offerings.
As a result, God assured him of His blessing.
God told me there are 3 ways of doing things:
1. The right way
2. The wrong way
3. God's way: God does as He pleases.
God exalted Solomon, who wasn't in line to be enthroned as king.
If you think you have no reason to thank God;
The Almighty God in His own miraculous way has brought you thus far and saved your soul.
Psalm 107:1-2, Hebrews 13:5-6
He said He will never leave you nor forsake you so you can say the Lord is your helper.
If you have God as your Helper, that's enough reason to dance and praise Him.
Psalm 34:8
Give your life to God and you'll see the great benefit of becoming His.
Ask Him to have mercy on you, to save your soul and wash you clean. Ask Him to write your name in the book of life.

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon July 2020 Online Sunday Service

Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Topic: Lockdown To Leaping Up 5
Bible Text:Acts 3:1-8 & Genesis 28:10-22
We bless You Lord
We bless You Jehovah Almighty
If God Almighty is lifting you up, the sky won’t be your limit, Heaven will be your limit.
1. Before you take off, you must consider landing. Ecclesiastes 7:8
It’s far better to remain ordinary than to become an ex-success. You will never be an ex-champion.
One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a man is to be successful before his time. 2 Chronicles 26:3-21, Genesis 48:8-30.
Luke 14:28-30
The taller the tower is going to be, the deeper must be the foundation. Before you begin to leap up and plan for mighty things that will happen after the lockdown, please think. 
My beloved children, success is coming your way. Isaiah 3:10, Colossians 1:27, Judges 14:5-14. Out of the lockdown, mighty breakthroughs will come into the lives of God’s children.
God said I am talking to you as the God of your father, Abraham. The promises I made to Abraham, I hand it over to you. Galatians 3:13-14. Jacob didn’t steal, he bought his brother’s blessings. Genesis 25:29-34
Luke 6:38, Proverbs 11:24-25, Ecclesiastes 11:3, John 3:16, Romans 8:29.
Malachi 3:8-11; Tithe payment. Galatians 3:29.
Jacob said to God let’s be partners, I agree to what you’ve said. Genesis 32:9-10
You entered this lockdown with nothing, by this time next year, as my Lord lives, you won’t be able to recognize yourself. Genesis 31:1-13
God had showed Jacob something through a dream. Do you know that if you make God your partner, He will show you business ideas that will baffle the world? Consider Jacob, when Jacob came to Egypt in Genesis 46:26-27, he came with 70 souls. By the time his children left Egypt in Exodus 12:37, there were 600,000 men excluding women. If you allow God to step into your boat, He will prosper you and move you to higher grounds.

Before you takeoff, consider your landing. Who will be your partner?
As soon as God comes in, He will take over.

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at September 2020 Holy Ghost Service

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at September 2020 Friday Holy Ghost Service
Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye
Theme: Let there be Light part 8
What a mighty God we serve, Halleluyah
What a mighty God we serve, Halleluyah
Heaven and earth adore
Even Angels now before Him
What a mighty God we serve.
By the grace of God, the youth convention will be virtual, coming up in October and the theme will be the Bright and Morning Star.

Text: Genesis 30:1-2, 22-24

When we say Let there be light particularly in reference to child bearing, it could mean different things to different people, for example;

1. To Abraham & Sarah, Genesis 18:1-14, Let there be light means God please pay us a visit and do the unusual. Do what you normally would not do. Psalm 50:9-13, and speak to us face to face, Genesis 12:1-3, 15:1-6. Abraham and Sarah said to God pay us a visit, do what you normally would not do, speak to us and turn all the prophesies of the past to a decree, Genesis 1:3, Psalm 33:8-9. They said, Lord pay us a visit, change all the prophesies to a decree and ignore our doubt. Habbakuk 2:4, Romans 1:17, Galathians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38. Isaiah 43:13. Abraham & Sarah said to God, prove your Almightyness. Jeremiah 32:27. When the Almighty God granted their request, He changed the sorrow of Sarah to laughter, she laughed that night and she is been laughing since then. Wherever you are right now, begin to laugh.

Prayer point No 1
Father, please let there be light, please pay my family a visit.

2. Let there be light could mean something different to Isaac and Rebecca. Genesis 25:21-26, it could be, father what you did for my parent, do same for me, Isaac said, if I was born, let me also give birth. If you can be gracious to my father, there is no reason you cant be gracious to me, Ezekiel 18:4, Genesis 12:1-3. What God did for Abraham, God can do for you also because as Christians, we are the seed of Abraham. Genesis 22:15-17. The Almighty God listened to the cry of Isaac and responded by giving him the first set of twins ever. Genesis 25:21-26, Isaiah 61:7. God promised to give you double for your shame. Everyone of you who call me Daddy, in the name of God who called me, what He has given me, He will give you double. He will make you fruitful. Amen

Prayer point no 2
Father please let there be light, give me double for my trouble. As you give double to Isaac, give me double for my trouble.

3. Let there be light to Jacob and Rachael could mean something entirely different. Genesis 29:15-31. When rachael discovered she wasn't producing children she cried unto her husband but the husband responded that he was not God, Rachael trusted man but when she realised she changed her mind and put all her trust in God alone. The prayer of Rachael was to trust God alone and not any man. Jeremiah 17:5-8, Psalm 121:1-2. Take your eyes off men and focus on the Almighty God and the one who remembered Rachael will remember you today. Amen,  Genesis 30;22-24, God remembered Rachael and her blocked womb was opened because she trust and focused on God.

The Lord said there is someone listening right now, He said after I have opened your womb, you will say it is enough.

Prayer point no 3
Father please let there be light, remember me today just as you remembered Rachael.

4. To Manoah and his wife, Let there be light means something entirely different. Judges 13:1-end. They were barren and things were bad in the country and there was a need for a champion that will rescue the people from their enemy and God paid the wife a visit and told her you will be the one who will bring forth a champion for a son. Let there be light therefore to manoah and the wife, means God you need a champion and that champion needs a vessel to dwell in to bring the champion to the world, make us the vessel that will provide him the body for the champion to come to this world. There is someone hearing me now, saying, Lord you need a champion in the world or in my nation, let my wife be the vessel you will use to bring the champion to the world. Hebrews 10:5, Judges 13:15-19, Manoah and his wife entertained the angel, they showed their appreciation to the angel. Show gratitude when God has performed His miracle in your life.

Prayer point no 4
Father, let there be light and let that light shine on me and my wife. Whatever is wrong with both of us, correct both Lord so that at the end of it, we will rejoice.

The Lord said because the light will shine tonight, your destiny that is considered buried will resurrect.

The Lord said someone is listening to me, before the end of this year, you will feel another touch from the most high. Amen

5. To Elkanah and Hannah, Let there be light could mean a different thing. Hannah was provoked and tormented by the other woman, if that woman had been kind to her, maybe Hannah would have relaxed but because han ah was tormented and provoked, Hannah refused to stay barren. Hannah was pushed till she cried to God for breakthrough. Unless you are pushed, you might not get to that stage that you will say, Lord, I will not let you go until you bless me. Psalm 102:13. All the provocations and sufferings of the past will push you to God and say, my set time had come. 2 Chronicles 20:20, she was singled out from the crowd. She believed God and she became established, she believed the prophets of God and she prosper. Believe God so that He can establish and believe me the son that He has sent today talking to you and  the word that is coming to you today. God will establish you.

The Lord said, you will understand, He said you will still produce the heir to the throne.

The Lord said the child am going to give you this time around will not be an ordinary child, it will be a special child. People will say, this one is worth waiting for.

Prayer point no 5
Father let their be light, single me out for a breakthrough

6. Let there be light to Zachariah and Elizabeth, Luke 1:1-end Zachariah was a high priest of God and Elizabeth was a righteous woman, they were righteous but they were barren. Zachariah keep on serving God, he is the high priest, they became old and God paid them a visit, they gave birth to a very special son, John the baptist.

1. Proverbs 13:12, Hope delayed can make the heart sick, Zachariah had waited for a long time and he said he needed a sign

2. The two of them made up their mind to keep on serving God no matter what happened. Your determination for serving God must be rugged. Don't let anybody divert your attention somewhere else. Don't get something else apart from God. Job 13:15, 

3. God gave them the best, Mathew 11:11,  God gave them John the baptist. Every child God will give you will be in the class of the best. Amen

Prayer point no 6
Father please let there be light and because I have waited long, give me the best.

God says he is talking to someone very special,  He said I have decided to open the womb of your business. I will move you from surviving to prosperous, and then move you from prosperous to flourishing.

Th Lord said there is someone listening to me, you will give birth three times, each time will be multiple birth, a day will come when you and your children want to travel, you will need a bus.

In conclusion
7. Let there be light simply means chase away the darkness of barreness, chase away every form of fruitless effort, chase way the darkness of failures. If you are working hard and nothing to show for it, that is barreness, when you are working hard and no promotion to show for it that is barreness. Let there be light simply means chase away every form of barrenness.

Prayer point no 7
Lord let there be light and chase away every form of barreness away from my life, family, ministry, business and every areas of my life.

John 8:12, if you are following the Lord Jesus Christ, darkness should have no place in your life because you are working with the one who is the light of the world. All around you,light should shine. Where Jesus is, light must rain supreme. But if you are not yet a child of God and you are yet to come to the light, it is either you have Jesus as your father or you havethe  devil as your father who is the father of darkness. If you are ready to come to the Lord, Jesus Christ, He will receive you and save your soul and bring you to light. Ask Him to save your soul, bring you into the family of light and the family of God.

Friday, 4 September 2020

September 2020 Holy Ghost Communion Service

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at 
What a mighty God we serve
What a mighty God we serve
Heaven and earth adore Him
Angels bow before Him
What a mighty God we serve
What a mighty God we serve
What a mighty God we serve
Heaven and earth adore Him
Angels bow before Him
What a mighty God we serve
Almighty, Most faithful and reliable God; we worship You. You are the source of all blessings, fruitfulness and productivity, we bow before You, accept our worship in Jesus’ name. Father, Your children are gathered together again to dine with You, as they dine with You today my Father and my God, we are asking that You will open every closed womb physically, materially, maritally and spiritually and make us extremely fruitful, in Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.
Praise the Lord.

Bible Text - JOHN 21
12 Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine. And none of the disciples durst ask him, Who art thou? knowing that it was the Lord.
13 Jesus then cometh, and taketh bread, and giveth them, and fish likewise.
14 This is now the third time that Jesus shewed himself to his disciples, after that he was risen from the dead.
15 So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs.
16 He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my sheep.
17 He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.

I believe the Holy Communion of tonight is meant for one person in particular.
Many partook of that meal by the beach prepared by the Lord Himself but all He said to them was "come and dine".
When you come to the Lord’s table, you're coming to the meal prepared by the Lord Himself.
You already know symbolically that it is His body broken for you; the wine symbolically is His blood shed for the remission of your sin, He prepared the table and called you to come and dine.
After the dining, the light shone directly on one person: Simeon, that is where we took our text from.
Three times the Lord spoke to Simeon.
Do you love me?
And he said, You know I love you.
Feed my lamb; take care of new concerts
Do you love me?
Yes, I love You.
Feed my sheep; take care of the adults in the congregation.
Do you really love me?
Lord, You know all things, You know i love You.
Make disciples; produce those who will spread the gospel.
It was the destiny of Peter to win souls. Luke 5:1-11.
The Lord told him he will fish for men.
After the meal, when the light of God shone on Peter, days later, the same Peter whose destiny had been barren became very fruitful and his destiny was fully restored.
Not too long after the meal, he preached a sermon in Acts 2:41and won 3000 souls in one day. Few days later, he preached another sermon in Acts 4:4, and won 5000 extra souls and he went on and on until the number of his converts could no longer be numbered. His destiny was fully restored after that special meal.

It is man's destiny to be fruitful and multiply; it is the destiny of everyone of us including those who are looked upon today as barren. Genesis 1:28. The priority of God concerning you is to be fruitful and multiply.
1 Samuel 1:9-20 There were many people in Shiloh, many people prayed but the light shone on one fellow: Hannah. When the light shone on her:
1.She became the mother of one of the greatest prophets of the old testament.
2.Soon, she had three extra sons and two daughters. 1 Samuel 2:21.
She said in 1 Samuel 2:1, my mouth is enlarged against my enemy. I can now say to my enemy, he who laughs last laughs best.
I'm believing God for all my children, after this Holy Communion service, everyone that has been mocking you will come and bow to your God because the light of God will shine on someone tonight.
When the light shines, the promise of God in Joel 2:25-27, the Almighty God will bring back all the years that has been lost and He will restore physically, maritally, materially and spiritually.
We held the Holy Ghost service in London where we call it Festival of Life. She came from America to visit her siblings in London, she heard about the Holy Ghost service and decided to attend. As the message was going on, the word of God came that God has reduced the years of life of someone in the congregation, the Lord said you are ten years younger. The word of God came again and said there is someone that has passed the age of child bearing, from this moment you will begin to have your children. A year later when she was testifying, she was lifting her children.
As you partake of the communion tonight, the great restorer will restore all the years that cankerworm has eaten and your shame will be wiped away.

If there is a brother or sister that has offended you, unless you will forgive from the bottom of your heart, don't take the Holy Communion. It is a powerful meal, it can bring healing and death. If you take it unworthily you can become sick or die. If you take it worthily there is healing in the bread and deliverance in the wine.
If you are not a child of God, don't partake of the Holy Communion but if you are willing to surrender your life to Him, He is willing to save your soul. His blood is available to wash you clean and then you can become the partake of the Lord’s table.

If you want to surrender to Jesus, bow your head in prayer and cry to the Almighty God: Father, please, save my soul, have mercy on me, let Your blood wipe away all my sin, I want to be part of your family. Save my soul today and i will serve You for the rest of my life
Children of God, join them in prayer: Let’s intercede for them that the One who saved our souls will save theirs also.
My Father and my God, i want to thank You once again for Your word, revelation knowledge and these Your children that have decided to surrender their lives to You, please, receive them, save their souls, let Your blood wipe away their sins, receive them into the family of God and anytime they call upon You, Father, please, answer them by fire.
All Your children who would proceed now to Your table to dine with You worthily having been washed in Your blood and having removed from them every root of bitterness, please, Lord God Almighty, restore their destinies, let them become fruitful, let them begin to multiply. Let this particular Holy Communion service be remembered forever, in Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.
As you heard in the word of God, if you know there is someone that you have bitterness against, when they bring the bread to you, just ask them to pass it on. Make sure you clear your mind and spirit of every form of bitterness before you begin to partake of the Holy Communion because there is mighty power in this particular meal.
Cry unto the Almighty God, pray that the power in the broken body of Christ will avail for you today and bring complete wholeness to your body, soul and spirit even as you eat.
The Lord Jesus the very night in which he was betrayed took bread: And when he had given thanks, he broke it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, broken for you: do this in remembrance of me, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, this cup is the new testament in my blood, do ye as oft as you drink it, in remembrance of me, In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Your cry will be that the light will shine on you and the Almighty God will focus on you so that your destiny will be fully restored.

So, my Father and my God, I thank You once again; thank You for Your word, thank You for this opportunity to dine with You. Please, Lord God Almighty, let Your light shine; let it shine on every one of us, bring total healing and restoration to Your children. Please Lord, help us fulfil our destiny, let us become fruitful and begin to multiply mightily. Let this one be one such Holy Communion service that we will live to remember. This month in particular, all those who are trusting You for the fruit of the womb, remember them, thank You my Father, in Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.
Praise the Lord.
God bless You.
I believe He has heard you
I believe you are already the focus of His miracle, signs and wonders, so shall it be in Jesus’ name.
Praise the Lord.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at August 2020 Online Sunday Service - The Wonders of His Silence

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at RCCG Special Sunday Service August 30, 2020
Ministering: PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE
Topic: The Wonders Of His Silence 
Bible Text: PSALMS 62:11
There is none holy as the Lord
There is none besides Him
Neither is there any rock like our God 
There is none holy as the Lord

Bible Text: Psalms 62:11
God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.

Our God is not a talkative, once He speaks, it is done. Psalm 33:8-9.
Genesis 1:3 - He simply said let there be light and there was light.
He will advise you not to be a talkative.
1.In silence is wisdom. Proverbs 29:11.
2.In silence, you have a cover for ignorance. Proverbs 17:28.
3. In silence is strength. Isaiah 30:13.
4. In silence, there is protection against sin. Proverbs 10:19
5.If you want to prove that you are a true christian, keep your mouth shut. James 1:26, 
Proverbs 18:21.
When He repeats Himself, it means the matter is very serious.
When you hear Him the second time it is the echo. John 3:1-5 
When God repeats Himself three times, the matter is dangerously serious. Joshua 1:1-8.
God says, the just shall live by faith four times.
Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11; Hebrew 10:38.

1. It could be He has spoken concerning the situation before and He is not going to contradict Himself.
Genesis 15:13-16, Exodus 12:40-41.
2. It could be He was waiting to roar with laughter.
Let me tell someone listening to me, what you have already heard from God will come to pass.
Psalm 2:1-4, Psalm 37:12-15, Psalm 59:1-8, Judges 15:10-15.
I have good news for someone who has been waiting to hear from God,
The Almighty God will deal with enemies within and without.

3. He could be silent when He wants to humble those who have said who is God.
Psalm 115:1-3, Daniel 3:13-30.
Very soon, all those who are mocking you now will say your God is great.
By the time this season is over, you will be laughing.

4. He could be silent when He wants to end your problems once and for all.
Philippians 1:6,Psalms 138:8, Daniel 6:1-28, Daniel 2, Isaiah 54:15.
Proverbs 11:28 - When God is silent, He may want to apply the law of substitution.
Your problem will be over on a permanent basis.
God delivered Daniel out of trouble and his enemies replaced him.
From now on, all those who wish you well will have cause to rejoice.

5. He may be silent because He wants to do something great for you and the greatness is tied to the destiny of another person.
Luke 1:5-20, John 1:19-23, Matthew 11:11.

6. God may be silent because He is waiting to announce you.
Luke 2:1-14 - When Jesus was born, angels announced His birth.
Luke 2:15-18, Luke 2:25-35, Luke 2:36-36, John 1:28-31.
Matthew 3:16-17 - God spoke about Jesus after 30 years.
When God announces you, you are announced.
1 Samuel 16:11-13, 1 Samuel 17:1-58. 

DECLARATION: I have a feeling that after all this lockdown, the Almighty God will announce somebody to the whole world.

7. God may be silent because you are not desperate. 2 Kings 4:1-7.
God will answer desperate prayers immediately.

The only fellow who can cry to God and will not receive an answer is the one who refuses to surrender his/her life to Jesus.
If you are listening and you have not surrendered to Jesus, cry to Him for mercy and His blood will wash away your sins and your prayers will be answered by fire.
Ancient to f Days, I want to thank You for all those who are crying to You right now asking for salvation, remember Your promise that whosoever will come to You, You will no wise cast out, these people are crying to You now for salvation, desperately asking You to save their souls, please Lord, receive them, forgive them, save their souls, let Your blood wash away their sins, please, write their names in the Book of life, receive them into the family of God and anytime they call on You from now on, Father, please, answer them by fire.
I’m calling on You Father on behalf of all Your children, as many of them that would cry to You in desperation today, this very day, answer them and grant their requests. Oh Lord God Almighty, as a result of their prayers of today, let there be a multitude of testimonies, thank You my Father, glory be to Your holy name, in Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed. Amen!
I want to encourage all of you children of God, cry to Him desperately if you really need help and He will answer you today in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at August 2020 Online Sunday Service

August 2020 RCCG Special Sunday Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Topic: The Wonders of His Word
Text: Hebrews 4:12
Song: Forever, Oh Lord 
The Word is settled 
In heaven it is settled 
One of the wonders of God, almost frightening, is found in Psalm 138:2. 
It says God magnifies His Word above all His names. Mark 13:31 The Word of God will outlive heaven and earth. Psalm 119:89; 33:8-9
Isaiah 55:10-11
When God sends His Word on an errand, it won't return to Him until it has finished the job.
This is why Jesus took on that personality.
John 1:1,14 The Word of God is powerful, wonderful. It is alive and discerning. Hebrews 4:12
Wonders of the Word:
1. The Word travels. 1Kings 17:2
It travelled from heaven to reach Elijah here on earth.
2. It is the Truth. John 17:17
No matter how hard you try, you can't shut out the Truth. 2 Corinthians 13:8
If God decides to send His Word to you and you try to refuse it, you are only wasting your time. The Word will stick with you until it does the job.
When the Word arrives, it does some special things.
A. Nothing heals better than the Word. Psalm 107:20
I'm believing God for those of you who are going through any form of ailment, as the Word is coming to you right now, receive your healing in the name of Jesus.
B. The Word encourages. Isaiah 66:1
There is nothing that catches God by surprise; He is in charge.
Isaiah 41:10-13, Mark 11:22-23
Psalm 90:1-2
It doesn't matter how big the problem you're facing, God has been God.
Hebrews 12:1-2
Isaiah 3:10
Even if you don't know what is going to happen in the future, as long as you're a child of God, it will be well with you.
That Word that you need, that will turn the tide for you, may you hear it today in the mighty name of Jesus.
C. The Word of God comforts. Psalm 30:5
It doesn't matter how sad you are now, your day of rejoicing is on the way. Joel 2:25
Joel 2:26-27
The Lord says His people shall not be ashamed. 
Hebrews 13:5
He says He will never leave you nor forsake you.
For the rest of your life, whatever you may come across, the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you.
D. The Word of God defends you.
Ephesians 6:17, Matthew 4:1-11
It is the strongest weapon you can ever use against the enemy. Isaiah 54:15-17
Romans 8:37
You have won the fight even before it began.
The Word of God shows up to fight for you in times of trouble. All the promises of God are Yea and Amen. 2 Corinthians 1:20, Numbers 23:19 If God says anything,  you can be sure He will do it. There is something required of you even as you receive the Word of God.
Hebrews 4:2 You must receive the Word by faith, so that it can profit you.
If you don't believe every word in the Bible, you are only questioning your salvation. 
For the Word of God is the basis of our salvation.
That kind of miracle that will make you think you're dreaming, the Almighty God will give to you today.
I decree to somebody today, that miracle that will shake you and cause you to know there is a God in heaven who speaks and it is done, God will give to you today.
However, miracles ae only for God's children.
He said He will not give the bread of the children to dogs.
Surrender your life to God and ask Him for mercy. 
Tell Him you want to be a part of His family and ask Him to write your name in the book of life.
Think back on all the promises of the Most High God for you and begin to claim them, knowing that the Word of God is forever settled.

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at August 2020 Online Sunday Service

RCCG Special Sunday Service
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Topic: The Wonders of His Abilities
Bible Text: Jeremiah 32:27
Blessed be Your name
Blessed be Your name 
Blessed be Your name Oh Lord
Jesus is Your name
Jesus is Your name
Jesus is Your name oh Lord 
Psalm 91:1
Our God is the Almighty and the Most High.
Isaiah 40:29 He gives strength to the weak.
1. He has the ability to bring something out of nothing. Hebrews 11:3
He didn't have to look for raw materials to bring all of creation to being. He brought something out of nothing. Exodus 17:1-6
This is a wonder to us because He can bring something out of nothing for us.
We have the testimony of women who had no womb or fallopian tubes but God brought forth babies from them.
It is not for you to wonder how God will bring something out of nothing.
2. He can resurrect the dead.
Genesis 18:9-14, Romans 4:19
Sarah's womb was already dead but God worked the miracle of resurrection .
Mark 5:35-43 He resurrected Jairus' daughter.
Luke 7:11-15
Whatever the doctor says is dead, the Lord can bring back to life for you. And He will do so in the name of Jesus.
3. He can reverse the irreversible. 
Ezekiel 37:1-10 The bones in that valley were very dry.
He made the dry bones became a mighty army.
Daniel 3:14-30
Not even the smell of fire could be found on the four Hebrew men despite being thrown into a furnace that burned so fiercely, it killed those who threw them in. 
There is a God who can reverse the irreversible. 
Every opportunity you have lost that is supposed to be gone forever, my Father will bring it back to you.
4. He can hear all and He can answer all.
Psalm 65:2, Jeremiah 33:3
Genesis 17:1; His name is Jehovah El-Shaddai. He has more than enough. 
5. The greatest wonder of God is found in Ephesians 3:20. Anything you ask, He can do.
He can more than you ask.
He can also do exceedingly more than you ask.
He can do abundantly more than you ask.
God can also do that which you didn't ask for; that which you only thought about.
Every prayer you have prayed up until this moment is nothing. The Lord wants you to ask for something substantial till your joy be full.  John 16:24
2 Kings 4:1-7; the widow only wanted to pay off her debts but God settled her for life.
Psalm 23:5 Your cup can run over; you can have more than enough.
1. His ability is wonderful, so expand your asking. 
2. Increase your thinking; stop thinking of a small god. Our God is so mighty, He spoke and the heavens and earth came into being.
Isaiah 40:28, 2 Chronicles 9:1-6
Why don't you think something great concerning yourself?
Why are you limiting what God can do with you?
3. Maximize your potentials.
Genesis 27:28-40
Esau maximised the remnant blessing he got and grew to be a mighty man.
Genesis 33:1-9
A remnant blessing from God can cause you to be known all over the world.
The one who can die small is he who hasn't accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour.
The moment you surrender to God, you become His child and can enjoy His blessing that will change your life.
Cry to the Lord and ask Him to have mercy on you. Ask that He be your Father and that you be His child.

Focus on Eternity

Beloved, God is telling us today that in whatever we do, we must ensure that our names are written in the book of life. To do this is simple: Give your life to Jesus Christ in genuine repentance of your sins. And, if you have given your life to Jesus, leave it with Him. Then and only then can you be sure that your name is duly registered in heaven.

Daily Covenant Declaration for Good Success August 16, 2020

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at RCCG Virtual Convention 2020

RCCG 68th Annual Convention (Virtual)  2020 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Theme: Wonderful 
Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 11:23-25
Song: Worthy worthy is the Lamb
Worthy worthy is the Lamb
Worthy worthy is the Lamb
That was slain 
Glory Hallelujah...
Topic: The wonders of the Lord’s table.
How wonderful a meal is determined by several factors.
1. The wealth of the provider of the meal. The meal you about to partake in tonight is provided by the All-sufficient God. Genesis 17:1, Haggai 2:1, Psalm 50:10-11
The provider of this meal is extremely wealthy.
2. The generosity of the provider.
The provider of the meal tonight is generous and willing to spend. Psalm 68:19
3. The cook.
The provider may be wealthy and generous. If the cook is lousy, the result may still be a disaster.
God prepares the meal Himself.
Psalm 23:5
4. The ingredients.
Bread; His body; Hebrews 10:5
It’s a special body.
The wine, symbolic of the blood of Jesus Christ. Leviticus 17:11
The ingredients are a special body and the wine representing the life of Jesus.
5. How healthy the meal is.
The meal you’re about to partake in is good for you physically. 1 Peter 2:24
If you have faith, the food can bring healing to your body. The food brings healing to your memory (brain). 1 Corinthians 11:23-25
The meal is healthy for you spiritually.
Ephesians 5:18
The wine is comparable to the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:11
You have a meal tonight provided by the richest person ever, most generous of all beings, prepared by the best cook.
1 Corinthians 10:21
This meal is not for all and sundry.
If you’re not 100% committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, don’t partake in this meal.
If you have not yet given your life to Jesus Christ, please do so now.
When you eat the bread, pray that the Almighty God will make you completely whole.
When you drink the wine, ask God to fill you with His life.

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at August 2020 Online Holy Ghost Service

Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Theme: Wonderful 
Bible Text: Isaiah 9:6
Song: Holy holy holy holy
Holy holy holy
Holy is the Lord...

God will touch your children and bless them.
Announcement 📢 :The theme of the September Holy Ghost Service is Let there be Light part 8.
In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, tonight, your joy begins.
Wonderful means full of wonders.
Everything about God is wonderful. His works are wonderful. Psalm 107:8
His testimonies are wonderful.
Your own testimony will be wonderful.
Psalm 119:129
His knowledge is wonderful.
Psalm 139:6
His counsel is wonderful. Isaiah 28:29
You can never find a greater or better adviser than the Almighty God.
7 wonderful things about God;

1. The wonders of His size. 
Isaiah 66:1, Deuteronomy 33:27, 2 Chronicles 6:18, Exodus 15:8

He can make Himself small enough to dwell in you. 1 John 4:4
But He doesn’t lose His greatness at the same time. He’s bigger than corona virus.
It doesn’t matter all the forces gathered against you. Greater Is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
2. The wonders of His love. 1 John 2:8, John 3:16, Romans 8:32, 5:7-8.
The only kind of love that will endure is God’s kind of love. He will set you up for major breakthroughs. 2 Chronicles 1:6-15.
When God loves you, He sets you up for an uncommon miracle.
May the Almighty God set you up for a great breakthrough. You can go to war and win if God is with you and for you.
In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, you will be more than a conqueror.
3. The wonder of His mercy.
Ephesians 2:4-6, May you continue to enjoy the mercy of God. Genesis 19:15-16, Mark 10:46-52, Mark 1:40-45 & Matthew 15:21-28
James 2:13 If you need God’s help desperately and want to cry to God,  don’t begin to tell Him how good you are, just ask for mercy.
Cry to God and say; God, have mercy on me.
4. The wonders of His glory. 1 Timothy 6:16
Acts 22:6 & Isaiah 6:1-3. 1 Kings 8:10-11
1 Samuel 5:2-5
Revelation 22:16
Glory is the opposite of shame. Proverbs 3:35
Colossians 1:27
Anything that can cause shame, by the glory of God alone, will be kept far from you.
God is going to get rid of anything that causes shame in your life. 
5. The wonders of His Name.
His names are many. Nobody has as many names as Jesus Christ. Everyone of His name is meaningful. John 14:6 He’s the way out of problems, lockdown, sickness, barrenness, poverty, failure and defeat.
He’s the Way into joy, peace, promotion, everything beautiful, including heaven. He’s the Way where there is no way. He’s the truth.
2 Corinthians 13:8, John 8:32, 36.
When the truth sets you free, you are free indeed. John 1:14
No matter what you try, the truth will always remain the truth. John 11:25
His names are powerful. Philippians 2:9-11
John 14:14
The wonders of His blood.
Leviticus 17:11
6. The life of Jesus Christ is in His blood. 
1 John 1:7
Exodus 12:13
The blood guarantees your security.
Hebrews 10:19
The blood grants you access into the holy of holies. Revelation 12:10-11 The Blood guarantees your victory over Satan. May the blood of Jesus speak for you today.
6. The wonders of His anger. 
It doesn’t matter what anybody may tell you, my God is not Father Christmas. Hebrews 12:6
God loves you. If God loves you, He will not leave you on your own. 
However, be careful. Don’t toy with Him. Don’t mess with God.  Proverbs 29:15, Hebrews 12:29 & Revelation 3:19
Psalm 7:11 When God decides to show His anger, He does it in a very wonderful way. Don’t let anybody deceive you, God can get angry.
Acts 5:1-11. There’s one prayer I pray, which is, “God don’t let me ever annoy you.”
God can be wonderfully angry; watch your steps. God is angry with the wicked everyday. You don’t want to confront the Almighty God.
Altar Call: If you surrender your life to Him today, his mercy is still there. His blood is still there. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.
Prayer points:
1. Praise Him.
2. Father, let Your greatness begin to manifest through me mightily.
3. Father, like you did for Solomon, let your love for me, set me up for uncommon breakthroughs.
4. Father, just have mercy on me, my family, your church and my nation. Please put an end to this virus.
5. Father, let your glory flood my body, soul, spirit and life. Remove everything that can cause shame far from me and my family.
6. Father, in the Name of Jesus, every knee against me must bow tonight.
7. Father, let the blood of Jesus speak for me and give me victory over all forces of darkness.
8. Father, don’t let me ever know your anger.
9. Father, please grant the request of all my neighbors.
10. Father, make me a great vessel unto honour in your hands.
11. Father, please use me to perform wonders for you.
12. Personal requests.

1. The Almighty God says as a result of this convention, I will increase laughter in many of your homes.
2. Quite a few businesses will not survive the lockdown but yours will emerge stronger.
3. Before this lockdown is over, the siege on your destiny will be gone.
4. You will begin to see traces of your father’s anointing in your ministrations.
5. The doors of opportunities that have ran up and down and you didn’t get to see will be made manifest to you during the lockdown.
6. God says, “You are already great but you will become much greater”.
7. God says, “Someone promised  to fight you to the end, but that’s not a problem, because at the end, you will win”.
8. God says, “There’s a particular family that all the members of that family will receive a miracle this convention”.
9. God says, “By the time this convention is over, the word wonderful will be coming out of your mouth day and night”.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at Day 1 RCCG Virtual Convention 2020

Day 1 RCCG Virtual Convention 2020 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Theme: Wonderful 
Bible Text: Romans 16:3-5
Song: We bless Your Name oh Lord 
And we confess You 
That You are the Lord 
The house fellowship is very crucial to us in RCCG.
If we can’t go to church, we can meet in our homes. You can see that God is always a step ahead of our enemy.
I’m believing God for everyone of you, you will open up your house for a church in your home.
Romans 16:3-5, Philemon 1-2 I am praying that whenever God is writing the history of the church in the new generation, He will talk about the church in your house.
You never can tell what God will make of what we start in your house.
Why should I have a church in my home? 
Mark 5:25-34, 10:46-52, John 9:1-7,
Genesis 18:1-14
When Jesus visits, the irreversible becomes reversible.
If your house becomes a house church, several things will happen. 1 Kings 17:8-24
1. God will make sure there won’t be lack in that house.
2. The problems affecting the society will not come near your house.
3. Death will be far away from you.
4. You will have blessings running over and they will be so big you won't be able to hide them. It doesn’t matter what is happening in your life, people will talk about you.
Prayer Point: 
1. Father please let your church be established in my home in Jesus name.
2. Father, as many of your children that are already house fellowship leaders, please promote them.
3. Father, as many that are yet to open their doors for You to come into their houses, as they open the door, let Your blessings begin to flow in.
4. Father, You are welcome into my home, come and dwell in my home and make it Your abode. Let Your Church be established in my home.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at August 2020 Online National Thanksgiving

August 2020 Online National Thanksgiving Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Topic: Praise 
Bible Text: Psalms 147:1
Song: We give You all the glory, we give You honour... 

There are three major things said about Praise; Praise is good. 
Praise is pleasant. 
Praise is beautiful.
Praising God is a form of trade by barter.
When you are praising God, you are actually trading with Him.
Revelation 4:9-11
God has made all things for His pleasure. Songs of Solomon 2:12, Isaiah 55:12, Psalm 98:8, Psalm 47:1, 
If you draw near God, He will draw near you. God is seeking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. You want God to draw near you? Praise Him. James 4:8, John 4:23-24
If you give God good praise, He will make sure that goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Psalm 34:1
When you are grumbling and complaining, you are robbing yourself. You want goodness to be your portion, praise God. Psalm 136:3, 
Praise is pleasant, Psalm 135:3, it gives God pleasure, and He will reward you by making you drink from the fountain of life Psalm 36:7-9
Praise gives God pleasure. When you praise God, He will give you from His rivers of His pleasure.
Isaiah 61:3 God will give you beauty for ashes.
God says you should praise Him and He will reverse the irreversible.
Psalm 90:17 If you praise God, He will establish the works of your hands.
When you praise God, He will make sure your works will never fail nor collapse.
Psalm 149:4
When you praise God, He will beautify you with salvation. If you want the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness. If you want God to beautify you with salvation, give your life to Jesus Christ. 

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at July 2020 Online Sunday Service

July 2020 Online Sunday Service 
Topic: Lockdown to Leaping Up 
Text: Matthew 6:25-33
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye
Song: Immortal God, Invincible God
Immortal God
How great Thou art. 
There is a saying that the one who doesn't know how his peers prosper will struggle till he dies.
2 Kings 4:1-7 God opened a way of prosperity for the widow and her peers must have wondered how it happened for her.
Today, we shall consider the Shortest Way to the Greatest Height
Consider Solomon, who asked for only wisdom. 2 Chronicles 1:6-15, Proverbs 4:7
Jesus said seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing will be added unto you.
God responded to Solomon because he requested wisdom to do God's work.
God responded to Solomon because he requested wisdom to do God's work.
1 Kings 4:30-31
God can bless you so much that nations of the world would come to borrow from you.
Although Solomon asked for nothing apart from wisdom, God made him the richest man.
1 Kings 10:1-7, 1 Kings 10:23
God added honour to Solomon's riches.
Honour is what you give to someone who doesn't need anything else.
When God said 'Honour me with your Firstfruits', He meant He doesn't need anything else. He just wants to be honoured. 
Jesus taught us to honour God. He taught us to seek the fulfillment of God's will.
Matthew 6:9-10
John 4:31-34 Jesus said His food is to do the will of the Father.
Mark 14:36 God responded by honouring Jesus. Philippians 2:9-11, Ephesians 1:19-22
God made Jesus the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
Revelations 19:11-16
When we talk about leaping up materially, God has no objection. More so, God delights in your prosperity.
Psalm 35:27, 3 John 1:2, John 10:10
The question is why do you want to prosper? 
1 Timothy 6:6, 
Do you want to spend for His kingdom? 2 Corinthians 12:15
Or you want wealth so you can attract friends? Proverbs 19:14; 14:20
Do you want to prosper so that you can be God's treasurer? Luke 8:1-3
One of my sons came to me and said he wanted God to prosper him so that he could be one of the three people to sponsor the Convention.
That year, God honoured his intentions and blessed him.
God wants you to go to great heights spiritually. 
John 14:12
But why do you want to leap up spiritually? 
2 Kings 2:9-15; 4:8-17
Elisha wanted it so he could destroy yokes. 
Do you want spiritual power so you can establish the Kingdom of God here on earth or so people can brag about you?
Elisha refused to merchandise the power of God. He used it for good. 2 Kings 5:1-19
The shortest way to the greatest height is to seek the Kingdom of God and to establish His Kingdom here on earth.
There is no limit to how high God can take you if you're willing to seek His Kingdom.
If you're yet to even seek God's salvation, go before Him and ask Him to save you and receive you into His Kingdom. 
If you're already a child of God, ask Him for grace to seek His Kingdom. Promise Him that you will use all He gives you for the establishment of His Kingdom.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at July 2020 Online Sunday Service

July 2020 Online Sunday Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Topic: Lockdown To Leaping Up 4
Bible Text: Acts 3:1-8
Song: Worthy, worthy is the Lamb...
That was slain.

How high can I leap?
How high can I expect to go?
How high one can leap depends on how tall he is. Genesis 41:38-44
How high can God lift you?
How tall is God! Isaiah 66:1
God’s legs are extremely long, from Heaven all the way to the earth.
God’s hands are everlasting. Deuteronomy 33:37
When God lifts you, He can lift you everlasting. 1 Samuel 2:7-8, 1 Samuel 16:1-13
In David’s case, God picked him up, he woke up in the morning a shepherd boy and ended up been a king. Mark 10:46-52
Joshua 1:1-8, Joshua was a minister of Moses. Go lifted him up and turned him to a Head of state.
1 Kings 19:19-21, 2 Kings 13:14-21
God lifted Elisha up. Luke 5:1-11
Ask Peter. Peter was a total failure.
In Acts 5:12-16, people welcomed him greatly.
Exodus 3:1-16
Moses. He was retired, an old man. God picked him up from the wilderness and turned him to a way maker. Exodus 15:15-28. Mark 5:2-20
God picked him up, he became an evangelist.
When God picks up the comfortable, He can lift him up to the level of the rich.
Genesis 33:1-9
2 Chronicles 1:6-12
God can move one from wealthy to prosperous. Psalms 92:12-14
God can move you from being prosperous to someone who is flourishing. It does not matter how great you are, God can make you much greater. God can lift you up within 24 hours.
Genesis 41:1-44

What are the requirements that will make God lift you up?
1. Faith in God. Mark 9:23
2. Diligence. Proverbs 22:29, 2 Kings 4:1-7
3. Holiness. Isaiah 59:1-2
There is no limit to how high God can take you. But you have to be holy.
The only thing that can destroy your lifting up faster than anything else is sin.
Give your life to Jesus Christ, He will give you a brand new beginning of leaping.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at June 2020 Online Sunday Service

June 2020 Online Sunday Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Bible Text: Acts 3:1-3
Theme: Lockdown To Leaping Up 3
Song: You are worthy to be praised,
You are worthy to be praised,
My Redeemer, 
You are worthy to be praised

Peter said to the beggar  “look on us”
Acts 3:4 “Look on us” means look up, lift up your eyes.
When you look up, you will link up with the Almighty God. John 12:32, Ephesians 1:18-23 
Psalm 75:6-7; If you lift up your eyes, He will promote you. 1 Samuel 2:8
When He lifts you, He can make sure your promotion is permanent. Deuteronomy 28:13
His arms are everlasting arms and can keep promoting you forever. Psalm 121:1-2
Lift up your eyes, help is coming from above.
Psalm 123:1-2 Look up, mercy is coming from above. Lamentations 3:22-23
It is His mercy that can help you reach great heights. Mark 9:17-27, No matter the height you wish to attain, you can reach it with God's help if you only you can believe. Ephesians 2:4-6 God is rich in mercy and therefore raises us up with Jesus Christ. If you get linked up with Jesus by looking up to Him, you get linked up with the greatest power. Mark 10:27
He is so powerful He can resurrect your dead dreams. Ezekiel 37:1-10, Moses looked up and linked up with God at the age of 80 and his dreams came to pass. When you look up to Him, you get linked up with the One who is unlimited in generosity. Psalm 78:41
2 Kings 4:1-7. Don't limit God, dream big!
David not only became a king, he provided the thousands of silver and millions of  gold needed to build the Temple. 1 Chronicles 22:14
Ephesians 3:20 No matter how big you wish to become, it is small in God's eyes. 2 Kings 2:9-15 It can be hard for man, but it is a small thing to God. Linking up with Him when you lift up your eyes means taking on His yoke.
Matthew 11:28-30. You must come under the management of the Almighty God if you wish to be great. If you're not yet born again, God is willing to save your soul if you're willing to come under His management. Ask the Lord to save your soul and receive you into His family. 
Ask that He give you a new beginning and wipe away all your sins. Spend quality time with God, asking Him to link you up and lift you up.
If you just surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, please text SAVED to 07064979797, 08103830237, 08037221550 OR 08055041394
You can also fill this form:

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at June 2020 Father's Day Sunday Service

Minister: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Text: Acts 3:1-8
Topic: Lockdown to Leaping Pt. 2
A Leap is a sudden upward move. It can be caused by a push. For example, if you sit on a heater by accident, you leap up. 2 Kings 4:1-7. The widow of Zarephath leapt to the prophet for help. 
A Leap can also be a violent push upward by a strong hand. Joshua 1:1-8.  
The Lord lifted Peter out of the sea when he started sinking. Help lifted him out of the waves. Matthew 14:23-32. 
The lame man experienced an upward lift by someone holding him up. Acts 3:7. 

Most of the time, leaping up begins with standing up. Psalm 40:1-3. 
When the Almighty God is pulling you up, you start by standing. John 5:2-9

Then you begin to walk; which means making progress steadily. Genesis 26:12-14. Isaac made progress steadily. 
After David leapt up, he began to walk. 1 Samuel 16:11-13. He experienced a violent pull upward and then began to move forward steadily. 2 Samuel 2:1-4, 5:1-5. 

The next level is walking and leaping at the same time.
If the Almighty God is involved in your leaping up, you begin to walk in another dimension of leaping. 
Solomon found himself enthroned. 1 Kings 1:5-53. After God lifted him up, Solomon became wealthy and gave God 1000 burnt offerings. 2 Chronicles 1:6-15. Gold & silver became like ordinary stones in his reign. In 2 Chronicles 7:5, he offered 22,000 burnt offerings and 120,000 sheep. God didn't ask Him what He wanted anymore, He simply granted unto him his desires. 2 Chronicles 7:11-18. 

After continually leaping, constant praise is the next level, as the lame man healed at the Beautiful Gate did. Psalm 34:1-3. If God sees your willingness to praise Him despite the lockdown, He will break all rules to lift you up. Mark 1:40-45. 
God is able to turn your mourning to dancing provided you'll praise Him. He is able to turn your lockdown to Leaping Up, provided you'll spend the rest of your life praising Him. Psalm 30:11-12.

The Almighty God is willing to pick you up, as long as you're willing to lift your hands in surrender. If you'd like to surrender your life to God, lift your hands to Him and cry out to Him.