Saturday, 8 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at August 2020 Online Holy Ghost Service

Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Theme: Wonderful 
Bible Text: Isaiah 9:6
Song: Holy holy holy holy
Holy holy holy
Holy is the Lord...

God will touch your children and bless them.
Announcement 📢 :The theme of the September Holy Ghost Service is Let there be Light part 8.
In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, tonight, your joy begins.
Wonderful means full of wonders.
Everything about God is wonderful. His works are wonderful. Psalm 107:8
His testimonies are wonderful.
Your own testimony will be wonderful.
Psalm 119:129
His knowledge is wonderful.
Psalm 139:6
His counsel is wonderful. Isaiah 28:29
You can never find a greater or better adviser than the Almighty God.
7 wonderful things about God;

1. The wonders of His size. 
Isaiah 66:1, Deuteronomy 33:27, 2 Chronicles 6:18, Exodus 15:8

He can make Himself small enough to dwell in you. 1 John 4:4
But He doesn’t lose His greatness at the same time. He’s bigger than corona virus.
It doesn’t matter all the forces gathered against you. Greater Is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
2. The wonders of His love. 1 John 2:8, John 3:16, Romans 8:32, 5:7-8.
The only kind of love that will endure is God’s kind of love. He will set you up for major breakthroughs. 2 Chronicles 1:6-15.
When God loves you, He sets you up for an uncommon miracle.
May the Almighty God set you up for a great breakthrough. You can go to war and win if God is with you and for you.
In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, you will be more than a conqueror.
3. The wonder of His mercy.
Ephesians 2:4-6, May you continue to enjoy the mercy of God. Genesis 19:15-16, Mark 10:46-52, Mark 1:40-45 & Matthew 15:21-28
James 2:13 If you need God’s help desperately and want to cry to God,  don’t begin to tell Him how good you are, just ask for mercy.
Cry to God and say; God, have mercy on me.
4. The wonders of His glory. 1 Timothy 6:16
Acts 22:6 & Isaiah 6:1-3. 1 Kings 8:10-11
1 Samuel 5:2-5
Revelation 22:16
Glory is the opposite of shame. Proverbs 3:35
Colossians 1:27
Anything that can cause shame, by the glory of God alone, will be kept far from you.
God is going to get rid of anything that causes shame in your life. 
5. The wonders of His Name.
His names are many. Nobody has as many names as Jesus Christ. Everyone of His name is meaningful. John 14:6 He’s the way out of problems, lockdown, sickness, barrenness, poverty, failure and defeat.
He’s the Way into joy, peace, promotion, everything beautiful, including heaven. He’s the Way where there is no way. He’s the truth.
2 Corinthians 13:8, John 8:32, 36.
When the truth sets you free, you are free indeed. John 1:14
No matter what you try, the truth will always remain the truth. John 11:25
His names are powerful. Philippians 2:9-11
John 14:14
The wonders of His blood.
Leviticus 17:11
6. The life of Jesus Christ is in His blood. 
1 John 1:7
Exodus 12:13
The blood guarantees your security.
Hebrews 10:19
The blood grants you access into the holy of holies. Revelation 12:10-11 The Blood guarantees your victory over Satan. May the blood of Jesus speak for you today.
6. The wonders of His anger. 
It doesn’t matter what anybody may tell you, my God is not Father Christmas. Hebrews 12:6
God loves you. If God loves you, He will not leave you on your own. 
However, be careful. Don’t toy with Him. Don’t mess with God.  Proverbs 29:15, Hebrews 12:29 & Revelation 3:19
Psalm 7:11 When God decides to show His anger, He does it in a very wonderful way. Don’t let anybody deceive you, God can get angry.
Acts 5:1-11. There’s one prayer I pray, which is, “God don’t let me ever annoy you.”
God can be wonderfully angry; watch your steps. God is angry with the wicked everyday. You don’t want to confront the Almighty God.
Altar Call: If you surrender your life to Him today, his mercy is still there. His blood is still there. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.
Prayer points:
1. Praise Him.
2. Father, let Your greatness begin to manifest through me mightily.
3. Father, like you did for Solomon, let your love for me, set me up for uncommon breakthroughs.
4. Father, just have mercy on me, my family, your church and my nation. Please put an end to this virus.
5. Father, let your glory flood my body, soul, spirit and life. Remove everything that can cause shame far from me and my family.
6. Father, in the Name of Jesus, every knee against me must bow tonight.
7. Father, let the blood of Jesus speak for me and give me victory over all forces of darkness.
8. Father, don’t let me ever know your anger.
9. Father, please grant the request of all my neighbors.
10. Father, make me a great vessel unto honour in your hands.
11. Father, please use me to perform wonders for you.
12. Personal requests.

1. The Almighty God says as a result of this convention, I will increase laughter in many of your homes.
2. Quite a few businesses will not survive the lockdown but yours will emerge stronger.
3. Before this lockdown is over, the siege on your destiny will be gone.
4. You will begin to see traces of your father’s anointing in your ministrations.
5. The doors of opportunities that have ran up and down and you didn’t get to see will be made manifest to you during the lockdown.
6. God says, “You are already great but you will become much greater”.
7. God says, “Someone promised  to fight you to the end, but that’s not a problem, because at the end, you will win”.
8. God says, “There’s a particular family that all the members of that family will receive a miracle this convention”.
9. God says, “By the time this convention is over, the word wonderful will be coming out of your mouth day and night”.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at Day 1 RCCG Virtual Convention 2020

Day 1 RCCG Virtual Convention 2020 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Theme: Wonderful 
Bible Text: Romans 16:3-5
Song: We bless Your Name oh Lord 
And we confess You 
That You are the Lord 
The house fellowship is very crucial to us in RCCG.
If we can’t go to church, we can meet in our homes. You can see that God is always a step ahead of our enemy.
I’m believing God for everyone of you, you will open up your house for a church in your home.
Romans 16:3-5, Philemon 1-2 I am praying that whenever God is writing the history of the church in the new generation, He will talk about the church in your house.
You never can tell what God will make of what we start in your house.
Why should I have a church in my home? 
Mark 5:25-34, 10:46-52, John 9:1-7,
Genesis 18:1-14
When Jesus visits, the irreversible becomes reversible.
If your house becomes a house church, several things will happen. 1 Kings 17:8-24
1. God will make sure there won’t be lack in that house.
2. The problems affecting the society will not come near your house.
3. Death will be far away from you.
4. You will have blessings running over and they will be so big you won't be able to hide them. It doesn’t matter what is happening in your life, people will talk about you.
Prayer Point: 
1. Father please let your church be established in my home in Jesus name.
2. Father, as many of your children that are already house fellowship leaders, please promote them.
3. Father, as many that are yet to open their doors for You to come into their houses, as they open the door, let Your blessings begin to flow in.
4. Father, You are welcome into my home, come and dwell in my home and make it Your abode. Let Your Church be established in my home.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at August 2020 Online National Thanksgiving

August 2020 Online National Thanksgiving Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Topic: Praise 
Bible Text: Psalms 147:1
Song: We give You all the glory, we give You honour... 

There are three major things said about Praise; Praise is good. 
Praise is pleasant. 
Praise is beautiful.
Praising God is a form of trade by barter.
When you are praising God, you are actually trading with Him.
Revelation 4:9-11
God has made all things for His pleasure. Songs of Solomon 2:12, Isaiah 55:12, Psalm 98:8, Psalm 47:1, 
If you draw near God, He will draw near you. God is seeking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. You want God to draw near you? Praise Him. James 4:8, John 4:23-24
If you give God good praise, He will make sure that goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Psalm 34:1
When you are grumbling and complaining, you are robbing yourself. You want goodness to be your portion, praise God. Psalm 136:3, 
Praise is pleasant, Psalm 135:3, it gives God pleasure, and He will reward you by making you drink from the fountain of life Psalm 36:7-9
Praise gives God pleasure. When you praise God, He will give you from His rivers of His pleasure.
Isaiah 61:3 God will give you beauty for ashes.
God says you should praise Him and He will reverse the irreversible.
Psalm 90:17 If you praise God, He will establish the works of your hands.
When you praise God, He will make sure your works will never fail nor collapse.
Psalm 149:4
When you praise God, He will beautify you with salvation. If you want the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness. If you want God to beautify you with salvation, give your life to Jesus Christ. 

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at July 2020 Online Sunday Service

July 2020 Online Sunday Service 
Topic: Lockdown to Leaping Up 
Text: Matthew 6:25-33
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye
Song: Immortal God, Invincible God
Immortal God
How great Thou art. 
There is a saying that the one who doesn't know how his peers prosper will struggle till he dies.
2 Kings 4:1-7 God opened a way of prosperity for the widow and her peers must have wondered how it happened for her.
Today, we shall consider the Shortest Way to the Greatest Height
Consider Solomon, who asked for only wisdom. 2 Chronicles 1:6-15, Proverbs 4:7
Jesus said seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing will be added unto you.
God responded to Solomon because he requested wisdom to do God's work.
God responded to Solomon because he requested wisdom to do God's work.
1 Kings 4:30-31
God can bless you so much that nations of the world would come to borrow from you.
Although Solomon asked for nothing apart from wisdom, God made him the richest man.
1 Kings 10:1-7, 1 Kings 10:23
God added honour to Solomon's riches.
Honour is what you give to someone who doesn't need anything else.
When God said 'Honour me with your Firstfruits', He meant He doesn't need anything else. He just wants to be honoured. 
Jesus taught us to honour God. He taught us to seek the fulfillment of God's will.
Matthew 6:9-10
John 4:31-34 Jesus said His food is to do the will of the Father.
Mark 14:36 God responded by honouring Jesus. Philippians 2:9-11, Ephesians 1:19-22
God made Jesus the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
Revelations 19:11-16
When we talk about leaping up materially, God has no objection. More so, God delights in your prosperity.
Psalm 35:27, 3 John 1:2, John 10:10
The question is why do you want to prosper? 
1 Timothy 6:6, 
Do you want to spend for His kingdom? 2 Corinthians 12:15
Or you want wealth so you can attract friends? Proverbs 19:14; 14:20
Do you want to prosper so that you can be God's treasurer? Luke 8:1-3
One of my sons came to me and said he wanted God to prosper him so that he could be one of the three people to sponsor the Convention.
That year, God honoured his intentions and blessed him.
God wants you to go to great heights spiritually. 
John 14:12
But why do you want to leap up spiritually? 
2 Kings 2:9-15; 4:8-17
Elisha wanted it so he could destroy yokes. 
Do you want spiritual power so you can establish the Kingdom of God here on earth or so people can brag about you?
Elisha refused to merchandise the power of God. He used it for good. 2 Kings 5:1-19
The shortest way to the greatest height is to seek the Kingdom of God and to establish His Kingdom here on earth.
There is no limit to how high God can take you if you're willing to seek His Kingdom.
If you're yet to even seek God's salvation, go before Him and ask Him to save you and receive you into His Kingdom. 
If you're already a child of God, ask Him for grace to seek His Kingdom. Promise Him that you will use all He gives you for the establishment of His Kingdom.

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at July 2020 Online Sunday Service

July 2020 Online Sunday Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Topic: Lockdown To Leaping Up 4
Bible Text: Acts 3:1-8
Song: Worthy, worthy is the Lamb...
That was slain.

How high can I leap?
How high can I expect to go?
How high one can leap depends on how tall he is. Genesis 41:38-44
How high can God lift you?
How tall is God! Isaiah 66:1
God’s legs are extremely long, from Heaven all the way to the earth.
God’s hands are everlasting. Deuteronomy 33:37
When God lifts you, He can lift you everlasting. 1 Samuel 2:7-8, 1 Samuel 16:1-13
In David’s case, God picked him up, he woke up in the morning a shepherd boy and ended up been a king. Mark 10:46-52
Joshua 1:1-8, Joshua was a minister of Moses. Go lifted him up and turned him to a Head of state.
1 Kings 19:19-21, 2 Kings 13:14-21
God lifted Elisha up. Luke 5:1-11
Ask Peter. Peter was a total failure.
In Acts 5:12-16, people welcomed him greatly.
Exodus 3:1-16
Moses. He was retired, an old man. God picked him up from the wilderness and turned him to a way maker. Exodus 15:15-28. Mark 5:2-20
God picked him up, he became an evangelist.
When God picks up the comfortable, He can lift him up to the level of the rich.
Genesis 33:1-9
2 Chronicles 1:6-12
God can move one from wealthy to prosperous. Psalms 92:12-14
God can move you from being prosperous to someone who is flourishing. It does not matter how great you are, God can make you much greater. God can lift you up within 24 hours.
Genesis 41:1-44

What are the requirements that will make God lift you up?
1. Faith in God. Mark 9:23
2. Diligence. Proverbs 22:29, 2 Kings 4:1-7
3. Holiness. Isaiah 59:1-2
There is no limit to how high God can take you. But you have to be holy.
The only thing that can destroy your lifting up faster than anything else is sin.
Give your life to Jesus Christ, He will give you a brand new beginning of leaping.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at June 2020 Online Sunday Service

June 2020 Online Sunday Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Bible Text: Acts 3:1-3
Theme: Lockdown To Leaping Up 3
Song: You are worthy to be praised,
You are worthy to be praised,
My Redeemer, 
You are worthy to be praised

Peter said to the beggar  “look on us”
Acts 3:4 “Look on us” means look up, lift up your eyes.
When you look up, you will link up with the Almighty God. John 12:32, Ephesians 1:18-23 
Psalm 75:6-7; If you lift up your eyes, He will promote you. 1 Samuel 2:8
When He lifts you, He can make sure your promotion is permanent. Deuteronomy 28:13
His arms are everlasting arms and can keep promoting you forever. Psalm 121:1-2
Lift up your eyes, help is coming from above.
Psalm 123:1-2 Look up, mercy is coming from above. Lamentations 3:22-23
It is His mercy that can help you reach great heights. Mark 9:17-27, No matter the height you wish to attain, you can reach it with God's help if you only you can believe. Ephesians 2:4-6 God is rich in mercy and therefore raises us up with Jesus Christ. If you get linked up with Jesus by looking up to Him, you get linked up with the greatest power. Mark 10:27
He is so powerful He can resurrect your dead dreams. Ezekiel 37:1-10, Moses looked up and linked up with God at the age of 80 and his dreams came to pass. When you look up to Him, you get linked up with the One who is unlimited in generosity. Psalm 78:41
2 Kings 4:1-7. Don't limit God, dream big!
David not only became a king, he provided the thousands of silver and millions of  gold needed to build the Temple. 1 Chronicles 22:14
Ephesians 3:20 No matter how big you wish to become, it is small in God's eyes. 2 Kings 2:9-15 It can be hard for man, but it is a small thing to God. Linking up with Him when you lift up your eyes means taking on His yoke.
Matthew 11:28-30. You must come under the management of the Almighty God if you wish to be great. If you're not yet born again, God is willing to save your soul if you're willing to come under His management. Ask the Lord to save your soul and receive you into His family. 
Ask that He give you a new beginning and wipe away all your sins. Spend quality time with God, asking Him to link you up and lift you up.
If you just surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, please text SAVED to 07064979797, 08103830237, 08037221550 OR 08055041394
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Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at June 2020 Father's Day Sunday Service

Minister: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Text: Acts 3:1-8
Topic: Lockdown to Leaping Pt. 2
A Leap is a sudden upward move. It can be caused by a push. For example, if you sit on a heater by accident, you leap up. 2 Kings 4:1-7. The widow of Zarephath leapt to the prophet for help. 
A Leap can also be a violent push upward by a strong hand. Joshua 1:1-8.  
The Lord lifted Peter out of the sea when he started sinking. Help lifted him out of the waves. Matthew 14:23-32. 
The lame man experienced an upward lift by someone holding him up. Acts 3:7. 

Most of the time, leaping up begins with standing up. Psalm 40:1-3. 
When the Almighty God is pulling you up, you start by standing. John 5:2-9

Then you begin to walk; which means making progress steadily. Genesis 26:12-14. Isaac made progress steadily. 
After David leapt up, he began to walk. 1 Samuel 16:11-13. He experienced a violent pull upward and then began to move forward steadily. 2 Samuel 2:1-4, 5:1-5. 

The next level is walking and leaping at the same time.
If the Almighty God is involved in your leaping up, you begin to walk in another dimension of leaping. 
Solomon found himself enthroned. 1 Kings 1:5-53. After God lifted him up, Solomon became wealthy and gave God 1000 burnt offerings. 2 Chronicles 1:6-15. Gold & silver became like ordinary stones in his reign. In 2 Chronicles 7:5, he offered 22,000 burnt offerings and 120,000 sheep. God didn't ask Him what He wanted anymore, He simply granted unto him his desires. 2 Chronicles 7:11-18. 

After continually leaping, constant praise is the next level, as the lame man healed at the Beautiful Gate did. Psalm 34:1-3. If God sees your willingness to praise Him despite the lockdown, He will break all rules to lift you up. Mark 1:40-45. 
God is able to turn your mourning to dancing provided you'll praise Him. He is able to turn your lockdown to Leaping Up, provided you'll spend the rest of your life praising Him. Psalm 30:11-12.

The Almighty God is willing to pick you up, as long as you're willing to lift your hands in surrender. If you'd like to surrender your life to God, lift your hands to Him and cry out to Him.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon June 2020 Special Sunday Service

June 2020 Special Sunday Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Theme: From Lockdown to Leaping Up 1
Bible Text: Acts 3:1-8
Song: Worthy worthy is the Lamb
Worthy worthy is the Lamb
That was slain
Jesus Jesus is the Lamb
Jesus Jesus is the Lamb
Jesus Jesus is the Lamb
Glory Hallelujah 
Glory Hallelujah 
Glory Hallelujah 
Praise the Lord
My prayer for everyone of you listening is that you will move from lockdown to leaping up in Jesus' name.
Man's hunger for freedom is so intense that every opportunity to be free, he grabs it.
Mark 5:2-4
There is something worse than physical lockdown. He was strong physically. Genesis 2:7-15
He was also strong intellectually. Genesis 2:19-20
But when he sinned, he was locked down mentally. I want to talk to you on mental lockdown. 

How to recognize mental lockdown: 
1. The fellow will begin to regard what is far from best as the best that could happen to him. Acts 3:2-3 
Beware of your mental enemies. There are certain enemies that can lock you down mentally.
Enemy one:
Being clever; settling for average 2 Chronicles 1:6-12
A teacher of mine used to say: 
He who does not know but knows that he does not know will soon be a wise man.
He who does not know and does not that he does not know will die a fool. 
Enemy Two:
Good enough; which is the biggest enemy of greatness 1 Kings 19:19-21
Elisha had it good enough; the heir to his father's wealth.
If he had settled for that, he wouldn't have been the great prophet that he became. 2 Kings 13:14-21
Don't let good enough rob you of greatness. 
The greatest enemy of all is thinking you are great. You can be great but incomplete and think that's all to it. 2Kings 4:8-17
From Lockdown to Leaping Up: 
1. You sense what you are calling normal is not good enough. Luke 11:1
2. You begin to feel that things can be much better. Mark 8:22-24
When you begin to talk of good old days, you need to leap up.
You should be talking of better new days.
3. When you realize that God reserves the best for the last. John 2:1-11, Genesis 24:34-35, 26:12-14
Genesis 30:27-43
Abraham was great
Isaac was very great
Jacob was exceedingly great
Joseph was even greater than all of them.
Don't get mentally locked down.
The first time they told me we had arrived was when we had our first auditorium.
Now we've expanded severally because I refused to be locked down.
The journey to the top starts on your knees.
For those who are not born again, this means kneeling down at the foot of the cross and crying for the salvation of your soul.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at June 2020 Thanksgiving Service

June 2020 Thanksgiving Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye 
Theme: Flying Over Mountains 
Bible Text: Isaiah 40:28-31
Song: We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory 
We give You honour

Our Bible text tells us to wait on the Lord if we want to fly over mountains.
The one who waits is called a waiter. 
The job of the waiter is to:
1. Sit the guest
2. Bring you a drink as you look over the menu
3. Provide you good food
4. Stand by to wait on you until you're satisfied.
Your duty is to wait on God. God is your guest and you're the waiter.

How do you get Him to sit?
1. Worship Him and invite Him to sit. Psalm 132:7-8
2. Next thing is to give Him water to drink. John 19:28
3. Present God with the food of His choice. John 4:23-24 
4. Treat Him with honour. Psalm 50:23
5. Make sure He is fully satisfied. Revelation 4:8-11
Genesis 18:1-14
Abraham fed the Divine guests and waited on them.
Waiting on the Lord requires you to worship and praise Him.
Waiting on Him does not mean bombarding Him with requests.
When a waiter has satisfied a customer,  the customer won't leave without giving a tip.
The greater the customer the greater the tip.
A tip from the Most High who owns the gold and silver means you will fly over several mountains:
1. Fly over the mountain of failure. Luke 5:1-11
2. Fly over the mountain of poverty. 
3. Fly over the mountain of barrenness. 2 Kings 4:8-17
4. Fly over the mountain of physical lockdown. Acts 16:16-34
For some people, the lockdown will be over sooner than later.
If you learn to worship God, you will see the lockdown becoming an asset rather than a problem. 
5. Fly over spiritual lockdown. Mark 5:2-20
Are you in bondage? Do you have a problem that cannot be explained? If you wait on the Lord correctly by worshipping, you will fly over that mountain.
6. You can fly over the mountain of death. 2 Kings 2:9-11
When the Lord shall return, those of us still alive will fly over the mountain of death to meet Him. Genesis 5:24, Hebrews 11:5, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
Wait on Him- sing His praise, thank Him for who He is. 
If you haven't surrendered your life to God, do not bother to praise Him.
Proverbs 15:8
If you join those praising God, you still won't go with Him at the rapture.
Bow your head now and ask God to please save your soul, wash you clean with His blood and to include you in the family of God.

Friday, 5 June 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon June Holy Ghost Service #LetThereBeLight6

June 2020 Holy Ghost Service 
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye
Theme: Let There Be Light 6
Bible Text: 15:22-26
Song: Holy is Your name
Holy is Your name 
Holy is Your name, O Lord
Jesus is Your name
Jesus is Your name
Jesus is Your name, O Lord

Prayer: Lord God Almighty, in Your own miraculous ways, please, put an end to this plague in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. 

Announcement 📢 : The theme for the July Holy Ghost Service is: Let There Be Light 7. 
For everyone experiencing bitter waters, the end will come to that sorrow and the bitter waters in Jesus' name.
Every Holy Ghost Service is special in a way, but a particular one usually stands out for each person. This Holy Ghost Service is one that you will not forget in a hurry. Amen 
From the Exodus 15:22-26:
Long before the Israelites got to Marah, there was already a tree growing there. It means before your problem started, God had provided a solution. 
Before darkness came, Light was already existing. Genesis 1:1-3
Before that mountain that is blocking your way was formed, God has already been existing. Psalm 90:1-2, Revelation 1:8 & John 1:1-3. 
Before Goliath started terrorising Israel, the rock that would kill Goliath was already existing. It was only waiting for David. 
1 Samuel 17:38-51
Before you were formed, God knew you. 
Jeremiah 1:4-5. Scientists have it that everything about a child is settled 72 hours after conception.
Light shone on the tree that had been there before Moses and the Israelites got there. Exodus 15:25
You need God's direction in life. You need Him to show you what to do. Psalm 143:8 & Isaiah 30:21. 
You need God to show you what to do so that you may be completely whole because your healing has been settled over thousands years ago. 1 Peter 2:24. 
The River Jordan had been existing before Naaman's leprosy. 2 Kings 5:1-14
The figs that God used to heal Hezekiah had been there before his illness. Isaiah 38: 1-21
You need God to send His light so that you may know exactly what to do to receive your healing. It could be an act of restitution that is needed. Genesis 12:14-20, 20:1-18
Anything whatsoever that is standing between you and total wholeness, may the Almighty God reveal to you today.
I pray once again whatever is blocking you from total healing, may the Almighty God reveal to you today.
What do you need to do to receive your breakthrough?
Your breakthrough has been settled more than 2000 years ago. 2 Corinthians 8:9, John 10:10, 3 John 1:2
We know of the concepts of giving and sowing. Luke 6:38, 2 Corinthians 9:6
Even when you sow on good soil, the yields can differ in volume. Matthew 13:3-9
What do you do to turn the tide from not enough to more than enough? 2 Kings 4:1-7
Under the command of the Holy Spirit, all of you who are under debt, you will be out of debt soon in the mighty name of Jesus.
A widow enjoyed the ceaseless flow of oil to pay her debts . The solution to her problem had been there including the bottle of oil. But she got a step-by-step direction on what to do.
The Lord said to tell you Relax, I am the Almighty God and I will take care of you.
You may need to make a sacrifice like the widow of Zarephath in I Kings 17:8-16 or like Abraham in Genesis 22:1-18.
Genesis 26:1-14
There was famine in the land; the land was barren. Due to God's promise to Abraham in Genesis 22, Isaac enjoyed harvest amidst all that was happening in the same year. 
It doesn't matter on what soil you sow, because it is God who gives increase. 
If God withholds increase, there will be no yield. 1 Corinthians 3:6-7
What does God want you to do so that your breakthrough comes?
How and what does He want you to pray for to get all-round breakthrough? Genesis 1:28
Jesus said you will do the works He did and even greater. John 14:12
It has been settled more than 2000 years ago, that you will raise the dead, heal the sick and work wonders in the name of Jesus.
What is it that is hindering your breakthrough?
Hannah had been attending Shiloh for years without result until she promised her unconceived child to God. 1 Samuel 1:9-20
God visited Solomon and Solomon asked for the right thing- wisdom. 2 Chronicles 1:6-15
1 Kings 4:24
God blessed him with all that he needed, even beyond what he asked.
Solomon prayed the right prayer. 
Elisha asked for the right thing. 2 Kings 2:9-15, 13:14-21. He became a father to kings and left the legacy of power.
The tree God showed to Moses became a solution to a national problem.
Pray to the Almighty God that you will be the tree. Psalm 1:1-3, 92:12-14
On this special night, cry out to God:
Lord, let Your light shine on me and turn me into the one who will put an end to sorrow and bitterness in the lives of people.
God let Your light shine on me and turn me to the one that will put an end to sorrow, tears and bitterness in the life of people. 
The Lord says to tell someone “The wind that is blowing all over the world will blow for you for good.” Let this be your prayer tonight:
Eli was the tree that God used to issue the decree that ended Hannah's sorrow. 1 Samuel 1:9-21
You can be someone who will issue a decree to end someone's sorrow and it will be established by God. 1 Kings 17:8-16
Before the sun rises tomorrow, you will be the tree that God will use to end someone's sorrow in the mighty name of Jesus.
I'm issuing a decree to everyone who is my child, you will never lack!
A female slave was the link to the solution to Naaman's leprosy. 2 Kings 5:1-14
John 6:5-13
A boy gave his lunch and became the solution to the hunger of 5000 men.
You can become that boy and be the solution to someone's problem.
The Lord said to tell you; “doors are closing, but I will open a major door for you.”Acts 3:1-8
God used Peter to turn the tide of the man who was born lame.
The tree in Marah wasn't an ordinary tree. It is a tree of destiny that grew specifically for that time. It wouldn't have fulfilled destiny if God had not shown it to Moses.
You need to pray to God that He will show you to who will help you fulfill your destiny.
Genesis 37:5-11
Joseph knew he wasn't an ordinary boy, but he revealed his destiny to the wrong people. Genesis 37:15-20
1 Kings 19:15-21 God revealed to Elijah that Elisha would take over from him; he became the one that helped Elisha's destiny. He wanted it to be well with him. 2 Kings 2:9-15
1 Kings 19:15-21
I pray that God will shine His light on you and reveal you to who will help your destiny.
Thank God for fathers who will want their children to be greater. Thank God for helpers of destiny. Pa Akindayomi was a destiny helper to me 
Mark 16:17-18 Acts 20:35
Hebrews 7:7 "If you are a blessing you are better than the one who is blessed".
To be blessed is good, but to be a blessing is better. To be healed is good but it is better to be the one who will lay hand on the sick and would be healed. 
Altar Call: If you surrender to Jesus today, He'll not only bless you but also make you a blessing: just like that tree that sweetened the river of Marah. What are you waiting for? Surrender your life to Jesus.
Prayer Points:
1. Praise the Almighty God for it has pleased Him to let this message come unto you.
2. Father, if there is anything blocking my way, please reveal to me tonight and help my restitute my ways.
3. Father, anything standing between me and my financial breakthrough, send Your light so I may know it and deal with it.
4. Father, send Your light so that whatever I have to do to turn the tide in my favour to have all-round breakthrough, will be revealed to me.
5. Father, please teach me to pray the right prayers tonight.
6. Father, shine Your light on me, turn me to a blessing to the world, my generation and generation yet unborn
7. Father, shine Your light on me; point me out to the one who'll make me fulfil my destiny
8. Individual requests
9. Pray for the world that the Almighty God will stop this plague
10. Pray for me (Pastor E A Adeboye) 
As you pray the prayers, may the Lord meet with you and may you testify before the sun rises tomorrow in Jesus’ mighty name.
God bless you!