Thursday 3 January 2013

Rhema in Due Season (RiDs) Wednesday 3rd Jan 2013

Topic: Time to Arise is Now
Welcome to Day 3 of the new year wherein God has packaged for you and yours blessings and unlimited Joy.
As we continue to look up to God for direction in Y2013, may I also remind you that you have what it takes to excel already.
I need you to come along with me as we ponder on some scriptures this morning. A close study of Numbers 13 and 14 revealed that God sealed the faith of the people based on their utterances. This is no longer news to us. What would have been if all the spies came back with very good and inspiring report? What would have been if the rest of spies stopped to ponder and consider the words of Caleb in Num 13: 30?
Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said "Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it". But the men..... I plead with you this year, don't allow the 'reports' of previous years hold you spell bound to the same spot. Don't allow the failure of others to determine your success.
This would have been the turning point for Israel to change the negatives to positives and unleash the forces of Heaven to fight for them, but they missed it. You will not miss your opportunities this year.

Beloved, we are at the threshold of something great this year. If God is saying this is the year of signs and wonders - then I expect your utterances this year to align to the expectation of your God - signs and wonders. I prophecy to a reader of this blog - signs and wonders cometh for you and your household in Jesus Name. We should start to confront every situation with the power of the most High.
In 1 Kings 6: 15 - 17, a young man woke up and saw problems, army of Syria and became fearful but when he cried to Elisha, and the latter prayed for his eyes to be opened, he saw Heavenly support and army and became energised and empowered. This year, instead of obstacles, you will see ladders in Jesus Name. Instead of problems, you will see opportunities. Instead of lack; you will see abundance. Instead of failure, you will see success.
Caleb said 'Let's go up at once....
David arose at once...
The servant of Elisha became embolden at once he saw the host of heavens.
Beloved, you have seen enough signs. You have received enough prophecies. You have stayed too long on this mountain.
Deut 1: 6 - 7 'The Lord spoke to us in Horeb, saying 'you have dwelt long enough at this mountain. Turn and take your journey, and go.....
Horeb represents the point of stagnation and procrastination. Its the place of three steps forward and 2 steps backward. You have overstayed at Horeb. Its time to move upward. You have dwelt too long on the same complaint. You have over wept over that incidence. You have dwelt too long on that disappointment.
Enough is enough. Please, its time to arise and move to your next level. Its time to become a firebrand that God has made you.
Its your time to excel. The time to step out and step up is now. What are you waiting for? Let us arise and go to the other side....
Shalom and Blessings!!!

From the Desk of
Pastor in the House

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