Thursday 24 January 2013

Rhema In Due Season (RidS) - Thursday 24th Jan 2013

Topic: Go Up and Never Give Up

How often do we get discourage due to some unmet expectations. The truth is that every time you try again - you are either closer to the solution or would have eliminated one method that will not work.

Do you also know that there are unseen spiritual forces whose mission is to terminate the joy of the saints just about the point of breakthrough? If you are the type that reacts to drugs, for instance Chloroquine, then recall the extent of discomfort just before dawn? As a child, I suffered greatly from reaction to these quines - I would cry and wish for some drastic thing to happen to put an end to my ordeal. No sooner after, when the day breaks, I always felt a great relieve.

The darkest hour of the night is often about an hour to daybreak. Beloved, weeping, pain, delay, trouble may have endured all the night BUT JOY cometh at daybreak. I prophesy DayBreak for you and yours in Jesus Name. Your daybreak is here. This is your Season for Divine assistance and great success. (Psalm 30: 5)

2 Kings 5: 12c - 13. Naaman the leprous Captain was already at the point of his breakthrough (right before River Jordan) but what did he do 'So he turned and went away in a rage'. Leprosy was about to the terminated but the devil moved him to rage. I pray for you - whatever that has been causing you shame will be terminated Now in Jesus Name. And every power lurking to distract and deny you that breakthrough - let them be swallowed up by FIRE in Jesus Name.

Thank God, Naaman servants were there and persuaded him to wash. I pray for you - the Comforter, the Parakletos, the Holy Spirit, your Ministering Angels will be available at all times to defend, comfort, guide and lead you to your place of breakthrough in Jesus Name. No more 'I almost got it, Now Receive it in FULL in Jesus Name'.

1 Kings 18: 43. After that Elijah had heard the next Agenda of God and declared it 'I hear the sound of abundance of rain'. He said to his servant, go up now, look toward the sea. So he went up and look and said "there is nothing". How often do we approach a new year backed with great expectation, prophetic declarations and prayers and the first few signs are NOTHING. Infact, instead of getting better - what do you see - more misery and discouragement.

But beloved, you know the one in whom you believe. You know him to be the miracle worker. You know him as the God of ALL impossibilities. But Elijah encourage, nay commanded the servant to go up seven times. I come to you this morning with both a word of encouragement as well as a commandment 'Go Up and keep going, Never give up because something great is about to Happen'

If the Lord has said it, be rest assured, He WILL Do it. Do not be move by the absence of the cloud because as you keep the faith and continue to pray consistently - Your miracle will burst through and your Joy shall be full in Jesus Name.

I am full of expectation for YOU that you will celebrate this Season.

Shalom and Blessings!!!

From the Desk of;
Pastor In The House.

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