Tuesday 29 January 2013

Rhema in Due Season (RiDs) - Tuesday 29th January 2013

The Force of Faith

There are laws that govern activities on the earth. These are both visible and invisible. However, I found the law governing faith most intriguing and exciting. Until the laws of faith is activated, nothing moves. Until you engage the laws and force of faith; things may remain as they are for eternity.

Gen 1; 1 - 3. The state of the earth was pathetic. It was and remained void and full of darkness until the spirit of God, through the operation of faith started to brood over the earth. In the mighty name of Jesus, on your behalf this morning - I engage the force of faith and pray that the spirit of God and His light will brood over every situations concerning you in Jesus Name.

Beloved, creative powers and ability only respond to the force of faith. At God's command in vs 3 - let there be light, light showed forth for the first time. A miracle you have never experienced is about to show forth this season if only you will command it by faith.

This morning - I command, to that man seeking direction - let there be guidance and clarity in Jesus Name. To the fellow, who needs to pay a huge debt - let there be financial breakthrough; receive help to pay the debt. To the young lady weeping within for loneliness in the midst of so many friends, I command genuine fellowship of love; to that business going down hill - I command revival and to several years of barreness and unfruitfulness - I command fruitfulness and abundance in Jesus Name. Amen.

Heb 11: 3 provides further insight by revealing that from time immemorial - the visible things are made from the invisible. In a nut shell, whatever the heart can conceive, it can be achieved. The men of Babel conceived a tower and a city (Gen 11; 1 - 9). It was ONLY the intervention of God that prevented its manifestation because it runs contrary to His Agenda for the earth. That's why I decree concerning you this morning - from today, you will dream big dreams; your dreams will be in alignment with the force of faith and counsel of God and as you engage the invisible forces of the earth; your dreams shall come to pass in Jesus Name.

I see transformation. I see a new order. Through the power of faith, neglect and failure of many generation is being turned around now. That hereditary infirmity in your family lineage can be broken and its broken now in Jesus Name.

Sometimes, you may have to employ the force of faith yourself (Woman with the issue of blood did Luke 8: 43 - 48) and in other instances - the Lord will just showed up (man by the pool Bethesda - John 5: 1 - 15). For instances both Abraham and Sarah laughed at the manifestation of the promised child, yet, God in His mercy still brought forth Isaac. Beloved, your Isaac cometh. Isaac means laughter - through God's mercy, laughter cometh for you. Laughter for your home cometh in Jesus Name.

Beloved, I don't know how God want to settle your matter but I know if and if only you will engage the laws and force of faith, every other law will respond to you positively and swiftly. Remember, Jesus is always looking for the engagement of the force of faith upon the earth. He responded to the men of old; He will surely respond to you.

Shalom and Blessings!!!

From the Desk of;
Pastor in the House

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