Thursday 1 November 2012

Rhema in Due Season (RiDS) - Thursday 1st Nov 2012


Welcome to November - the 11th month of the Year.

The Number 11 is significant in many ways. If the number 10 is the number of double grace and perfection, then 11 represents something extra - perfection plus, insights, intuition and revelation.

This is the number of Divine revelations. In Gen 11 - Man had a sudden burst of idea - intuition and revelation to build a tower and a city. It was an intuition or revelation that was going to frustrate the entire program of God, therefore, God scattered them to progress His counsel for the world.

The point I'm making here is that - if man in his fallen state could come across such a profound insight. just begin to imagine what wonders are available for the saints who is able to constantly abide under the shadow of God's everlasting arm.

On this note, I welcome you to the month of perfection plus and divine revelation. My prayer for you is that the Heavens shall be opened over you this month and access to divine information to turn your situation around for good/better will be made easily accessible and that you will also be able to appropriate and take full advantage of everything God will show you in Jesus mighty Name, Amen.

Because today is the first day of a new month - I would like us to pray. We are going to address the spiritual and hidden gates and doors of the month of November 2012. Our mission is to declare victories and speak forth ahead into the month. I see God's glory over you and your household as we speak forth in Jesus mighty Name, Amen. Psalm 24: 7 - 10

Shall we pray!!! Please pray this with faith and boldness over yourself and for whoever the Lord will lay on your mind as you pray.

1. In the Name of Jesus, I speak to the gates, the doors, the barriers and hindrances against me and God's purpose for my life in the month of November - I command them all to be lifted and remain lifted all through this month in Jesus' Name, Amen.

2. I dislodge every spiritual gate keepers and door men on assignment over my destiny and situation this month in Jesus mighty name Amen.

3. I speak against every evil altars raise or that will be raised to frustrate, confuse and make me walk in error in this month - I destroy every of such altars with God's consuming fire in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

4. Every altar has a priest; I speak against every evil priests issuing forth negativity against me and my household - I declare over you - who is it (he) that speaketh and it cometh to pass when the Lord has not commandeth it - therefore, I turn every of your decrees to be null and void and of no effect over me and God's saints in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Lam 3; 37

5. Suffer not a witch/sorceress to live. It's time for every evil priest and their cohorts to experience the fire of God. I command the hailstones of fire of the Holy Spirit to consumer every unrepentant evil priests and their cohorts in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Exo 22: 18

6. God has given unto us every thing that pertain to life, goodness and godliness - in Jesus mighty name, my path all through this month is filled with goodness, wisdom and godliness. I walk into favour and great mercy in Jesus mighty name, Amen. 2 Pet 1;3

7. This is the month of perfection plus and revelation - I speak to my spirit, soul and body, be sensitive to receive spiritual insights, I receive ideas from above, I also receive great grace to translate these ideas to successes in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

8. I remember millions all over the world that have been affected by evil gates of afflictions. I speak forth to all the gates and doors of floods that have been opened all over the lands - I command the East wind of God to begin to blow now. Let the waters of affliction return to base and let the gates be shut against them in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Psalm 78; 26, Ex 14; 21.

9. God specialises in performing the eleventh hour miracles - Oh Lord, remember me and my household, remember my nation also in this eleventh month - we command the 11th hour breakthroughs to come unto us in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Matt 20: 6 - 17

10. Wherever the King of Glory is - there is peace. All through this month, I decree peace over my life, household and nation in Jesus mighty name, amen.

11. The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof - I command everything that God has made - seen and unseen, physical and spiritual; I command them to cooperate with God to favour me and you In Jesus mighty name, Amen. Psalm 24; 1.

Praise the Lord!!!

Beloved, I trust that the gates of November 2012 are opened now. Let's walk in it with God and enjoy the fullness of His Grace in this month of limitless opportunities and successes.



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