Friday 16 November 2012

Rhema in Due Season - Friday 16 Nov 2012


Then God said, let there be Light, and there was Light. Gen 1: 3. Mothers reading this piece, or those who grew up with grannies may well remember that the first word of a child is always received with so much excitement. This morning, we are looking at the first recorded utterance of God - the Almighty.

The first and last speech of man is always very important. Only recently, we were all glued to the TVs waiting to hear the speeches of Obama and Romney sequel to the outcome of the last US election.

Psalm 62: 11. Once God has spoken, twice have I heard this; that power belongs to God. Understanding this, our God is not a talkative nor does He speaks without discretion. Thus, since having light is a fundamental requirement to human existence on the earth; God decreed it once and light was made manifest to dispel and displace darkness. I'm glad God didn't have to command the light to come twice. God said it once and it was done. And all through the miracles of creation in Gen 1 and 2, everything were made by the word of the Lord spoken once.

Dearly beloved, the solution that you need, the direction you have been seeking for; your concerns about that critical choice between two alternatives; and more will become easier with a sure word from the Lord.

Andrea Crouch sang a couple of years ago..We need to hear from you, we need a word from you; if we don't hear from you, what do we do?
Wanting you more each day, to show us your perfect way, there is other way, that we can live.

I know what the Word has done for me and around me. I have seen the power of the word. James 1: 21b says 'receive ye the engrafted word that is able to save your soul'. I understand perfectly that we are so busy with so many stuff but that's why also we are making avoidable mistakes. I have seen the word come alive as men wait upon the Word. And do you know that God is still in the habit of speaking to his people. May I ask when last the word of the Lord came unto you?

In conclusion, I remember Samuel at Shiloh. Shiloh represents the most holy place and the place of his presence. Yet at Shiloh, though God was calling, Samuel did not recognise God's voice nor was he able to respond accordingly. Thank God there was an Eli in the House. Through the counsel of Eli, Samuel finally responded 1 Sam 3: 10 'Speak Lord, your servant is listening... It was only at this point that God word came unto Samuel and direction was clearer.

Beloved, you have been at shiloh no doubt but how much of Shiloh has been endeared unto you.

Like Samuel, let your cry be...Lord, I want to hear you; I am willing to receive your word, speak Lord, let your Word come oh Lord. Let your light shine upon me oh Lord.

Blessings dear saints of God. Have a blessed weekend and Shalom!!!

Ajibola Opeoluwa-Calebs

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