Friday 23 November 2012

Rhema in Due Season (RiDs) - Friday 23rd Nov 2012

Dearly Beloved,

Nurturing your Mustard Seed

We have spent considerable time this week to look closely at the perfect law of liberty in order to glean the mind of God for our lives. However the truth that has been reinforced in my spirit is that there's newness, something fresh, everytime we pick up the word of God. Halleluyah, we serve a living God, who is ever present and ever faithful to guide, lead, instruct and direct His own.

I will attempt to answer some questions in dealing with seed storage?

1. What is the most critical thing for seed storage? Every farmer who is willing to keep his seeds must have suitable storage facilities. Depending on the nature of the seed, there's specific temperature, moisture and humidity the seeds must be exposed to, to remain suitable for productive farming. The Psalmsist said 'Thy Word have I hid in your heart.... The only acceptable storage facility for your mustard seed is your heart. Now we know that the heart is a battle field and it is constantly the subject of many coups and coup detat. Out of the abundance of the heart, destiny are determined because Number 14 : 28 says as you speak in my hearing, so will I do. And we speak according to the guidance of our hearts.

A farmer will do everything to keep the store suitable; so also the bible encourages you to guard your heart with all diligence. In looking closely at the heart, we need to consider the various types of hearts as documented in the parable of the Sower (Matt 13).

a. The Wayside heart; these are believers who receive the word but do not understand it. The thief and robber almost immediately steals the word and often times, such a heart can never retain the seed. Wisdom key; this heart requires the spirit of wisdom and understanding (Isa 11: 1 - 3)

b. The Stony heart; These are believers without depth in God. One thing that is constant is that the sower is always sowing. This category are often excited about the word but it is only superficial. They love the clich├ęs and rhymes, the quotes and stories but its all on the surface. And because tribulations and challenges are essential part of our christian race - when challenges come, they easily give up and compromise. Wisdom Key; John 16: 33 - be of good cheer, Jesus has empowered you to overcome tribulations and challenges.

c. The thorny heart; these are believers who are unduly minded of the things of the world - cares of this world and deceitfulness of riches, inordinate affections and desire for money. Such hearts cannot retain the seed of the word. Wisdom key; 1 John 2: 15 Love not the world, set your affections on things of eternal value

4. The good heart; the measure of a good heart is fruitfulness. A receipient of the word who also manifest the fruit of the word. Jesus said, by the fruits, ye shall know them. These believers receive the word, understand it and ensure these words are indeed productive. They are essentially hearers and doers of the Word. By the minimum acceptable level of increase is 30 percent.

As we bring the devotions for this week to a close, I believe this is a good place to pause and ask ourselves the truth?

- What kind of hearts do we have?
- Is it possible for a good heart to become stony and thorny?
- What steps can we take to preserve or maintain the integrity of the good heart?
- Looking at the last one week, one month or year 2012, how will you describe the state of your heart and the impact it has had on your Christian development?

These and many more questions we can ask. However, it is essential we respond accordingly to our Lord and Master.

I pray that He who carries the weight of the World will see you and I through whatever challenges we are going through. However, remember, He is ever willing to help - will you let Him help you? Isa 1; 19.

Shalom and Blessings!

From the Desk of
Pastor in The House

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