Thursday 15 November 2012

Rhema In Due Season (RiDs) - Thursday 15th Nov 2012


Today is the 15th day of November and in terms of weeks, we are about 6 weeks to the end of another year. This year definitely has brought different strokes to different people but the conclusion of the whole matter is 'God has been faithful'. This is my story about 2012 thus far and I believe even for you, despite whatever you might have gone through, this must be your testimony, and I trust God to continue in His faithfulness towards you.

This week, the Holy Spirit has impressed upon us thus far to meditate on the believers' authority and victories. I trust that you took time to pray yesterday because it was indeed a strong burden and spirit of prayer hovering over the land. To all those who only glossed over the RiDs of yesterday, I plead with you to go back and pray the prayer points because today is a continuation of that which God started yesterday.

One thing that is uniquely different about our Christian faith are signs and wonders. As believers, God often and severally manifests his power in diverse ways in the life and situations of his children. I therefore implore you to study with me the subject of miracles.

1 John 1; 1, 4 'that which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life...vs 4 'and these things we write to you that your joy may be full'

Even as I write this, something leapt in my spirit and I know someone's joy is about to overflow this season in Jesus mighty Name. I see the Lord of the overflow wiping out sorrows and replacing with Joy, reversing the irreversible and declaring to every storm, peace be still. Pastor E. A Adeboye wrote in one of his recent devotionals (The Open Heavens) that if you want to experience miracles, focus on the miracles of Jesus. I want us to look closely at some of the miracles of Jesus that we know. I will recount a few and want you to do so as well.

Like Paul the Apostle, I know a man who has experienced, and still experiencing miracles.. Here we go..

1. That you are reading this piece itself is a miracle that you and I have taken for granted. Sleeping and waking up may be see as a voluntary action but there are several who will thank God for being able to sleep for just 2 hours. I pray as the Lord liveth, you will continue to experience this miracle effortlessly.

2. I know a man who had an accident, was in a PoP and his arm was deformed on account of the accident. However, he experienced a bone-stretching miracle and the arm is fully restored today. I decree restoration miracles into your life in Jesus mighty Name, Amen.

3. I have seen a boy who crossed the road without looking in front of a fast moving vehicle. There's no human explanation of how the boy escaped without a tiny scratch but He did. The only possible explanation was that an Angel of God - lifted him to the other side. John 8: 59 - then they took up stones to throw at Him; but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them and so passed by. Whatever happened in this encounter is a miracle. Angry men took up stones and Jesus walked through them and none of them could touch him. For the boy who crossed the road and this particular encounter Jesus had with an angry mob, it's definitely a higher power at work. I decree upon you and your household a-touch-not-my-anointed miracles in Jesus Name. No evil will befall you.

4. I also know of a woman that doctors had told 'she can never have children because of physical complications after several tests and examinations. Today, that same womb had brought forth 3 healthy children and I bet, if she desires more, the fountain is still full to deliver'. I decree into your life this morning 'the miracle of conception'. Whatever you desire to bring forth, receive the power of the Holy Ghost to deliver.

Everything that ought to live, but are dead, stagnate, in cocoon and limited, I command a life transforming power from on high to come in contact with such situations in Jesus mighty name. Let God's people begin to experience miracles again and again in Jesus mighty name.

Dear Saints, I know the Holy spirit is brooding over you right now for a visitation and a performance. I don't know the specifics of what He wants to do but this hour, even as you read this, receive that which the Lord is about to do.

Pray! Rejoice! Give thanks and celebrate.

Blessings, dear Saints of God!!!


Ajibola Opeoluwa-Calebs

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