Thursday 22 November 2012

Rhema in Due Season - Thursday 22nd Nov 2012

How to nurture your Mustard Seed

Dearly Beloved,

We will continue on the subject of Faith: we have now spent 3 days reviewing this topic. My prayer is that the Holy Ghost, the parakletos will bring us to the next levels of faith that will enhance and fast track our manifestation in Jesus mighty Name. We ve been able to explained 3 types of faith: The Infant, the Normal/General and the Mustard Seed faith. We want to spend some time to look at the Mustard seed faith.

The Mustard Seed Faith when activated and nurtured can move mountains. Infact Matt 17: 20 - 21 told us that when the Mustard Seed Faith is fully activated - all things shall be possible. I want to therefore to study on 'How to Care for the Mustard Seed'. Come with me, let's review the following together using the analogy of a farmer and his seeds;

1. The first thing a farmer needs to know is where do I get the seeds that I need. Seeds are not manufactured, they are grown, nurtured and at maturity, are harvested. For a farmer about to start for the first time, he goes to the silos to buy. May I ask you this morning if you have seeds worth considering Mustard at all? The widow of one of the Sons of the prophet in her poverty was going to lose everything until she was counselled to go borrow vessels and not a few. (2 Kings 4). If the Lord weighs what you know of the Word of God right now, will it be sufficient to sustain you? If not, what efforts are you making to become grounded in the Word?

2. Understanding the nature of the Seed is crucial to determining the required care. Understanding the seed and its attributes will help the farmer to know how to preserve the seed and what to do with it. By the way, are you able to discern the seed of the Word when it is released? When you pick up the bible to read? What are you seeing? Letters, stories or rhema? Rhema is the revealed word of God and its often specific to the individual. 2 Cor 3:6 says the letter killeth but the spirit giveth life. For every word that is released - are you able to receive the Rhema? The Lord is always speaking, are we able to understand? You can only care for what you value. Do you value the Rhema as a mustard seed?

3. What will you do with your seed? You can eat, sow or store it. As a matter of fact, any serious farmer that is worth his onions will first separate seeds for sowing before any other thing. 2 Cor 9: 10 and Isa 55; 10 focus on separating seeds for sowing and seeds for consumption. It is a foolish farmer who consumes all his seeds. Whatever seed you have consumed can never be planted again. Heb 5: 10 - 14 gives us a hint into this as well. We need discernment to separate seeds for sowing.

We will continue on caring for the seed tomorrow. However, may I leave you with these thoughts?

1. The more seeds we set aside for planting and sowing, the greater our harvest and consequently our prosperity in the things of the spirit. How rich are you in the things of the spirit? Please, pay attention to your seed.

2. Every seed left unattended to will be rotten and unusable after a while. Seeds also have lifespan.

3. Seeds are blessings and opportunities waiting to be tapped into. Now, they are small, dirty and unattractive. However, in these seeds, lieth your blessings and prosperity.

Beloved, God loves us and has done everything to position us for the best. What have you done with these provisions?

Shalom and blessings!!!

From the desk of
Pastor in the House

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