Friday 2 November 2012

Rhema in Due Season (RiDS) - Friday 2nd Nov 2012


Good morning and welcome to Friday, 2nd Nov 2012.

My prayer is that Today's devotion will be to you and yours a blessing indeed.

Psalm 118: 25 'Save now, I pray, O Lord; O Lord, I pray, send now prosperity.'

Psalm 44: 4 'You are my King, O God, command (now) deliverances,victories concerning Jacob'

Isa 45:11b 'Ask me of things to come concerning my sons; and concerning the works of my hands, you command me.

Exo 14; 15 'And the Lord said to Moses, why do you cry to me? Tell (command, instruct) the children of Israel to go forward' (*emphasis mine*)

As you read the 4 scriptures before us this morning, I perceive a sense of urgency is rising up within your spirit man. An awakening, what is often referred to as 'An ah ha moment' of the power and grace made available unto you.

It's the desire of God that you are of a sound spirit and of a stable mind. This is not a financial prosperity message. However, if the urgency being placed upon you is in the area of financial prosperity, so be it. Reading through the scriptures above, I suddenly realise that believers has access to virtually everything at the disposal of the El-shaddai God. I'll like to call it 'Prosperity beyond and above money'.

In Exodus 14, Moses stood at the bank of the Red sea surrounded by fierce Israelis demanding the way forward. Not too far away, he could hear the sound of approaching army of Egypt coming to take them back into captivity. (PP - I speak against every power on assignment to take you back into captivity, to turn your progression into Godliness backward; oh Lord, smite them with blindness and confusion in Jesus mighty Name, Amen). So, naturally, he did what any man will do - to panic and cry out for help.

Beloved, have you been panicking and fearful about the days ahead? Is something serious keeping you awake at night, you are in good company with Moses. The good news is that - God assisted Moses and sent him a Word in due season. This is your moment. This is your time to take a stand. You have always looked up to someone else to deal with the problem on your behalf. You CAN actually reverse it NOW. As a matter of fact, the situation has persisted until now because you haven't dealt with it. Moses did as he was guided. He experienced one of the greatest miracles. You are the next Moses to manifest and experience another supernatural encounter.

What do I see? I see multitude of Angels, waiting to follow through your instructions. They have been placed by God as your ministering spirit. That's making it sound nice. These Angels are to serve you. And they are only waiting for 'a power- and-faith-guided instruction from you'. Maybe why you have not received the victory thus far is because your instructions to them thus far were issued without faith. Whatever is not in faith is in fear.

I recall reading a book long time ago 'Piercing the Darkness by Frank E. Peretti'. The summary is victories are first settled spiritual before they manifest physically.

In this month of insights, sound wisdom, revelation and perfection plus, this is your time to take a stand.

Stand firm upon the promises of God. Begin to issue those faith based instructions. Get a revelation from God's word over the matter; find out His promises concerning you. Find out now.

Pray in the spirit until you are charged up in your inner man and let's start to issue those decrees now.

Your angels are waiting. God has even told you 'command ye me. What are you waiting for...

Shall we pray!!!

Blessings dear saints of God!!!

NB - the RiDS will be back on Monday morning. Stay blessed and rapturable.

Best Regards,
Ajibola Opeoluwa-Calebs

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