Wednesday 15 April 2020

Special Digging Deep Service with Pastor J F Odesola

Special Digging Deep Service with Pastor J F Odesola 
Ministering: Pastors J.F Odesola
Topic: Are you offended?
Text: Luke 17:1 Act 24:16, Rom 16:17
Bible Reference: John 14:6; 8:32;
Its impossible that offences will come
We judge issues without details
We criticise others without any thought.
Don't think what you think others are thinking.
Take time to find out the foundation of the matter
Offense: To offend is a verb, to transgress to cause injury, anger, vexation.
Offense is a noun - The state of being offended, a violation of moral and ethical code.
Note: It is possible to offend Intentional or unintentional.
Every christian should be offended by sin because it grieves GOD - John 6:60-71. Prov 18:19. 
Taking offense is a serious problem in the church leading to rebellious activity. - Mathew 18:7.
It is misleading, it is offensive. The spirit behind it is satanic.
Mathew 26:10-16. Judas is carriot picked offense in Jesus statement and hence led to him giving out Jesus.
Romans 16:17. Devil is the source of offense. Mathew 16:23. John 10:10;
Unbrokenness and Pride provoke offense 14:12-15;
Those who take offense
1. They think they know better always
2. They think they are better and ought to be accord better honour.
3. They have insight able appetite for glory.
4. They always covet other peoples things.
5. You can not please them
6. They are selfish and self-centred
7. Their slogan is I, I and Me
Every time you allow offense you are yielding to the devil. 
Major scriptures on offense
1. The world was Cursed for offense Mathew 18:7
2. Satan is an offense Mathew 16:23.
3. Anyone who engineer offense is cursed. Mathew 18:7. 
4. Doing anything with offense is evil. Romans 14:20
5. Give no room to offense - 1 Corinthians 10:32.
6. Avoid those who cause offense - Romans 16:17.
7. Work towards a free conscience of offence. Acts 24:16.
8 Live without offense Philippians 1:10
9. Those who commit it have no place in the kingdom of God - Mathew 13:41, John 1:1
10. It is a blessing not to offend the Lord - Mathew 11:6.
Why people are offended?
1. When something expected never happened. Mathew 11:1-6. John 1:29, 36, 11:11.
John the baptised picked offense in Jesus
2. When the unexpected happened - Mathew 16:23.
Peter took offense and went back fishing.
1. When people feel not appreciated
2. When you expect being introduced in a way and it didn't happen.
3. When one has a  misconception on a matter
4. When a person felt he or she should handle an assignment.
5. Reaction to correction
6. Feeling bad that your suggestion was not used. 
7. Feeling bad that sole decisions were taken without being consulted
8. Feeling uncomfortable that one has not being allowed to use one’s talent
9. Transfers - when one is transferred
10. Listening to disloyal ones
11.Believing unconfirmed rumours
12. Sitting arrangements
13.Reading ungodly meaning to messages
14. Getting angry that ones spouse is not well treated.
Dangers of Offense Leads to;
1. It will lead one to spiritual error. 2 kings 5:20.
2. Lead you to say things we shouldn't have to say. 1sam 15:4. 2 kings 5:20. James 3:5.
3. It will lead one to seek association with wrong people. Mark 14:6-10; mathew 26:14-15
4. Caused one to abandon God's divine program. 2 Kings5:21
5. Cause one to loose privileges.
6. When not dealt with it can give birth to strange and deadly disease. 2 King 5:27
7. Allows one to move ahead of GOD and miss ones destiny. Gehazzi - 2 Kings 5:21
Solution to offense 
1.  Instruct yourself and take time not to fall. Proverb 27:23
2.  Pray against spirit of offense - 2 Corinthians 10:4-5
3.  Resist temptation of offence - Mathew 6:14-15
4. Find out the truth and encourage others to do so. John 8:32.
5. Call the attention of those living in offense - Mathew 18:15-17
6 Dont be in a hurry to carry out assignment you have not neen called to do - 2 Corinthians 15:31
7. Pray for spirit of  descernment
Benefits of not feeling offended
1. Freedom in christ
2. Experience openness in relationship
3. Growth
4. Close door to satan
5. Good health all round Acts 24:16

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