Wednesday 22 April 2020

April 2020 Special Digging Deep Service with Pastor J F Odesola

April 2020 Special Digging Deep with Pastor J F Odesola 
Ministering: Pastor J. F Odesola
Topic: Are you afraid
Text: Isaiah 12:2, John 14:1,27
We give you all the glory, we give you honour.....
There is alot of scaring things happening in our world. What that is happening at the moment has create great concern.
The recent pandemic and Economic of the world at stand still. 
It has made so many people to live in uncertainty of the future. 
The most Courageous person has become a vegetable, fear every where you turn. 
Bible has so many answers
In the Bible 
Fear appeared 396 times
Afraid appeared 190 times
Be not afraid appeared 26 times
Definition of Fear/Afraid
Fear is an agitated feeling arouse by awareness of actual threatening danger. 
Is an unease that something may happen sometimes contrary to ones desire.
Is the possibility of something dreaded or unwanted may occur. 
Napoleon: You fear being conquered is sure of defeat.
Top 10 list of Fear
1. Fear of public speaking
2. Fear of death
3. Fear of terrorist attack
4. Fear of snakes
5. Fear of spiders and insects
6. Fear of heights
7. Fear of flying
8. Fear of Confined places
9. Fear of open places
10. Fear of Thunder and lightning
No matter how strong or Courageous anyone may be, when the inevitable happens they seems to be vegetable. 
But God promised us in the text we read in John 14:1 - Let not your heart be troubled.
There are two basic fear born with every human being at the point of birth
1. The fear of loud noises
2. The fear of falling
I will approach the lecture in 5 or 6 major ways depending on how long time will permit me.
1. Concepts of fear
2. Falancies of why people are afraid
3. Unhealthy fear
4. Healthy fear
5. Adverse effect of fear
6. How to overcome fear
1. Concepts of fear
Fear is an illusion non existence in the physical world. It is never tangible or visible but it exist in our minds and manifest in our actions.
- We bring fear to live many times without need.
- Fear plays a vital role in our lives, we will live a reckless abandoned life if we know not notion of fear. 
- Fear produces stagnacy because it causes us to battle against ourselves. 
- Rational part of our brain war against agitated emotions. 
2. Falancies of why people are afraid
At the end of this pandemic another will come, as far as you are in this world fear will still come. 
End of a battle is the beginning of another - John 16:33.
- Control: is a falancy - Mathew 6:27
Everyone want to have control.
Problems has only two solutions 
1. Problems you are able to solve 
2. Problems you cannot solve, you change your perspective about it and do the needful. 
You have never be in control and you will never be in control. Every thing you do in life is interdependent and inter related.
- Destination is falancy - Life is a journey, enjoy the destination you are in. Don't wait until you get to the next position. Enjoy where you are as no place as a destination, even when you rest in peace a new journey starts. 
Enjoy the journey of your life and where you are - 2 Corinthians 5:7, Proverbs 3:5, Jeremiah 17:5,7, Proverbs 18:10.
- Falancy of "I will have enough one day" - You can never have enough.
Ask Bill Gate and others why they are still working. 
Cultivate the act of Thanksgiving - Romans 8:28, 1 Thessalonians 5:18.
3. Healthy Fear
- Referencial fear (Holy fear) - Psalm 19:9, Proverbs 1:7, Psalm 2:11, Proverbs 16:6, 14:26, 23:7, 14:27, Psalm 111:10.
This is referencial fear that you need to have for God.
It will make you run away from sin
It wiill give you obligation to worship your maker. 
- Constitutional Fear
- Fear of dangerous situations i.e crossing the road, falling from high places.
- Fear of being punished (Basis for discipline. 
4. Unhealthy Fear: - Like the one we have now as if  the world is coming to an end. 
- Fear paralysis people 
- Fear Confused people
-Fear has torment
- Fear has no respect for anyone. 
5. Adverse effect of Fear
Fear challenges your training 
Fear challenges your temperament 
1. Fear make raged experience and debase personalities - 1 Samuel 28 (Saul)
2. Fear will prevent one from doing the will of God - Exodus 3 (Moses) 
3. Fear render one useless. 
Fear generates unfaithfulness towards God - There is no place in the kingdom for those who are fearful. 
4. Fear bring on the very thing we fear. 
Fear contest people trust in God
Fear bring illness 
5. Fear causes one to be lost - Revelation 21:8.
Fear can make people to do the unthinkable things. 
6. How to overcome fear
1. Recognise God is with you - Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 118:6
2. Have faith and trust in God - Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 56:3-4
3. Never take counsel from your fear - Phillipians 4:6-7.
Develope the attitude of gratitude, when you are grateful, you will be great. 
This particular time around, you have nothing to be afraid of - Jesus has promised "I  will be with you" - Mathew 28:20, Isaiah 41:10, 43:1-3.
Altar Call: Surrender your life to him - Mathew 11:28.
Prayer point
Lord, I Surrender my fear to you, I cast my burden to you. 

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