Friday 17 April 2020

April 2020 Workers & Ministers Conference With Pastor E A Adeboye

April 2020 Workers and Ministers Conference
Day One 
Ministering: Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Theme: Anointing 
Text: Mark 16:15-20
Sing along:
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Jehovah the Man of war
His mercies endureth forever and ever
O praise His Holy name.
Opening Prayer: Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, the God of Redeemed Christian Church of God 
We bless your holy name for the church, for every members of this church, the present and those are yet to become members, we bless your Holy name specially for your workers those that had please you in your infinite mercy to bring into your vineyard to lift up the hands of your pastors, we bless your Holy name for the pastors themselves, the deacons and deaconess and we ask Lord God Almighty that on behalf of everyone of us from the youngest to the oldest, from the highest even to the smallest that you please accept our thanks in the mighty name of Jesus. We praying Lord God almighty that through this medium you will reach out to all your workers and ministers and you will meet all their need. I pray Lord God Almighty that in the home of all these very special people there will always be shouts of joy. 
Definition of Anointing: Anointing is the power or ability released from God to man to perform miracles, signs and wonders 
Anointing flows like a river.
A river flows from the top to the bottom. I am believing God that before this session is over the Anointing of God will be flowing mighty in your life in Jesus mighty name 
According to Jeremiah 32:27 The one who is the God of all flesh with whom nothing is too hard. 
It flows from God the Father to God the Son. Luke 4:16-21, Isaiah 61:1-3
The Son is called Wonderful. Isaiah 9:6
He is able to heal and deliver as a result of the anointing. John 11:39-45
The Anointing flowed from God the Son to the disciples. 
The Anointing flows from the disciples to believers. Mark 16:17-18
The Anointing empowers you to do all things. Mark 9:23
Including moving mountains. Mark 11:22-23
The Anointing should not stop with you as a believer.  It should flow on to others. 
The same Holy Ghost Baptism on the Day of Pentecost is the same Baptism we have as believers. Acts 2:1-4. 
When the Anointing reaches you, put it to work and it will amaze you what can happen. Acts 3:1-8
I want you to know you're the next testimony I will hear  of as you put the Anointing to use.

What can stop the flow of the Anointing:

1. Doubt - Mark 11:23: Will you believe the devil who is a liar or choose to trust your Heavenly Father who speaks and it is done?
2. Wavering - James 1:5-8: Don't waver between two standpoints. If God can use a University lecturer or a fisherman, He can use anybody. 
3. Sìn - Isaiah 59:1-2: The power of God is mighty and He is ready to use you but you must stay away from sin. You must be holy. Hebrews 1:9
Story of lady:

I pray that the Blood that cleanses will wash you clean and take away everything that will stand against the Anointing in your life in the Name of Jesus.

How much of the anointing that will
get to you will be determined by:
1. Your Holiness and Your determination to
hate what God hates and love what God loves
2. Stay under authority - Luke 7:1-10: If you stay under authority, you will be able to exercise authority over demons. 
3. Prayer - 1 Thessalonians 5:17: There is only one source of help and that help is from God.
Pray in the Holy Spirit frequently. Romans 8:26-28. 
Praying in the Holy Ghost is like applying for a job and engaging the help of the Son and Family member of the Managing Director of the Company in wiring the application. 
When the Anointing comes, please do not commercialize it. When God begins to use you and the world hears of you, don't  commercialize the Anointing; it is not for sale. Acts 8:13-20
As the Anointing comes upon you now, make sure you use it and use it to the glory of God. 
Any gift that isn't used will be withdrawn. Matthew 25:14-30. As you begin to use the Anointing, it will be multiplied. 
Jesus said 'Come unto me all of you who are thirsty and drink of Me.' How well you're satisfied depends on how long you stay drinking. The Almighty God has placed the River of Anointing before you; how much will you drink?
I'm believing God for someone today as a result of the time you will spend in prayer, the Almighty God will soak you in His Anointing and people will say 'Great is your God'. 
Please make out time to pray immediately after now or later on and my God will answer your prayers.

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