Sunday 12 April 2020

Easter Sunday Service with Pastor E A Adeboye

Special Easter Sunday Service 
Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Bible Text: Matthew 28:1-7
Theme: He is Alive (A New Beginning)
He's alive Amen
He's alive
Jesus is alive
Forever He's alive Amen
He's my King Amen
He's my King
Jesus is my King
Forever He's King Amen.
Between every two days, there is a night. Day here signifies a period. It could be months or years.

Case Study - Job
His very first day - Job 1:1-3.
When his night came, it lasted for nine months - Job 1:13-22, 2:10
After the night in Job's life came the second day (Morning) Job 42:10-17 - The second day lasted 140 years while his night lasted 9 months.

The first day of Jesus came when He was born (Lasted thirty three and half years). Luke 2:8-14

1. Miracles followed - John 2:1-11
2. Healing followed - Mathew 8:1-3
3. Deliverance followed - Mark  5:2-20
4. Joy. Luke 7:11-15
And then came His night (lasted 3-day)

1. The sun refused to Shine - there is total darkness - Mathew 27:45
2. His disciples abandoned Him (loneliness) - Matthew 26:56
3. His closest friends denied him with a swear - Mathew 26:69-74
4. There was sorrow all over the land - Mathew 26:75.
5. And there is fear that led to a lockdown. John 20:19
Anyone of you in a night situation, the night will end today

His night lasted only 3 day

Day 2. Matthew 28:1-7

1. There was a great earthquake to signify to His followers that all yokes had been broken. Acts 16:25-26
2. An angelic visitation (An angel is enough to take out over 100,000 men. 2 Kings 19:35)
3. The angel rolled away the stone and sat on it to signify permanent victory -  John 11:39-45
4. The angel sat on the stone to signify total victory. 
Every door God will open unto you will remain permanently opened
5. The Guards were paralyzed - 1 Samuel 17:45-51
6. Angel announced to genuine seekers that Jesus is alive forevermore! Revelation 1:18
I want to bring good news to someone; I want to tell you my God is not dead. He is alive and in control
I want to advise that we should remain on guard. Don't be anxious, but be watchful
Colossians 1:27 - You have a glorious tomorrow
Beloved Children, see yourself: 
1. Healing the lames - Acts 3:1-8. 
2. Casting out demons and they will obey you. Acts 16:16-18. 
3. Working special miracles. Acts 19:11-12
Psalm 30:5 From this resurrection Sunday morning in the name that is above every other names, it will be joy for you
In conclusion, a sinner can prevent his morning - John 3:18-21. 
Come into the day and your own resurrection will dawn. 2 Corinthians 5:17
Altar Call: If you reject the offer of the Lord Jesus, you can only be headed for hell.
Bow your head and cry to the Lord and ask Him to save your soul. Ask that this resurrection morning might be your own new day.
Announcement: Due to the lockdown, we cannot hold our usual Ministers/Workers' Conference, there will be special recordings to be aired on Dove Media on friday and Saturday.
Please don't miss it.

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