Thursday 23 April 2020

April 2020 Special Digging Deep Service with Pastor Joseph Obayemi

April 2020 Special Faith Clinic with Pastor Joseph Obayemi 
Ministering: Pastor Joseph Obayemi
Topic: Standing on the promises of God
Text: Psalm 91:3-10
Father in today's faith clinic single me out for miracle. 
Glorious God,
Beautiful King, 
Excellent God, 
We bow before your your throne.... 
Our God is an all knowing God, He has made provision for every situation of our lives and most especially this period that everyone is terrified by what is happening. 
This is a period to hold on to the promises of God for our lives. 
In respective of your walk with God
In respective of your status
In respective of your maturity 
When we are face with critical situations will begin to ask questions, we begin to recheck if the promises are for us because of the challenges we are passing through at that moment. 
You are not in it alone, you are just being human and that is why God will forever remain God in respective of action or inaction. 
Abraham the father of faith did the same - Genesis 15:3-5, 17:2-18.
Promises of God never grow Old neither did it come late, it is always on time. 
It does not matter what you are thinking, the promises of God for you and I will come to pass. 
Genesis 18:4 - God visited Abraham again. He has learnt his lesson and began to trust in the Lord.
When it gets to Genesis 21 - What Abraham and Sarah thought will be impossibility became a great testimony.
You are next in line to testify
Elijah- 1 Kings 19:12-13 - He thought an end has come to his ministry.
Come out of your cave of Unbelief, Doubt and Fear. 
There are promises for every situation, even in darkest moment. 
David - 2 Samuel 12:1-12
Every judgement of death against you and your family in the kingdom of darkness is by cancel in the name of Jesus.
Psalm 89:3-4 - Even in darkest moment there is a promise.
Standing on God's promises is committed and depend on it.
If you consider your fear instead of your faith, your fear becomes a giant. 
If you consider your faith instead of your fear, your fear becomes a grasshopper. That was what happened in Number 13:30-33.
The one who is promising us is reliable, 
Lets check few of his pedigree. 
Qualities of the he that promised us
1. He has track record integrity of his word - Psalm 33:8-9, Numbers 23:19.
Man is limited, but God is unlimited. 
Man life span is limited. 
2. He has unlimited resources - Haggai 2:8, Psalm 24:1.
3. He has the ability to perform - Jeremiah 32:17, Genesis 18:14.
All you need to do is connect your faith to him - Hebrews 11:6
Area where he has promised us most especially in the situation that we are in, in our personal lives. 
1. There is a divine assurance for protection and provision - Psalm 91:3&8, Genesis 19.
There are 365 fear not in the Bible - Proverbs 3:25-26. Psalm 34:9-10.
Prayer Point:
1. Father, remember your covenant and deliver your children in Jesus name. 
2. Father, as I seek you don't let me lack any good thing in life. 
3. Father, let sickness and diseases be far away from me and my family in Jesus name.
God has promise for our family life
2 Samuel 12:1-14, Psalm 132:11
When God has made a promise is for you to connect to it as he will never turn away from his promises.
Lot - Genesis 19:16.
Prayer Point:
1. Father, every negative prophecy against me and my family, change them today in Jesus name. 
2. Father, single out my family for mercy and favour in Jesus name. 
Is there promise for your Career and Business in situation like this?
Job lost everything - Job 1:13-20
He was restored - Job 42:10-17
God promises for you - Isaiah 65:22-23, Job 22:29.
Prayer Point:
1. Father, whatever that I have lost due to this lockdown, restore double to me in Jesus name. 
2. Father, open my eyes to the next opportunity in Jesus name. 
3. Father, open doors of supernatural breakthrough for my business and career in Jesus name. 
Some Pastors are afraid that what will happen to their church and members - Mathew 16:18.
The gate of hell shall not prevail over our Churches. 
What about Nation - 2 Chronicles 7:14-15.
Altar Call: I John 1:7
Focus on God for manifestation of his promises in your life

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