Sunday 8 July 2018

Day 8: Prayer of Comprehensive Victory/ Restoration

Text  Joel  2:25-26 Restoration  can  be immediate, gradual  or  progressive.
  Father!!! Thank  you for  being  the  great  restorer.
  Holy Spirit,  please, reminds me  of  everything  I  need to restitute  so as to trigger the  release  of my complete restoration this year in Jesus Name.
  Father, destroy  every  destructive  agent out  of  my  life  in Jesus Name.
  Father!!! Replace  our sorrow  with joy, our  ashes  with beauty.  Give  us total restoration.
  Lord of Hosts, arise  and  give us  victory  over every  power causing  destruction in our  lives and  in our Nations in Jesus Name.
  Father, let  every  Failure  at the  edge  of our breakthroughs  and restoration be  destroyed in Jesus name
  Every   saboteur of  my  victory  and  restoration, be  disgraced,  displaced  and  be  destroyed    in Jesus name
  GOD OF VICTORY! By fire by  force,  grant  me unlimited  victories  over  illegal  occupants  in  my promise land

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