Monday 9 July 2018

Day 9: Prayer of Victory For Our Nations

DAY  9     PRAYER  OF  VICTORY  FOR  OUR NATIONS:  II  Chro.  7:14,  Psalm  122:6
  Let us  plead  for mercy  on  behalf of  our  NATIONS  (Please,  Mention  the  name of  your  own  Nation) for atrocities  and wickedness  that had  been    committed    and  being committed.  
  Pray that the blood of Jesus  will  speak  healing  to our Nations. Exo.  12:13
  Holy Spirit! Destroy  every  blood sucking  demons  who  are hell  bent  and  that  are assigned  to  destroy  our Nations  in Jesus  name.
  Let us  speak  destruction  against  every  evil  altar raised  and serviced constantly  anywhere in our Nation  to perpetuate human  trafficking,  rituals, suicide bombing,  and  all  other  forms  of  killings.
  Let God arise  in  our  Nations  and  let  His  entire  enemy  be  scattered.  Ps. 68:1-2
  Oh Lord!   Arise  and recovered  our  Nations  from spiritual  and  physical  recession  and  from all  forms  of  famine.
  Lord,  heal  our land  of  all  forms  of  hatred  and  wickedness  and let  the rain of love and  righteousness  begin to fall. 2  Kings  7:1-8
  Oh Lord,  in  all  our Nations, put  an end  to terrorism, kidnapping,  hired  killing,  corruption,  militancy, communal clashes, farmers  and herdsmen clashes  in the  land.  (Pray  as  it applies  to your  own Nation).

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