Friday 6 July 2018

Day Six: Total Victory Over Fear

DAY  6: TOTAL  VICTORY  OVER FEAR:  Text:  Isaiah  41:10

Fear  is  the opposite  of  faith.
It  has  been described  as  “false evidence appearing real”. Fear  (of  torment)  is  also distressing  emotion  arouse  by  threat  of  impending danger, pain  or evil  1  John  4:18.

  Father!!!  we thanked  you  for  the past and present  victories  over anxiety.

  Father!!!  Deliver every  member  in all  RCCG  Parishes  globally  body  from  the spirit of  fear  in Jesus  Name.

  Father!!!  Wipe  away  every  agent of  fear  from    your  Church in Jesus  name.

  Father!!!  Increase our faith  in  you  in Jesus  Name.

  Father!!!  Restore back  whatever  we have  lost to  the  devil  through fear  and  anxiety  in Jesus  Name.

  Father!!!  Help us  to start each day  with  you, and order  my  steps  aright through  fear  in Jesus  name.

  As the  Lord  lives  I  shall  not  fall  into  bondage of  fear  again  in  the  Name of  Jesus

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