Thursday 5 July 2018

Day Five: Prayer of Victory For RCCG Leaders


Daniel  2:23,  “I  thank  thee,  and  praise thee,  O  thou  God of  my  fathers, who  hast  given  me  wisdom  and  might, and  hast made  known  unto  me  now what we desired  of thee:  for thou  hast  now  made  known  unto  us  the king's  matter.”

  Thank God  for the lives  of  all  our  leaders  in  RCCG  at  all  levels  in all  Nations.

  Let us  thank  God for the  wisdom the Lord has  granted  our  leaders in the  running  of  the Church worldwide.

  Ask God to  be  merciful  unto us  and our leaders  in any  area that we have sinned  (Proverbs  28:13)

  Father,  let  our  Church Leaders  always  be examples  of  wisdom, victory  and power  of  God. Grant  them  victory and  power  to speak  God’s  word with  boldness.

  The counsel  of  God  concerning our  leaders  shall  be  established in Jesus  name.

  Lord,  make our leaders  useful  vessels  and  let  them walk  in fear and reverence  of  the Lord.

  Be their  refuge,  strength  and deliverer  in Jesus  name.

  We counter  every  attempt  by  the  enemy  to  shut  the doors  that  the  Lord  has  opened unto  our  leaders  and RCCG  worldwide.

  God of  Victory!  Let  every  form of  lukewarmness, coldness, spiritual  apathy, spiritual  dryness, be separated from  our leaders  in Jesus  Name.  

Father,  give  us  both the utterance and  audience  anytime  we  approach your presence.  Help us  to  pray  and  praise you fervently  in the  Spirit  in Jesus  name.

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