Tuesday 10 July 2018

Day 10: Victories Over Generational Sins & Curses

DAY 10: VICTORIES  OVER GENERATIONAL  SINS  AND  CURSES:  Text:  Rom.  5:15;  Exo.  20,  34:5-7,  Eze  18:19.    
  Father!!!  Let  every  unknown  soul tie  influencing  my  life  negatively,  be  consumed  in  Jesus  name.
  Father!!!  I stand in the finished work  of  the cross  to  deliver my  life  from  every  effect of generational  sin  of  my household in Jesus  name.
  Father!!!  Deliver me from every  evil  pronouncement  that  is  causing  affliction  in  my  family  in Jesus  name.
  Father!!!  By  the fire of  the  Holy  Ghost,  every  strongman  perpetrating evil  occurrence in  my  life  and ministry  let them  be  consumed in Jesus  name.
  Father!!!  I stand in the blood of Jesus  and  revoke  every  legal  ground that  the enemies  have possessed  in Jesus  name.
  Holy Ghost  fire!!! Release your  demolishing  bullets  and  dynamites  on every  curse  and soul  ties  affliction in  my life.
  My Father,  my  Father! Let  the  blood of  Jesus  Christ  displace and  destroy  every  link  between  me  and generational  afflictions  in Jesus  Mighty name

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