Friday 13 July 2018

Day 13: Prayer of Victory over Barrenness

Text: Exodus 23:26; Ps. 1:28; 25:21.
 Father, when you created us, you commanded fruitfulness, begin to fulfill your word in our life in Jesus Name.

 Father!!!, let every seed of fruitfulness that you planted in our life begin to germinate in Jesus name

 Father!!! Destroy every form of barrenness from our lives in Jesus Name.
 Father!!! You put a smile on the face of Sarah, in all homes globally, visit your people with laughter this year in Jesus Name

 Father!!! Whatever power that has placed an embargo on our being fruitful, today by your authority render them powerless.

 Father!!! we reject all negative medical reports concerning fruitfulness In Jesus name
 Father!!! You said no one will be barren in your house, by your power break every yoke of bareness in Jesus name

 Father!!! In all aspects of our life, open our wombs and make us fruitful in Jesus Name.

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