Saturday 14 July 2018

Day 14: Prayer Of Victory Through God's Help

Text: Exo.17:8-16; Ps.121:1-2; Rev.3:2; John 7:37; Ps. 23:1,6; 50:15; 20:1; 91:15; 46:1

 Father!!! Don’t let Church loose Her focus of you
 Father!!! We lift up our eyes unto you, don’t let us be put to shame
 O Lords!!! Rescue your Church from people who are liars and deceptive.
 Father!!! Hold us with your victorious right hand and strengthen us.
 Holy Ghost!!! Scatter in pieces with your sharp arrows and burn the deceptive tongue with your glowing coal of fire

 Almighty God, make your Church a new threshing instruments with many sharp teeth to tear apart every enemy on Her way.

 Father!!! Let every blockage to our helpers be removed in Jesus name
 Father!!! Please don’t let your glory depart from from us in Jesus name.
 Father! Don’t let me lose my focus of you in all my undertakings

 Father! Let every insolent and violent gang that rise against my favour fall into their trap and the evil of their hands.

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