Wednesday 5 December 2012

Rhema in Due Season (RidS) Wednesday 5th Dec 2012

Thou art worthy oh Lord, to receive Glory, Honour and Power, for thou has created all things, all things for thy pleasure, they are and were created. (Rev 4:11)
You are choosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, to show forth the praises of Him, who has called us out of darkness into His marvellous light. (1 Pet 2: 9)
As we continue our count down to the winding up of Year 2012 and the entrance of a new one, this is also a good time to ask those pertinent questions about how we have fared in the course of the year. In Jos 13: 1b, God delivered a verdict on Joshua...and there remains very much land yet to be possessed. Joshua up to that time was a celebrated celebrity by men. He was seen as the conqueror and specialists in winning battles.

Beloved, there's is a possibility of self satisfaction in what you have achieved this year; conversely, it is also not impossible that some of us, may have given up on this year thinking nothing much again can be achieved. Well, may I shock you as I also was jolted this morning by the spirit of the Lord. There are 2 basic responsibility the Lord expects from all of us - you inclusive:
a. To show forth His praises everyday of our life and particularly this season.
b. To stir up, brace up for much harvest; much harvest even now.
In Gen 3: 8 And they heard the sound of Lord God, walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord..9 the Lord started looking and said 'Where art Thou'?
I perceive God is still walking in the garden up till now and looking for you and I?
The Father is still seeking for true worshippers; He is still seeking for gratitudes from the sons of men. Do you know that our 'praises are triggers for supernatural releases'. Acts 16 recorded the exploits of Paul and Silas -how their praises brought an earthquake.
Do you know that several similar earthquakes of deliverances, breakthroughs and victories are being held back because you and I have not done what we are expected to do - praise him sufficiently?
Remember Obadiah 1; 17, that mountain of praises, holiness and deliverances where Men possessed their possessions. Let us make this mountain our abode this season.
Beloved, let's not become self complacent in our attitude toward God.
May I close by resounding the sound of God in your Garden - where art thou? This a clarion call for fellowship, affection and invariably, an assurance of divine settlement. I pray that your response will be 'Here am I Lord, draw me nearer unto thyself Lord.
Shalom and Blessings.

From the Desk of
Pastor in the House

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