Monday 10 December 2012

Rhema in Due Season (RiDs) - Mon 10th Dec 2012

Dearly Beloved,
Welcome to a new day and week full of possibilities for You. Some of the recent events I'm privy to reinforced within me that for you, anything is still possible before the end of the year - so, please don't give up.
Today's thought will be brief but I'm trusting the Lord that the impact will be massive because the spirit of Rhema - the inspired mind of God is brooding over you even now.
Come along with me in this short true life story.
Recall I shared recently of someone who was conspicuously missing on the day of his/her visitation in one of my recent write up. The fellow never showed up at that vigil; only God alone knows the consequences of his/her not showing up. Well, I have a similar story of what happened to someone - the difference however, being that she showed up and received the greatest surprise of the season.

At a gala event to celebrate deserving employees in a particular organisation, an employee that was identified as the most valuable employee (MVE) of the year for some reason decided to come late. The event was a compendium of activities. However, at about 45 mins to announcing the most valuable employee (MVE) for the year, the planning Committee were checking to confirm if the identified employee was at the event. Alas, she hadn't showed up. Further enquiries were made discreetly to confirm if the employee was on official assignment or leave. It turned out that there was no official excuse to be absent. Right there and then, it was agreed that the 1st runner up will be awarded the prize if she does not show up.
Please, at this junction, I'll like you to pause and consider. If she hadn't showed up. The prize would have been awarded to the next deserving and she wouldn't even know how close she was to a massive breakthrough.
Thanks God for His mercy endures. She showed up a few minutes before the award was given and she got a brand new (tear rubber in local parlance) car. The MVE was in tears, shocked and did not believe it was true. I'm sure she woke up this morning as an owner of a brand new car. She is still probably pinching herself just to be certain this isn't a dream.
3 things to note:
1. There are increasing activities in the heavenly places to ensure that for you - there shall neither be carry over nor delay concerning your matter.
2. There is a right positioning you must be both physically and spiritually for your change to manifest - you ve got to locate that position urgently.
3. All agenda of the enemy to make the authentic MVE missed the meeting failed and she got what was rightly hers.
I pray for every reader of this piece - in every high places where your matter is upon the table of deliberation; the Lord will arise on your behalf and speak for you.
Beloved, it is the season of signs and wonders. This is your moment.
I close with this scripture Isaiah 8: 18 'I and the children that the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders.'
This is your moment, be expectant, signs and wonders cometh.
Shalom and Blessings!!!

From the Desk of
Pastor in the House

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