Monday 6 August 2018

RCCG 66 Annual Convention - Testimonies From Past Convention || #Dominion

Testimonies From Past Convention

Six pregnant women who were once delivered of th&ir babies through cesarean section came to Omu Aran Maternity centre for delivery. Though their cases were tough, the anointed handkerchiefs prayed on by our father in the Lord came in handy for easy delivery by the women. At each difficult stage, I waved the hand­ kerchief and God destroyed each of the mountains standing between the women and their deliveries. God was glorified as the women had their babies through natural birth. - A/P (Mrs.) Deborah Adesola

On December 18th, 2017, a friend who was pregnant went into labour. She was
having contractions and cardiac arrest-like crisis, water in her lung etc. She was in coma for five days and people were confused. I brought my handkerchiefs from the Holy Ghost congress and as people prayed, I waived the handkerchiefs and God healed her completely after few days. She was delivered of her baby in January to the glory of God. - Dens. Stacy Ilegar

I was involved in a car accident on March 2013 and I was the only survivor. I was unconscious when they took me to the Orthopedic Hospital in Igbobi. I was put on trial because the medical team thought I would not make it. I had a fracture and immediately all the flesh and muscle decayed and the doctor said they would amputate the leg, but my brother refused and said, Jesus will heal me. On the day the leg would be amputated, God stepped in and my toes received life and began to move. I was taken to the theater but I met myself in heaven, I saw angels and
I wanted to catch up with them but I could not. I later entered into their midst and heard a voice that says, you can't see Jesus because I was asking for Jesus. I became conscious but I was like dead person. I could not eat but was in pain. I called on God to take my life one day but as I slept I had a dream in which Jesus came with a sword to heal me. The doctor said I would not be able to walk again, but I was able to walk through the healing power of Jesus. I came to Redemption Camp the day I was discharged, and God perfected my healing. I was using two crutches before, but I can now walk - to the glory of God. - Den. Sunday Alabi

My wife and I got married in 1995 and since then we have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb. We did everything humanly possible to have a baby but all was abortive. At times we were told that my wife was pregnant only to be told later that there is no longer any pregnancy in her womb. We went through this trauma not once, not twice. - Bankoles
My wife had six In Vitro Fertilizations (IVFs) in addition to five insemination procedures (direct injection of semen into the womb) all to no avail. We suffered many loses both financially and emotionally.
We had nearly no problem with our families. Our families are Christian by the grace of God. My mum & my 'mum-in-love" would always say "the Almighty God will make you fruitful". They really stood by us. My wife happened to be the first child of nine children of her parent. Her younger ones except one already have children. I cannot debunk the fact that some members of the family might have said within themselves that probably we are destined not to have children having waited for so long. Knowing my stand and that of my wife in the Lord , they really encouraged us. May God bless them all. Our pastors, Church members, neighbours and friends also encouraged us in our trying years. Towards the end of 2016, we wrote to Daddy G.O explaining every­ thing we have done and Daddy wrote back that we should attend Shiloh hour in November. We came for Shiloh hour and Daddy called us out and prayed for us that God will have His way.
We went for another IVF early in 2017, but it failed again. We remembered that Daddy has prayed for us and he said the Lord has done it. To the glory of God, without any IVF my wife conceived. The pregnancy journey was a joyful season. I will be 49 years old in April while my wife will be 48years old in September .
The doctor couldn't believe it knowing that my wife was pregnant, because the last IVF came back negative. To the glory of God, in November 2017, the Lord gave us a baby girl, Precious Gift Victoria Oluwasetemi after 23 years of waiting. Today, the God of Adeboye has taken care of the trauma by turning our mourning to dancing and our story to glory. - Pastor Bankole Emmanuel

I waited for nine years for the fruit of the womb which took me through various experiences among which was the evacuation of my womb. But the faithfulness of God moved into my situation and the Lord blessed me with a bouncing baby girl during the 2017 special Holy Ghost service. She was lifeless initially but after
intensive prayers at the RCCG Maternity centre at living stone parish, Abule egba, she came back to life. - Sis. Precious Igbinoba
God gave us divine deliverance from gunmen. We linked up with the Cross overnight conducted by Pastor Adeboye on, December, 2017, in our Church in Benue State. When we left the Church, we ran into the company of six men with gun and cutlasses. God delivered us miraculously despite several cuttings on our cars. - A/P (Mrs.) Chinwe Martins

I was sick in December 2017 and diagnosed of fibroid which resulted to anemia and other complications. I was supposed to go for a surgery; but, I came to Re­demption camp for watch night service and participated in the last Holy Com­munion of the year. After the meal, God surprised me as he took away the fibroid completely. Secondly, I was poisoned but I went to the January Holy Ghost service, where Pastor E. A. Adeboye prayed for us and the Lord healed me completely.
- Sis. Ebi Jarike

In May 2018 Holy Ghost Service, there was a bigger testimony a young man told us. He used an handkerchief anointed by Daddy G.O on a corpse already em­ balmed after being dead twelve days - and the dead came back to life!

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