Monday 6 August 2018

RCCG 66 Annual Convention - The Secret Of Dominion || #Dominion

God had a simple covenant with Abraham with massive blessings attached to it.’Walk before me and be thou perfect, circumcise every male child’.In return, God promised to multiply his family exceedingly, He gave them a new name, made him a father of nations, gave him and his seed vast landed properties and most importantly, God gave Abraham and his generations dominion.

God established a covenant with Josiah Akindayomi in 1952, God also changed the name of the Church from ‘Egbe Ogo Oluwa’ to the Redeemed Christian Church of God. In other words, God gave the Church a new name and promised to multiply the members and take the Church to all nations of the earth. God told Akindayomi who his successor should be and he obeyed. God must have said, “It must be a Bible-believing Church, Jesus must be honoured and you must be holy”. Akindayomi and his successor,Adeboye, obeyed the covenant and this has been the secret of the dominion that RCCG has all over the world today. There is so much similarity between the two covenants above.
Prior to the covenant, Rev Josiah Akindayomi (born in 1908 to an idol worshipping family)had sought God in different places- CMS Church, Cherubim and Seraphim Church before the Spirit of God led him out of the white garment Church to establish a bible fellowship with seven other members at 9A, Willoughby Street, Ebute Metta. At a point, God visited Akindayomi and gave him a new name, RCCG which the Church still bears till today.
Reverend Akindayomi had a revelation of his successor and how God would give the Church dominion globally through him. The day of manifestation for RCCG was that Sunday in 1973, when a young scholar, Enoch Adejare Adeboye walked into the Headquarters of RCCG at Ebute Metta for spiritual solution to a personal problem. Pastor Adeboye never anticipated he was walking into a total life changing and career turning point.
Pastor Adeboye, like his predecessor and mentor is passionate about holiness, total obedience to God and respect of the covenant to the letter. He is humble and loves God with his whole heart. The 39 parishes he took over in 1981 has flourished and blossomed to the extent that RCCG has branches in about 198 nations of the world today.
The vehicles God used to drive fruitfulness and multiplication- the ladders to dominion are;
  1.  Aggressive evangelism;
  2. Establishment of model parishes
  3. CRFI
  4. Foreign missions
  5. Holy Ghost Service
  6. Festival of Life in major nations of the world and
  7. Holy Ghost Congress
However, music has become a strong vehicle over the years. Adeboye established a dynamic and flourishing mass choir supported by the minstrel, Pastor Kunle Ajayi. Daddy Adeboye composed special songs and hymns that are reflections of his deep Christian walk with God. The music compels members and non-members to stay all-night at Holy Ghost Services.
The Holy Ghost Service which started in 1985, as a birthday gift from God to Adeboye has become a Shiloh – a place of answered prayers- and a platform for miracles. Adeboye established the first model parish in Ikeja in 1988, the second in Victoria Island in 1989, and the third in Apapa in 1991. These first three model parishes brought not only elites and the very educated, they have equally become region that have at least 12 provinces each. They also were given new names – First Born, Blessed and Excel (Apapa) families.
The Christ the Redeemer Friends International (CRFl) is an evangelical fellowship which Adeboye inaugurated in January 1990 with graduates and products of other tertiary institutions as operators. They also reproduced their types and multiplied. The model parishes were the foundation on which Pastor Adeboye launched foreign missions, initially to the U.K and U.S.A while Mummy Folu Adeboye supported with Africa Mission Ministries.
Today, RCCG is in 198 nations of the world, some of which are, Malta, South Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and many more.
In many nations, as a result of obedience and relentless prayer, RCCG have dominion and work in partnership with government of these nation to brings welfare, security and multiplication were slow in coming, Adeboye reportedly told God to send down the rain or take him home. He loves praying all night long and the member have imbibed the culture of praying and fasting. They have also surrendered their lives to fasting perpetually.
The result is that RCCG is at the vanguard of the end-time crusade and Adeboye is referred to as Daddy by many presidents. A father of nation God has made him RCCG has continually become an amazement to many people in diverse nations.
The similarities of the reward of obedience to Abraham, Akindayomi and Adeboye (father of nations, a new name and dominion respectively) confirm that God Changeth not.
To God alone be the glory!

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