Tuesday 7 August 2018

Pastor E A Adeboye Sermon Excerpts - Day 2 - Evening Session || Dominion

Welcome Service ||Day 2 - Evening Session|| Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye Bless the Lord. Give Him glory for the mighty things He has done. Worship the King of kings
Prayer: Father, if you are giving dominion to two people only during this Convention, let me be one of them. We give You all the glory We give You honour We give You all the glory We give You honour I have it in authority from God that this is one Convention you will not forget. The number of babies is 37: 20 boys and 17 girls Topic: The new creature Text: 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. I'm believing God for you tonight that everything will become new in your life. New is the opposite of old, opposite of 'used to be. Creature is something made from scratch, not refurbished, repainted or copied John 3:1-8 Jesus said, "you must be born again." A new creature in Christ has no history, 2 Corinthians 7:2. When the saul of Tarsus met the Lord on the road to Damascus, it wasn't the same man that fell from the horse that got up. A brand new man indeed. When a lady goes into the church to get married and says the "I do," she isn't the same 'miss' that went in. She is now a married woman. Should she divorce the man, she won't be called a lady anymore but a divorcee. The same goes with the man. The moment you go to Jesus, you are now a new creature. Let the new creature shout hallelujah. New here implies there was an old. Romans 6:16 states that you are the servant of the One you yield to. Your nature used to be sin, that made you a sinner because you used to sin. Sickness is an agent of death. When you are under the Dominion of sin, you are under the Dominion of sickness, Mark 2:1-12, Psalm 107:17-18 When under the dominion of sin, you are subject to hardship, subject to the domination of forces of darkness. John 8:32 - And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. 1 John 3:8 Proverbs 13:15, A sinner is subject to many sorrows Psalms 32:10, Psalms 16:4. When you are under the dominion of sin, you are subject to constant divine anger. Psalms 7:11 When you are under the dominion of sin, you are subject to fear of all kinds, particularly of an uncertain future Isaiah 3:11 What makes being a new creature so wonderful is that you have dominion over sin, Romans 6:6-14. Because you are new creature,everything changes for the best for you. Now, you can no longer be dominated by the devil. James 4:7. You can even become a terror to the devil. Matthew 11:28-30, Hardship will no longer have dominion over you. The moment you become a new creature, the rest of your life will be in joy, Psalms 32:11. Joy isn't the same as happiness. It is a spring that flows irrespective of what's going on around you. It's from God. Instead of divine anger, you begin to enjoy divine love which is very much available. The availability of this love births the realisation of Dominion Romans 8: 35-37 Your Dominion as a new creature is recognized in Heaven the moment you say I do to Jesus Christ John 1:11-12, As soon as you surrender your life to Christ, you become partakers of the divine nature 2 Peter 1:4, I can boldly say I am a god, I am the true son of the Almighty God. “The child of an elephant is an elephant. The child of a dog is a dog. The child of God is a god” You shouldn't be afraid to say that too. Let me assure you, there are no bastards in God's family. Revelations 5:10 The moment you give your life to Jesus, you become a king! Your Father is the King of kings. Your dominion is not just recognised in heaven, it is also recognised in hell. The devil knows when you are genuinely born again or not, Some seven sons of Sceva thought they could use the name of Jesus as Paul did. They got the beating of their lives because their real identities were known. Does the devil know you as a Son of God? Acts 19:11-17. You are not only recognized, but angels become your servants. Even on earth, you are to reign on earth Hebrews 1:1- What to do to enjoy permanently Dominion? 3 things….John 15:16 1. Be radical about preaching the gospel of Jesus. May the Almighty make you an incurable soul winner in Jesus' name. 2. Go after backsliders. Every time you lose a member, you diminish your Dominion. There is power in number. 3. Faith Hebrews 11:6, use your faith to move your mountains. Mark 11:23. It is not your duty to heal the sick, just lay hands, believe and go. You are too small to uproot mountains, just believe, and trust God to move the mountains! Wisdom is correct application of knowledge. A new creature is not a reformed or refurbished life, it is not a rebuilt life, it is a new life from the scratch. Only God can make this possible through Jesus. If you are yet to surrender your life to Jesus, this is your opportunity. Surrender to Jesus Christ and become a new creature Prayer Point 1: Father I command every mountain blocking my way to Dominion to be moved right now Prayer Point 2: Father: I agree with my neighbor every obstruction to his or her dominion, move now. Final Blessings for tonight, Father, these are Your children, and in your family, there is no failure and defeat. Please, don't let them fail again. Let there be no more defeats in their lives. Before the sun rises, let them enjoy, I agree with you tonight, every obstacle to your joy and dominion are crushed tonight, make us incurable soul winners, help us to restore backsliders. Visit us in our sleep tonight in the name of Jesus. Tomorrow will be greater than today in Jesus' name. Let me hear you shout a big dominant Halleluyah!

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