Friday 10 August 2018

Pastor E A Adeboye Sermon Excerpts - Day 4 - Evening Session || Dominion

Day 4-Evening Session - Deliverance Service
Ministering: Pastor E A Adeboye
Text: Mark 16:17-18, Philippians 2:5-11
Topic: Name above all names
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Jehovah the Man of war
His mercies endureth forever and ever
O praise His Holy name.
Father, Arise, Fight For Your children and give us dominion tonight in Jesus name. Amen.
The number of babies born during this convention stands at 65, among them a set of twins. 33 boys and 32 girls.
Everything that is not of God will bow out of your life to night in the mighty name of Jesus.
There are only two types of people:
The dominant and the dominated.
It's either you have dominion or you are subdued.
There are two types of verbs: Active and Passive.
"Dominion" is the noun of the word "Dominate", and Dominate is a very active word. It means "Force down, and keep down by force"
The word Dominion is the noun of the word Dominate which is a very active word that means force down and keep down by force, a convention with the theme Dominion is not a convention of Passivity, its not a convention you come just to learn and do nothing, it's a convention of Action.
I decree In the name that is above every other name everything that has be holding you down will be destroyed In Jesus Name.
Names are very important. This is why your name is the first thing to be asked of you when you meet a person for the first time. The name of where you live goes a long way to define you too.
Moses' name means "Pull out from the water" and for the rest of his life, Water played a major role.
I pray today that if your name is the one standing against your destiny, you will get a change of name tonight in that mighty name of Jesus.
The names of Jesus are very important
1. The Way. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. 1 Corinthians 10:13 Whenever we get into trouble, God says He will make a WAY of escape for us.
2. The Light. John 9:5, John 1:1-5 His light fights and subdues every darkness in us.
3. The Resurrection & Life. John 11:25-26 God dominates death.
4. The Lord. Psalm 24:7-10
He is the Lord of Host in Heaven, on Earth & underneath the Earth. He controls them all.
I have seen Him in action controlling demons on my behalf.
In the lives of anybody still struggling with darkness, God will shine His light in Jesus name.
Every host that He has to mobilise to give you dominion, He will do so tonight in Jesus name.
5. The Man of War. Exodus 15:3 Jesus is not just the lamb of God, he is the Lion. The problem with Christians is that we don't use what we have. We have the name of Jesus. we have Dominion by association.
Anything Jesus can do, because you are associated with Him and have the permission to use his name you can do also 1 samuel 17.
David knew His secret weapon was more authentic than anyone and anything.
Mark 16:17-18 Jesus said signs shall follow them that believe in His name.
The first thing you will do with the Name of Jesus is to cast out demons.
Tonight, everything in your life that you don't want, you are going to cast it out.
Whatever you allow on earth will be allowed in heaven. Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbade in heaven. Matthew 18:18-20
In the Name that is above every other name Every mountain in your life would move tonight
Every drum of shame beaten against you must break tonight In Jesus Name
There are 3 areas you should do warfare for yourself.
1. Goliath. Stands for somebody who says you will never have dominion
When Elisha connected with the dominion by association, the double portion of Elijah`s anointing came on him and he was able to do the impossible 2 Kings 2:23-24. Elisha simply said: Lord, silence my mockers, and because he had dominion, action followed.
Silence My Mockers is the Theme for next Month Holy Ghost Service
2. We must deal with everything that has been mocking God in our lives.
3. Evil Interjectors. Acts 13:6-12 These are those who choose to turn themselves to mountains so as to disrupt helpers from helping you.
I pray that during this convention, the Spirit of God operating in my life will come in a double portion upon somebody.
Alter: Surrender your life to Jesus, only Him can deliver you
Saviour, let Your blood wash their sins away.
Don't let them ever go back to the devil in Jesus' name.
Please answer them by fire whenever they call on you in Jesus’ name
PP 1: Father every Goliath in my way, let them die tonight in the name Jesus Christ
PP 2: Father, everything in my life that is still saying "Where is my God?", let it vanish tonight.
PP 3: Father! Every force that will hinder my progress, let them be destroyed tonight
PP 4: Father, in the body of Jesus Christ, no more cancer
PP 5: Personal petition: Mention the name of Jesus against anything you don't want in your life now!
Father Blessings for tonight.
Thank You Father for Your children, on behalf of us all, please accept our thanksgiving.
I join my faith with Your children and I decree that every of their Goliath must die in Jesus' name.
Everything left in their lives, homes and offices that is mocking them dies tonight in Jesus' name.
Any person, force or group of persons standing between them and their Dominion, let them die tonight in Jesus' name.
In total agreement Father, please take cancer away.
Before the sun rises, turn all their requests to testimonies in Jesus' name
Father, please go with them in Jesus' name. I want you to shout the name of Jesus Seven times.

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