Saturday 5 September 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at September 2020 Holy Ghost Service

Pastor E A Adeboye Excerpt Sermon at September 2020 Friday Holy Ghost Service
Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye
Theme: Let there be Light part 8
What a mighty God we serve, Halleluyah
What a mighty God we serve, Halleluyah
Heaven and earth adore
Even Angels now before Him
What a mighty God we serve.
By the grace of God, the youth convention will be virtual, coming up in October and the theme will be the Bright and Morning Star.

Text: Genesis 30:1-2, 22-24

When we say Let there be light particularly in reference to child bearing, it could mean different things to different people, for example;

1. To Abraham & Sarah, Genesis 18:1-14, Let there be light means God please pay us a visit and do the unusual. Do what you normally would not do. Psalm 50:9-13, and speak to us face to face, Genesis 12:1-3, 15:1-6. Abraham and Sarah said to God pay us a visit, do what you normally would not do, speak to us and turn all the prophesies of the past to a decree, Genesis 1:3, Psalm 33:8-9. They said, Lord pay us a visit, change all the prophesies to a decree and ignore our doubt. Habbakuk 2:4, Romans 1:17, Galathians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38. Isaiah 43:13. Abraham & Sarah said to God, prove your Almightyness. Jeremiah 32:27. When the Almighty God granted their request, He changed the sorrow of Sarah to laughter, she laughed that night and she is been laughing since then. Wherever you are right now, begin to laugh.

Prayer point No 1
Father, please let there be light, please pay my family a visit.

2. Let there be light could mean something different to Isaac and Rebecca. Genesis 25:21-26, it could be, father what you did for my parent, do same for me, Isaac said, if I was born, let me also give birth. If you can be gracious to my father, there is no reason you cant be gracious to me, Ezekiel 18:4, Genesis 12:1-3. What God did for Abraham, God can do for you also because as Christians, we are the seed of Abraham. Genesis 22:15-17. The Almighty God listened to the cry of Isaac and responded by giving him the first set of twins ever. Genesis 25:21-26, Isaiah 61:7. God promised to give you double for your shame. Everyone of you who call me Daddy, in the name of God who called me, what He has given me, He will give you double. He will make you fruitful. Amen

Prayer point no 2
Father please let there be light, give me double for my trouble. As you give double to Isaac, give me double for my trouble.

3. Let there be light to Jacob and Rachael could mean something entirely different. Genesis 29:15-31. When rachael discovered she wasn't producing children she cried unto her husband but the husband responded that he was not God, Rachael trusted man but when she realised she changed her mind and put all her trust in God alone. The prayer of Rachael was to trust God alone and not any man. Jeremiah 17:5-8, Psalm 121:1-2. Take your eyes off men and focus on the Almighty God and the one who remembered Rachael will remember you today. Amen,  Genesis 30;22-24, God remembered Rachael and her blocked womb was opened because she trust and focused on God.

The Lord said there is someone listening right now, He said after I have opened your womb, you will say it is enough.

Prayer point no 3
Father please let there be light, remember me today just as you remembered Rachael.

4. To Manoah and his wife, Let there be light means something entirely different. Judges 13:1-end. They were barren and things were bad in the country and there was a need for a champion that will rescue the people from their enemy and God paid the wife a visit and told her you will be the one who will bring forth a champion for a son. Let there be light therefore to manoah and the wife, means God you need a champion and that champion needs a vessel to dwell in to bring the champion to the world, make us the vessel that will provide him the body for the champion to come to this world. There is someone hearing me now, saying, Lord you need a champion in the world or in my nation, let my wife be the vessel you will use to bring the champion to the world. Hebrews 10:5, Judges 13:15-19, Manoah and his wife entertained the angel, they showed their appreciation to the angel. Show gratitude when God has performed His miracle in your life.

Prayer point no 4
Father, let there be light and let that light shine on me and my wife. Whatever is wrong with both of us, correct both Lord so that at the end of it, we will rejoice.

The Lord said because the light will shine tonight, your destiny that is considered buried will resurrect.

The Lord said someone is listening to me, before the end of this year, you will feel another touch from the most high. Amen

5. To Elkanah and Hannah, Let there be light could mean a different thing. Hannah was provoked and tormented by the other woman, if that woman had been kind to her, maybe Hannah would have relaxed but because han ah was tormented and provoked, Hannah refused to stay barren. Hannah was pushed till she cried to God for breakthrough. Unless you are pushed, you might not get to that stage that you will say, Lord, I will not let you go until you bless me. Psalm 102:13. All the provocations and sufferings of the past will push you to God and say, my set time had come. 2 Chronicles 20:20, she was singled out from the crowd. She believed God and she became established, she believed the prophets of God and she prosper. Believe God so that He can establish and believe me the son that He has sent today talking to you and  the word that is coming to you today. God will establish you.

The Lord said, you will understand, He said you will still produce the heir to the throne.

The Lord said the child am going to give you this time around will not be an ordinary child, it will be a special child. People will say, this one is worth waiting for.

Prayer point no 5
Father let their be light, single me out for a breakthrough

6. Let there be light to Zachariah and Elizabeth, Luke 1:1-end Zachariah was a high priest of God and Elizabeth was a righteous woman, they were righteous but they were barren. Zachariah keep on serving God, he is the high priest, they became old and God paid them a visit, they gave birth to a very special son, John the baptist.

1. Proverbs 13:12, Hope delayed can make the heart sick, Zachariah had waited for a long time and he said he needed a sign

2. The two of them made up their mind to keep on serving God no matter what happened. Your determination for serving God must be rugged. Don't let anybody divert your attention somewhere else. Don't get something else apart from God. Job 13:15, 

3. God gave them the best, Mathew 11:11,  God gave them John the baptist. Every child God will give you will be in the class of the best. Amen

Prayer point no 6
Father please let there be light and because I have waited long, give me the best.

God says he is talking to someone very special,  He said I have decided to open the womb of your business. I will move you from surviving to prosperous, and then move you from prosperous to flourishing.

Th Lord said there is someone listening to me, you will give birth three times, each time will be multiple birth, a day will come when you and your children want to travel, you will need a bus.

In conclusion
7. Let there be light simply means chase away the darkness of barreness, chase away every form of fruitless effort, chase way the darkness of failures. If you are working hard and nothing to show for it, that is barreness, when you are working hard and no promotion to show for it that is barreness. Let there be light simply means chase away every form of barrenness.

Prayer point no 7
Lord let there be light and chase away every form of barreness away from my life, family, ministry, business and every areas of my life.

John 8:12, if you are following the Lord Jesus Christ, darkness should have no place in your life because you are working with the one who is the light of the world. All around you,light should shine. Where Jesus is, light must rain supreme. But if you are not yet a child of God and you are yet to come to the light, it is either you have Jesus as your father or you havethe  devil as your father who is the father of darkness. If you are ready to come to the Lord, Jesus Christ, He will receive you and save your soul and bring you to light. Ask Him to save your soul, bring you into the family of light and the family of God.

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