Monday 11 November 2019

RCCG November 2019 Fast Day 11

1. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me. Bless His Holy name. Psa 103: 1
2. Thank God for a new day and for the salvation of your soul
3. Let us bless the name of the Lord. Truly; it has been of the LORD'S mercies that we were not consumed, because his compassions* has not failed us. Lam 3:22 Psa 34:1
4. Father; we thank you for the exemplary lives of our ministers and church workers in Jesus name.
5. Lord, give your ministers the three(3 )fold Spirit of Power, Love and of
a sound mind in the process of serving you , in Jesus name, 2 Tim 1:7
6. Father, let every ungodly power sitting in the position of authority in your church be exposed, disgraced and be expel, in Jesus name, Psa 64:9, Psa 67:7, Psa 89:7, Prov 2:5
7. Father let every satanic altars erected against your church and ministers be demolished by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. 1king 13:5
8. Father; let the lives of your ministers and workers receive more grace to be a living sacrifice unto you forever, Rom 12:1
9. Father; release everything your ministers and church workers need to succeed in their assignment in Jesus name.
10. Father; take away sickness, diseases and infirmities from your ministers and church workers in Jesus name.
11. Father; please, let your words “your Minister flame of fire”, come to reality and be more evident in our time in Jesus name, Heb 1:7
12. Father; empower your ministers by the Holy Spirit so that they can run away from carnality, overcome temptations in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities in Jesus name.
13. Father arise, encourage and heal wounds all the discouraged, cheated, forgotten, wounded and restore backsliding Ministers and church workers to continue the race in Jesus name, 1Sam 30:1-18

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