Thursday 19 January 2017

Dealing With The Obstacles To A New Beginning Episode 3

Dealing With The Obstacles To A New Beginning Part 3

TEXT: MT 11:28-30
Last week, we identified and discussed some physical obstacles to a new beginning which include: Pride and Arrogance; Ignorance and Use of Talent/Gift. God really opened our understanding to know the bad effect of continuing with these obstacles if we have them. May the Almighty God deliver us from every form of obstacle in Jesus name. May the Holy Spirit teach us today as we continue with the series. Amen.
d.  Companionship/ Friendship. A companion is someone who you spend time with. A friend is someone who you know well and like but who is not related to you. Who is a good companion/friend? Prov 18:24. This implies that anyone who hasn't added any value to your life since you became friends, should be dropped immediately. The best friend any true child of God can ever have and keep is JESUS CHRIST- Jhn 15:13-14.  While the closest friend a married person should have is his/her spouse. Notwithstanding, there very few friends that are God-sent and there are also very, very many friends that are with you to achieve satanic mandate in your life. However, we need human friends like Jonathan- 1Sam 18:1-3 and not Jonadab- 2Sam 13:3.A person that is always taking you into sin or gradually destroying your life can not be called a friend- Prov 1:10. Anyone that you know is around you for personal gain isn't worthy of you. DO AWAY WITH HIM/HER. Besides, no matter how close you may be to anybody in this world, please exercise caution when relating with HUMAN BEINGS- Mic 7:5-6. SHOW ME YOUR FRIEND AND I WILL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE. BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.
e. Past Glory- Past glory refers to the achievements or successes someone had before. Basking in your Past Glory is like walking and looking backwards. Therefore, holding on to past glory can rob you of the glorious things to come- Isa 42:9; 43:18-19, Eccl 1:11.  It is dangerous and leads only to overconfidence (pride) and an eventual failure. WHY? Because there is a season to everything and a time to every purpose under the heaven- Eccl 3:1. Live ur life like Apostle Paul in Phil 3:13-14.  Don't allow couple of thousands of Naira to rob you of billions/millions to come. Tomorrow is always better with God- 2Cor 2:9; Hag 2:9. WHETHER YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL BEFORE NOW OR YOU  CAME INTO THIS YEAR WITH TERRIBLE EXPERIENCES, DON'T ALLOW IT TO AFFECT YOUR DETERMINATION TO BE THE HEAD THIS YEAR- Deut 28:13.
f. Pleasure- 1Tim 5:6. Pleasure is the activity of enjoying yourself rather than working or doing what you have a duty to do.  It is loving to dwell in a comfort zone too often. Don't allow pleasure to destroy your future and the wonderful things God is prepared to do for and through you. Prov 21:17. Nobody will ever patronize you in the comfort of your bedroom. YOU MUST STEP OUT TO EARN MONEY OR MAKE AN IMPACT.  God commanded Abraham to leave his country, kindred and Father's house (ie his comfort zone) and move to Canaan- Gen 12:1-4. Don't mix pleasure with business this year if you desire a wonderful breakthrough. PLEASURE CAN ALSO MAKE A WORKER TO BE COMPLACENT THEREBY FAILING TO BECOME THE BEST IN HIS CHOSEN CAREER/BUSINESS. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU EARN AND COMFORTABLE YOU HAVE BECOME, THERE IS ALWAYS A ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT THIS YEAR.- Isa 54:1-4.
g. Revelling- Gal 5: 19-21.  Reveling is the act of people celebrating very noisily and drinking a lot of alcohol as they enjoy themselves. It is a riotous festivity or unrestrained merrymaking. Simple put, it is a Party Spirit involving alcohol, drugs, sex, smoking, etc and going to HANG-OUT in hotels and disco joints. It is categorized as one of the Works of the Flesh which is a sin. Anyone under the influence of this demon would celebrate any event no matter how trivial it may be. Examples are the throwing of parties for B/Days, interviews, admission, burials, house warming, marriages etc. A reveller turns every good news into parties and are difficult to pacify. Paul's final comment on the works of the flesh is stern and forceful that any so called Christian who engage in these types of activities shut themselves out of the kingdom of God.
It is instructive to note that identified physical obstacle are man-made and can thus be remedied through personal determination and help from God. Thank God for the impartation of today. Kindly endeavor to be punctual next by the grace of God for another exciting moment in His Presence. God be with and bless your day and week in Jesus mighty name. Amen.                       

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