Tuesday 10 January 2017

Dealing with the obstacles to a new beginning Episode 2

Dealing with the obstacles to a new beginning Episode 2 (January 2017)
TEXT: ISA 43:18-19;
1. Last week, we highlighted those situations that we need to ask God to change for us this year so that we would not miss any of His blessings. A new beginning is desired by everybody but there are obstacles (enemies) to be removed before one can start to enjoy a NEW BEGINNING from God. The obstacles to a Positive New Beginning can either be Physical or Spiritual. Let us consider the physical obstacles.
a. Pride and Arrogance- 1Pet 5:5-6. Pride is the feeling that you are better or more important than other people. Someone who is arrogant behaves in a proud, unpleasant way towards other people because they believe that they are more important than others. Beware!! Pride is a SPIRIT of self-importance that involves trusting in oneself- Jer 17:5.
Some of the evils of Pride are as follows:-
i. Boasting and arrogance are sins associated with pride that bring people to destruction- Prov 16:18-19.
ii. Pride is deceptive- Jer 49:16.
iii. It makes a humble response to God and others impossible- Prov 18:12.
iv. God opposes the proud but gives grace and honor to the humble- Jas 4:6.
v. Drives good people far away from the proud.
Naaman, almost went back to Syria the same way he came to Israel because of pride and arrogance but for the servants that came with him.God hates a proud or arrogant person- 1Pet 5:5-6.
b. Ignorance- Destitute of knowledge; uninstructed or uninformed; untaught; unenlightened. He that does not know those things which are of use for him to know, is but an ignorant man, whatever he may know besides.The ignorance of something is lack of knowledge about it- Prov 13:15; 21:6. It leads to lack of progress or outright destruction- Hos 4:6. How much secret of your trade/profession do you know? How current are you in your profession or chosen career? There is need for constant update of your certificates/ knowledge because we are now in the jet and computer age- 2Tim 2:15.
It is ignorance that makes:
i. A child of God to go for help from a false prophet/herbalist- Deut 18:9-14; Jer 17:5.
ii. A person to be involved in promiscuity, alcohols, hard drugs and stimulants- Prov 31:1-7. IF YOU WANT TO GET HIGH AT ALL, GET HIGH ON JESUS.
iii. A lady to woo a man by sleeping with him- Heb 13:4.
iv. A person to want to make money by all means- Prov 23:4-5.
v. A Child of God to marry/partner with an unbeliever- 2Cor 6:14-18.
vi. A Child of God to disobey God for whatever reason(s)- 1Sam 15:23-24.
vii. A Child of God not to pay Tithes, help the needy and sow into His Kingdom-
Jas 1:27, Mal 3:8-12, Mt 25: 35-46.
viii. Anyone to steal or deprive people of their rights- Gal 6:7.
ix. A Child of God who doesn't have time to study the Bible- 2Tim 2:15.
c. Use of Talent/Gift. Talent/Gift is the natural ability to do something WELL. It is given to you by God to profit in the world- Mt 25:15. This implies that everybody in this world came with at least one heavenly endowment to be used to meet all your earthly needs- Prov 18:16. HAVE YOU IDENTIFIED YOUR TALENTS YET? WHAT ARE YOU VERY GOOD AT DOING? No matter how simple or insignificant it may appear to be, please develop and start to run with it as you would do to a VISION. DO YOU HAVE A FLAIR FOR DANCING, SINGING, SEWING, TALKING, COOKING ETC? Why must you develop your talents? Because God gave them to you so that you would be A BLESSING TO HUMANITY- Roms 18:19. IN THE SAME VEIN, YOU CAN ALSO IMPROVE UPON YOUR PROFESSION/CAREER TO A LEVEL OF BEING AN EXPERT- 2Tim 2:15.
These obstacles (weaknesses) are usually man-made and require a determined effort to crush. Take yours to God and ask Him to help you to overcome them so that you would be one of the surprises that God has promised to make out of His Church. May you receive the necessary Divine Support to break the yoke of Satan in your lives in Jesus name. Please join us next week by His grace, as we continue with the series. God be with and bless your day and week in Jesus name.

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