Friday 1 February 2013

Rhema in Due Season (RiDs) - Friday 1st Feb 2013

There is a set time....

Psalm 102: 13 - Thou shall arise, and have mercy upon Zion; for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.

Have you ever wondered why it was convenient for the chief butler to forget Joseph despite the fact that Joseph was instrumental to his restoration to his butlership? I find it totally strange that the butler completely forgot Joseph. Come with me and let's quickly journey to the Butler's house after his restoration. Behold how his house became a beehive of activities: his friends and colleagues and acquaintances throng his home rejoicing with him for his restoration. I trust he would have recounted his experiences in prison severally and even had a party. And I came to this conclusion that the butler forgot Joseph for three reasons;
1. There's a set time and agenda for God's visitation.
2. God will not share His Glory.
3. Joseph's preparation for the premiership was still in progress and an earlier introduction to Pharaoh could have derailed his ascension to the exalted position.

Dear friend, there is a set time for your visitation. There is a set time for your manifestation and I'm excited to say this - as January gave way to February, so also will your season of waiting give way for your moment of manifestation in Jesus Name, Amen.

When man introduces or announces the exploits of a fellow man, there will be scepticism and all kinds of uncertainty. However when the God of the Heavens and the earth introduces a man to his generation - all eyes will see and ears will hear it. I pray for you - in this month of February, the great and mighty King will announce you to your vision helpers in Jesus Name.

In Exodus 2: 11 - 15, Moses triggered his 40 years of exile because he wanted to force the process of delivering Israel from Egypt. You will not miss your time. Your days of waiting shall no longer be prolonged.

In Gen 26: 2 Isaac would have relocated away from the land of his prosperity on account of the visible manifestation of famine. However, the merciful God showed up, inspired him and prospered his effort. I decree and declare - in this month of February, the mighty God will show up for you, He will guide your path; in all your labours in February 2013, there shall be profit and the invisibles and visible forces will combined together to favour you - why because your set time - it has come.

When your set time is come, there will be a chain of reactions and activities. Just a dream from the Lord triggered a chain of events for Joseph. Oh Lord, concerning this reader, saying Amen with great expectation - let his season, let her season of joy and exploit begins; let her time for laughter come. Every king and leader that will be instrumental to you joy, even now, they are receiving a divine mandate from the Lord. Pilate received a mandate concerning Jesus. Laban received a mandate concerning Joseph.

This is your set time. We announce it in Jesus mighty name. I encourage you to set your gaze on the Lord because unto him that believeth, there shall be a performance. Luke 1; 45.

Beloved, there shall be a performance for you because your set time has come.

Shalom and Blessings!!!

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