Monday 4 February 2013

Rhema in due Season (RiDs) - Monday 4th February 2013

Topic: Prayers to Open the womb of the week and Month - Help is on the way

Beloved, in the last 2 Mondays, your RiDs came as prayer points. This is because our God is committed to answering prayers and we will do well to engage Him actively for our Heavens to be opened all through the week. Consequently, we will focus largely on praying on Mondays going forward.

Please find below the prayer bullets for the week;

➢ Father in the Name of Jesus, I speak to the womb of fruitfulness of this week/month, open up unto me and yield abundant fruitfulness to me.

- Father, you are a very present help in time of need, arise to help me now, this week, this month, this year. Help me oh Lord in Jesus Name.

➢ Father as you helped the men of old and they obtained a good report and testimony, please help me oh Lord. Give me specific help oh Lord.

➢ Father you are the alpha and omega, every danger in my way; please clear them out in Jesus Name.

➢ Father, in this year of miracles, signs and wonders, everywhere i go, please go with me, everywhere you will not go with me do not let me go this year.

➢ Father, this week, please delight in me and let me possess my possession

➢ Father you gave victory upon victory to David, you continually helped Noah, help me this season and give me victory upon victory

➢ Father, before the end of Feb; fulfill all your promises for me.

➢ Father, i am holding on to you this month, let this week/month be pure heaven on earth for me, my marriage and every facet of his life.

- Father, let the visible and invisible forces cooperate to favour me in Jesus mighty Name, Amen.

Please pray and pray through. The Lord that answers prayers will surprise you this week.

Shalom and Blessings!!!

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