Tuesday 4 December 2018

Pastor J T Kalejaiye Sermon || All power belongs to Jesus #GloryAhead

Every problem that has followed you to this place will begin to give way now!!
Topic: All power belongs to Jesus
Text: Psalm 62:11 Matthew 28:18
Ministering: Pastor J.T Kalejaye
John 8:36 Jesus used his power to set people free and to heal the sick, Matthew 11:28 Jesus has the ability to give you rest if you come to Him. All power belongs to Jesus, Everything about Jesus is powerful, 
Five weapons in Jesus
1. His name- Philippians 2:9-10, Mark 16:17-18
John 14:13 Asking in the name of Jesus brings speedy and perfect answers
Just as the blind man at the beautiful gate changed position, tonight you will change position
2. The blood of Jesus John 11:43-44, Mark 4:39
3. His word: tonight, Jesus will speak in your situation
4. His hands. Luke 7:13-15, Luke 5:12-13
Just a touch from Jesus changes everything, Tonight,
Jesus will touch you, He will touch your family, He will touch your finances, He will touch your business
5. His presence The presence of Jesus carries power
Prayer Point 1: Father, as I have come tonight, let your Glory be made manifest in my life
I prophesy, in the name of Jesus, I will live long, my tomorrow will be better, I will never have a better yesterday, I will flourish and I will make it
Prayer Point 2: Father I need a divine touch, touch me tonight touch my finance tonight, touch my business tonight, touch my family tonight
Prayer Point 3: Father, please speak, let everything that is holding me down hear your voice and release me now!!!
Prayer Point 4: Father in the name of Jesus, I laminate myself and my family with the blood of Jesus
Prayer Point 5: Father, please empower me, let me be untouchable, let me do exploits for you
Very soon, people will come to celebrate you, no more sorrow. The hand of God will be upon you.

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