Friday 7 December 2018

Pastor E A Adeboye Sermon HGC 2018 -GloryAhead || Before You Call

2018 Holy Ghost Congress - #GloryAhead #HGC2018
Day 4 - 6th December, 2018
Topic: Before You Call
Speaker: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Father every prayer am going to pray here tonight, please answer by fire 🔥
Number of Babies born during this Congress has rising to (28) - 13 Boys and 15 Girls.
Text: Isaiah 65:19-24
And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in my people: and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice of crying.
There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed.
And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them.
They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.
They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for trouble; for they are the seed of the blessed of the LORD, and their offspring with them.
And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.
Why do we need to pray
1. Because the Spiritual controls the physical - Job didn't just into trouble until there was a discussion between God and Satan. - Joshua 6:20
2. It is because there is help - Psalm 121:1-2
3. Because God can direct help to you - 1 Kings 17:8-16
4. Because God knows you need help, He knows where help and he can directs help to you - Genesis 41:1-40
5. Because there are heights you cannot reach on your own -
Three Major possible Responses when we pray.
1. God could say when they call I will answer - Jeremiah 33:3, Isaiah 55:6-7
Psalm 50:14-15 Come with Thanksgiving and pay your vows.
2. God could have said Before they call I can answer - Acts 15:18, Exodus 15:22-25
3. God says before they call, I will answer - Psalm 103:8, Ephesians 2:4-5, Psalm 106:7-8
He will answer because:
You are a Child of God
You are his Branch
You are his Ambassador
Another New name tonight
The Elect of God - The favorite, Beloveth - John 13:21-26.
Altar Call
Thank God in advance because he will answer your prayers tonight.
Prayer Points
Ask God for help.
Compel those who ought to help me to help me.
You know where help is, send them to me oh Lord.


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