Tuesday 8 August 2017


God never made anything without a purpose e.g. Gen. 1:3-5. One of the purposes for creation is so that He might be praised. May you discover God's purpose for your life in Jesus name-Amen.
 1. You are made for a purpose: God made everything for a purpose, the sea etc. And the purpose is to give Him pleasure. May you fulfil your purpose in name, Amen. Gen. 1:26-28, Gen. 3:8, Ps. 98:8, Is. 55:12, Rev.4:11, Ps. 150:6, Jer. 1:4-5.
 2. If you fulfil your purpose you will be rewarded: If you are faithful in little He will make you master of many. If you fail, He may dispose of you. Learn to honour Him adequately. Lk. 19:12-19, Lk. 19:20-27, Lk. 13:6-9, 1Sam. 2:30, Acts 13:21-22.
 Conclusion: God is still seeking for worshippers, Jn. 4:23-24. May He find you today.
 Guide-line Study Leaders
 Introduction - Gen. 1:3-5 - The reason He created light is so that we may have days and nights and hence reasons.
 1. You are made for a purpose
 Gen. 1:26-28 - He made man to be like Him, and to control all other creatures. i.e to be the manager of all He has made.
Gen. 3:8 - He also made man so that He could fellowship with Him. Ps. 98:8 - He made the sea to clap for Him.
Ps. 55:12 - The same thing for trees.
Rev. 4:11- He made all things to give Him pleasure.
PS !150: 6 - He expects all living things to praise Him.
Jer. i:4-5 - Just like Jeremiah, before He formed you, He had a purpose.

2. If you fulfil your purpose, you will be rewarded.
Lk. 19:12-19 - If you are faithful He will reward you.
Lk.  9: 20- 27 - If you are not faithful, you will be penalised.
L..k. 13:6-9 - A tree that fails to fulfil its purpose will be cut down.
1Sam. 2:30 - If you don't honour Him adequately,He will change His plan for our life.
Acts 13: 21-22 - And then He will find a substitute, who will do what He wants.
 Conclusion: l: Jn. 4: 23-24 - God is still seeking for worshippers. May He find you today Jesus name, Amen.

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