Saturday 7 March 2020

PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE excerpts sermon March 2020 Holy Ghost Service #LetThereBeLight3 Day 3 - Let There Be Light 3

RCCG March 2020 Holy Ghost Service - Day 3
Theme: Let There Be Light 3
Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Bible Text: Matthew 25:1-13
“Glory be to God!. Let's lift our hands to the Most High God and glorify His holy name!. He's Alpha and Omega, the One who reigns forever! In Jesus’ mighty name we've prayed!”
"We give You all the glory
We give You honour
We give You all the glory
We give You honour”
“Almighty God, we are thanking You for the previous days, please accept our thanksgiving.
Tonight, please, anoint us and then feed us; please, let there be light. In Jesus’ name have we prayed! Amen.”
Tonight, the total number of children born today is 7 children, 6 boys and 1 girl. In total, we have 25 children during this special Holy Ghost Service. 17 boys, 8 girls. Praise the Lord!
Let's read from the book of Matthew 25:1-13. I pray that the door of Heaven will not be shut against you. The text explains that there were 10 virgins not harlots. It means they were pure.
Matthew 5:8, 1 Timothy 5:22, Ephesians 5:25-27.
“KEEP YOURSELF PURE! without spot, without wrinkle.”
The ten virgins had knowledge of holiness, were well taught and well behaved. It's very important to note that these girls were virgins, not harlot. They were well taught by their parents not to be loose, careless, to be self disciplined, and taught them the knowledge of holiness: Proverbs 9:10 They could be children well taught, but not doers of what they are taught. James 1:22. “They were chosen just like you.” Yet 50% were called foolish because they never thought there was need for extra oil having left their homes with a burning lamp. All of these girls slept; both foolish and wise. They all didn't know when the bridegroom will be coming. I know some of you are here because you need something extra, you'll get it in Jesus’ name. All ten virgins slumbered because the Bridegroom tarried. No one knows when the Bridegroom will come. When it comes to the issue of holiness, you have to be on your toes. You don't know when the Lord shall come. “May you be ready when He comes.” The Bridegroom cometh means the Light cometh. John 9:5 You don't know when the trumpet shall sound. The Bridegroom, Jesus, can come anytime from now. At Midnight, the Bridegroom came. Then a shout was made to announce the arrival of the Light! “When He shall come, may you be ready in Jesus’ name.”
Suddenly, everyone woke up. I pray for you, in Jesus’ name, your light will never go out. When the Bridegroom came, those that had extra oil topped up their lamp.
Those that didn't have oil, their lamp and light went out. You need extra oil to keep the little light going till the bigger light comes?
So why must we have Anointing? It's so that we can have more oil to keep our little light going while waiting for the arrival of the Big Light.
"When the Great Light shall arise, may you be ready in Jesus’ name.”
So, what has the holy Communion got to do with this? Let us check Luke 24:13-21. After Jesus redirected, He met with two of His disciples on their way to a city. He joined their conversation and later dined with them… As He broke bread with them, their eyes were opened and they knew who He was. Then He disappeared! Tonight, as you break the bread, may You see the light, may the eyes of your understanding be enlightened in Jesus’ name. First, we take Communion so every form of darkness is removed. Then we receive the Anointing so we have extra oil to keep us going.
You have not started the journey to meet the Bridegroom if you haven't given your life to Jesus; if your sins haven't been washed by the Blood.
Give your life to Jesus, let Him clean you of all pollution and cleanse you. Every soul is precious to God, yours particularly! Give your life to Jesus today, surrender totally to Him. If virgins that were pure needed extra oil to make the call, how much more those that aren't sure of their salvation? If you'd like to surrender your life to Jesus, please go before Him and acknowledge that you're a sinner. Ask for forgiveness of sins and that His blood should cleanse you.
Declare Him as your Lord & Saviour and hand over all to Him.
1. Father! Pour fresh oil on me.
2. Father! Set me on fire for you. 
3. Father! Everything that is of the devil in my body, in my home, my place of work let your fire burn them up.
4. Father! Till i see you in glory, let me keep on shining brighter and brighter for you.

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