Saturday 6 January 2018


January 2018 Holy Ghost Service  - Stronger than your Enemies Part 1
Ministering: Pastor E. A Adeboye

Topic: Anointing for Victory

Father, Please let this year be my year of total comprehensive victory

Text: Romans 8:31

Romans  8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

When God is on your side, you are more than conqueror because all the enemy needs to see is to see God rising up in your support. Ps 68:1-3.

If God is behind us the enemies will run. 

Acts 9:1-5. Your enemies are his enemy if He is on your side. 

James 4:7 if you are one of God's children you are a terror to the devil. 

Acts 19:13-17. If you belong to God devil will recognize you. Mark 6:17

Isaiah 64:16-17. I am the maker of the instrument they use to form weapons against you and you belong to Him, He will tell the weapons not to function and it will not.

Numbers 23:19-24. If the enemy wants to curse you and you belong to God, Blessings will be flowing. 

But if he's against you where will you go to? The mountains, sea or air He's everywhere. The moment the enemy knows you are easy meat. Deuteronomy 30:19. Luke 11:21-23

Two categories of people

Strong: Joel 3:10, psalms 105:37

God does not want sickness to stay in the body of his children. Exodus 15:26 if you obey God He won't let you be sick.

Genesis 33:4-9. The least in the house of God should have enough,  Physically or spiritually. 

Spiritually he wants every member of the church to be strong.

2 kings 1:9-12. Elijah has only one single portion of the Anointing, with that one he was able to pour fire on his enemies. God wants every believer to be strong materially, spiritually and physically.

Prayer point: father, beginning from now, let every form of weakness end in my life in Jesus name.

It is good to be strong physically (healthy) but it's better to be the one to be healing the sick. 

Mark 16:18. Act 3:1-8

It is good to be strong but stronger is better. It is better to make the poor rich 2 kings 4:1-7

Prayer point :I decree this your hand shall not be empty.

It is good to have enough but it is better to help others.

Spiritually God expects you not only to be free from demons but you should cast out demons Acts 16:16-18. When you know who you are don't spend hours binding demons just command the demons to leave.

Prayer point: make me stronger than every evil force in Jesus name.

*What must happen before you can be stronger?

1. You must be supported by the strongest, the Almighty God. Romans 8:31, psalms 24:7-10.

2. When you are supported by the strong, you can deliver anybody. Phillipian 2:9-11, zerchiah 4:6

Prayer point : Father I am counting on your support, help  me to rescue the captive in Jesus name

2. You must be connected to the one who is never tired. I Samuel 17:1-51, 2samuel 21:15-17. When you are connected to the one who is never tired, you too will not be tired.

Prayer point: father, don't let me be disconnected from you, I want to be perpetually connected to you, no more weakness, no more tiredness as I begin to heal the sick, don't let me be disconnected in Jesus name

3. You must be inhabited by the greatest. 1 John 4:4.When you are inhabited by the Almighty, when you command demons they will be hearing the voice of the greatest not yours.

1 Peter 4:11 what is inside of you will be dictating what will happen in you.

Prayer point: father, dwell in me richly in Jesus name.

When you want to proceed on this rescue mission:

1. Aggressive praise. 2 chronicle 20:1-5

Wealth change hands when you praise God. John 4:23-24

2. Aggressive prayer. Matthew 15:21-28

3. Aggressive giving. If you want to have just enough you don't have to give aggressively, but if you want to have more than enough you must be an aggressive giver.

Prayer point : father, everything I need to serve you provide for me abundantly in Jesus name

4. Above all, your faith must be aggressive. Mark 11:22-24

Prayer point: father, I trust in you don't let me be ashamed in Jesus name.

Conclusion: Isaiah 60:1. Arise and shine.

Prayer point : I will arise and shine.

Prayer points

1. Praise God do it aggressively like you have never done before.

2. Father, from now on let enemies see me and run in Jesus name. 

3. Father, please annoint me specifically to heal the sick and cast out demons in Jesus name. 

4. Father, make me a blessing to my generation in Jesus name. 

5. Father, keep me pure, holy so that you can dwell in me in Jesus name. 

6. Father, from now on let me shine for you in the darkness of this world in Jesus name. 

7. Make your own special request.

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