Saturday 6 February 2016

February 2016 Holy Ghost Service

February 2016 Holy Ghost Service

 Ministering ; Pastor E. A Adeboye

Theme: Arrest the Arrester

Text 2 Kings 6:13-20

Introduction - II Kings 13:14 - 19

God has a purpose for my life. He never send anyone to this earth without a purpose - Jer 1:4-5

The purpose He has for me is a good one - Jer 29:11, Gal 1:15-16

2 Timothy 4:6-8


Some people reach their goals, while unfortunately some people never made it- Gen. 4:9-12.

The goal of the arrester is to prevent one from reaching God's goal - I Samuel 16:11-23, 1 Sam 17:34-37.


1 Peter 5:8 - Arrester can be in two basic categories;

External and Internal


External arresters


  1. Generational

2 Kings 2:19-22 - Arrester that are generational

Joshua 6:26 - Existing before birth such as curses. Arresters coming from ones root - Exodus 14:1-28

Prayer Point - Father any arrester in my foundation, arrest them tonight.


  1. The Envious

Num 16:1-33 - Second Arrester are those who are just envious of you.

Psalm 114:7, 124:1

Prayer Point - Father, every arrester of my achievement bury them alive.


Never take part in a revolt about one who is just minding his own business.


  1. The enemies of progress

The 3rd category of Arrester are the enemies of progress - Josh 10:1-11, Isaiah 66:1, Eph 1:18-23

Prayer Point - Father, every enemy of my progress burn them.


  1. Family foes

The next category of arrester are called the family foes - Mat 10:36

This is the worst form of arresters because you think they wish you well because they are members of your family - Gen. 27:37-38, 1 Sam 17:22-29, 22:1-2

Prayer Point - Father, every arrester within my family, destroy them before they destroy me.


  1. Enemies because of your love for God

The 5th category will be forces against you because you love God, they don't like and your prayers - 2 Kings 1:9-12; Daniel 6 -

When praying becomes an offence, God needs to arise.

Prayer Point - Father every forces trying to interfere with the relationship between me and you Lord roast them.


External arresters are easy to deal with, but the Internal is the problem


Internal Arrester


  1. Your appetite for food

Gen. 25:29-34 - Esau destiny was arrested because of just one meal.

Gen. 27:35-37 - The blessing becomes irreversible, he has to serve his brother.

1 Corinthians 6:13 - For some of you your stomach is the problem.

Phil 3:19;  2 Cor 11:27

Prayer Point - Father, don't let my belly destroy me.


  1. Lust of the flesh

Particularly hunger for unholy Sex - Gen 35:22

Gen 49:1-4 - He cursed him and died so that there won't be room for repentance.

Judges 16:1-13 - Greatest arrester of destiny is immorality.

Prayer point - Father, don't let the lust of the flesh cause my sun to set in the afternoon.

  1. Laziness

Proverb 13:4, 12:24 - Lazy people never reach their goal.

Proverb 19:15, 23:21

Prayer Point - Father, let me stop being my own enemy, don't let laziness destroy me, help me Lord.

  1. Temper / Anger (Violent Temper)

Exodus 2:11-15 - The very day the enemy knew that Moses had a hot temper, he knew he has got him

Number 20:7-12 - Instead of speaking to the rock, in anger he hit the rock and missed the promised land.

Ecclesiastes 7:9; Proverb 16:32

Prayer Point - Father, don't let me destroy my own future by anger, by temper. Please have mercy on me.


It is impossible to arrest a holy man - 2 Kings 1:9-12, 6:13-20

It is impossible to keep a soul winner arrested - Acts 5:17-25, 12:5-11, 16:16-39

Prayer Point - Father, have mercy on me don't let me leave here tonight with any arrester not arrested.


When you arrest a man, you slow him down, even when he is free he is not where he should be,

He would have lost time , opportunities, space , blessings, Progress….

Prayer Point-  Father, everything that I have lost as a result of arresters, restore to me.

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