Wednesday 14 December 2011

HGC Update Day 1

Here is a summary of what happened yesterday at the 14th Annual Holy Ghost Congress, we shall bring you today's report soon.  Also we are working on the archive video, they should be up soon, I will send alert when we are done.

Day 1 Report
"In every man's life, there is a defining moment; a time when everything changes and this is the time". this is how Pastor E.A Adeboye started his first message on Monday Dec 12th 2011 to declare open the  2011 Holy Ghost Congress titled: A NEW THING.

The program which commenced at exactly 6.00pm Nigeria local time, kicked off with an opening prayer and intercession. It so wonderful seeing  a whole lot of people this first day of this grlorious Congress,
If you are waiting till Friday this week to show up at Redemption Camp, you may be a little disappointed as the general overseer said God says everyday of this congress will be like a normal Holy Ghost service. God has started His move and has begun to do new things in the life of His children.

Find below the summary of Pastor E. A Adeboye's message.

 Summary of Pastor E. A Adeboye's message
The only reason why God has no end is because he has no beginning. Every other thing that has a beginning must have an end, which is good news;  
 because if your problem has a beginning, surely it must have an end.

The Bible says in Mark 5 v 25 - 34 that a woman had an issue of blood for twelve years, the problem lasted twelve years but it came to an end. In Luke 13 v 11-13 a woman was sick for eighteen years but the sickness came to an end.

In John 9 v 1 - 7 the Bible says a man was born blind; his problem began from birth but after forty years, it came to an end. I have good news for somebody here today, if you can trace the beginning of your problem, that problem ends tonight in Jesus name.

When you read John 5 v 2 - 9 the Bible tells us of a man who was at the pool of Bethesda for thirty eight years, for thirty eight years he tried to get healing, he kept on failing and failing, years after years, for thirty eight years. But one day something new happened, he was expecting an angel, but God himself showed up.

 It doesn't matter how long you have been failing, as the Lord lives you will begin to succeed, because what so every have a beginning, must surely have an ending.

When we talk about a new beginning, it will amaze you how many people don't want something new, but I want to encourage such people that new is always better than old, they say no matter how good an old car is, it cannot be as good as a new one.

 Everything that is aging in your life God will replace it with a new one. Light is new when God said let there be light and God saw the light that it was good. Light is better than darkness, up is better than down.

Those of you who have been down for so long, that you already enjoining being down, God is going to do something new in your life. Some people have become so use to suffering, that the idea of something new happening is a bit frightening to them.

You may not believe, but I know someone that I pray for, I said "when you are coming to next year convention, you will come with your own car", he didn't say amen. I said did you hear what I said? He said yes, I said "why didn't you say amen"? He said when one gets a car now he will begin to talk of mechanic, he will begin to talk of insurance, he will begin to worry about fuel shortage.

The devil is a liar! Every one of you who have been suffering up till this moment, in the name that is above every other name, your suffering ends today.

Full is better than empty, progress is better than stagnation. In the name that is above every other names this year; something new, something special, something beautiful is going to happen in your life.

However for new to begin, old must end, if you are going to get something new, you must be willing to let the old go.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, the doctors kept saying there is nothing wrong with you and yet you are not getting better, he said he is healing you tonight.

The Lord said there is someone one here tonight, he said in many areas of your life you are handicap, the Lord ask me to tell you, every bit of handicap in your life is about to disappear.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said your biggest opponent will soon have enough problems that he will forget about you.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, he said they planned it for your disgrace, he said but I will show you amazing grace.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said the trade mark of your family is failure, he said but from now on a new trade mark of success will be associated with your family.

Before a new thing can begin old habit must go, even your thinking must change, and your horizon must be enlarged. If you think there is joy in sickness, you have to think again. If you think God uses sickness to make you better, you have to think again.

If you think that it is poverty that will get you to heaven, you have to think again, you can be the poorest man in the world and still go to hell, you can still be the richest and make it to heaven, the deciding factor is salvation in Christ Jesus. God does not use sickness to train you; by his stripe ye were healed.

 Your thinking must change; you must now begin to know, that the almighty God want and is willing to heal you.

 And he is willing to do it now; it doesn't have to wait till tomorrow. He doesn't gain anything by delaying your miracle.

Let me ask you a question anyway, when do you want your miracle? When?

Let me ask you another question, how many of you are tired of suffering anyway?

 How many of you believe that the almighty God can perfect even that which concerns you, if you believe that let me hear you shout halleluiah!

But more importantly, for the new to endure, the separation from the old must be total. You must make up our mind that you are ready for something new and I am emphasizing this because God wants me to emphasize it.

If you are not ready for something new, God will not force it on you. I agree something new will have its own responsibility attached but new is better than old.

 There are people who are afraid to succeed because people will talk. They will talk if you fail, they will talk if you succeed, so which one do you prefer? They are going to talk anyway.

How many of you want to reach the top? How many of you want to be the best, so shall it be in Jesus name.

1.Thank God that the time has come for a new thing.
2.Father, let everything called evil end in my life tonight
3.Father, replace all emptiness in my life with your fullness.
4.Father, Give me a brand new name.
5.Father, let my separation from failure be permanent tonight.
6.From now on, for me let it be forward ever and backward never, upward ever and downward never.
7.Father, every other new thing that I may not know yet, do it in my life tonight.

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